Treasure Island Awards 2022

Hello everyone,

after a year of no awards, we are back with the Treasure Island Awards!. This time around, as suggested by our fellow member @ikonen, we will not only award the players, who will win the polls in the categories “Best Character”, “Best Newcomer”, “Best Roleplayer”, “Best Roleplay” and “Coolest Seahorse”, but also the winners of the “strength” surveys and of this year’s roleplay events.

On top of that we will also award the Treasure Island Peace Prize again, as last time an intracanonical equivalent to the Nobel Peace Prize.

Before we get into voting, we need some nominees. Everyone may make one or multiple nominations for each category (see above in bold) until 2022-12-17T23:00:00Z2022-12-23T17:00:00Z. Then we’ll get into voting until New Year’s Eve!

Let’s see, who the winners of each category will be this year. Good luck to everyone! :slight_smile:


I have following nominations:

Best Character
No nomination

Best Newcomer
I nominate @Weisserstein and @RobbyTheSeal for having built up believable nations, which immediately have had an impact on our roleplay, either as the new friend-of-everyone or as a new type of conservative force, which is not solely focused on taking over the entire world.

Best Roleplayer
I nominate @Maverick for his talent in coming up with ideas and writing up stories in such huge variety, not even important which canon we are talking about, and that all even though he was stressed enough throughout this year dealing with, “buffoons”.

Best Roleplay
I nominate the Pacivision Song Contest 2022, as our fellow Tin really has outdone himself in developing my original idea further and making a contest out of this, which feels very, very much like the original. Also, even if it’s less of an actual roleplay and more a mean of worldbuilding, I also nominate the Zimbron Republic newspaper for having set rp newspaper standards looked up upon by many.

Coolest Seahorse
I want to nominate @Qwert and @Frost in this category for always having an open ear to whatever I have to say, even if it probably gets annoying or things repeat itself over and over again, but also for being senior roleplayers, others can look up to in terms of knowledge and keeping a steady head.

Treasure Island Peace Prize
Lily Stloncht (Ryccia president in-exile during the reing of the junta) for having had the patience to negotiate with the international community on bringing Ryccia back onto a more democratic and stable path, always having been decisive against the junta without becoming divisive towards her sovereign, the Ryccian people.


Best Character: ૰ ૰ ૰ ૰ “None.”

Best Newcomer: @RobbyTheSeal | @devon | @Weisserstein | -

Best Roleplayer[1], [2]: @NationPermed | @Flaming | -

Best Roleplay: “The Six Hour War” | -

Coolest Seahorse: @Qwert | @LordGianni | @im_a_waffle1


1 - I base this category on how well IC/OOC is handled in its entirety, including things like dealing with your playing nation’s issues in a way which they would deal with it. It also includes making your playing nation unrelated to OOC.

2 - Ignore first.

Best character - none

Best newcomer - @RobbyTheSeal @Weisserstein

Best roleplayer - @RobbyTheSeal @Maverick

Beat roleplay - Vilkamon civil war

Coolest seahorse - @LordGianni @Qwert @RobbyTheSeal

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Best Character
@Izaakia for Dr. Stella Blanc for her unique & fresh take on international politics and the way she was able to lit things on fire by mere comments. I also believe this would be a proper in memoriam given her death.

Best Newcomer
@Kliegme, @Weisserstein,@RobbyTheSeal

Best Roleplay
Belsegallia-Ghratos Trade Negotiations for bringing a fresh start to Aurora as well as worldbuilding its world & characters.

Coolest Seahorse
@Frost for his continuous down to earth attitude and enjoyable RP’s such as the continuing Tunnel of Contest story whereas other similar RP’s have lead to OOC tensions I’ve yet to experience any tension with him.

Treasure Island Peace Prize
Now President Vimmru Innien for his extensive role in peace talks across Pacifica and support for peace-keeping mission.

Yes, yes, I know, we’re late. But we will get into the voting section now!
Please vote in any or all of the following polls until 2023-01-01T22:59:59Z.

Who was the Best Character in Roleplay 2022?
  • Dr. Stella Blanc
  • RON

0 voters

Who was the Best Newcomer in TSP’s roleplay in 2022?
  • devon
  • Kliegme
  • RobbyTheSeal
  • Weisserstein
  • RON

0 voters

Who was the Best Roleplayer of our community in 2022?
  • Flaming
  • Maverick
  • RobbyTheSeal
  • RON

0 voters

What was the Best Roleplay in 2022?
  • Belsegallia-Ghratos Trade Negotiations (Aurora)
  • Pacivision Song Contest 2022
  • The Six Hour War
  • Viliakmon Civil War
  • The Zimbron Republic
  • RON

0 voters

Who is the coolest seahorse in our community?
  • Senator Frost
  • LordGianni
  • Qwert
  • RobbyTheSeal
  • im_a_waffle1
  • RON

0 voters

Who should win the canon Treasure Island Peace Prize 2022?
  • Lily Stloncht
  • Vimmru Innienn
  • RON

0 voters

RON = Re-Open Nominations

Thank you all for voting and congratulations to all TIA winners!
The respective award certificates will be created now and then send to the roleplayers and potentially also be posted here :slight_smile: