UAE Banned

The player known as United Anarchists of Earth/Free Social Conservatives/South United Anarchists of Earth is banned indefinitely from TSP off-site platforms and the region for transphobic RMB postings.

If there are any questions, feel free to contact a moderator.


May I have the names of the moderation team. I would like to talk to them, the ones who conducted the conversation on my banjection.

No names, only bans

A few questions;
Would the moderation team consider their stance on transphobia and the punishment for it to have changed since the ban of Funnyman/Orcuo?
Would you be be able to link the posts of UAE(or screenshot and link them so they don’t get deleted by him) that are transphobic?
Is this decision widely agreed on in the moderation team?
I do not expect these questions to be answered, but I would like it if they could be answered.

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I will gladly search for the posts

I don’t believe it is necessary to post the links to these offending posts so as to not draw greater attention to their content. However, these links are available to the moderation team and I have reviewed each of them and concur with the assessment that they either are explicitly or, in the context of the surrounding conversation, implicitly transphobic.

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