The War That United Ikaranara- The War of the Two Coalitions

The War of the Two Coalitions. The war that every Ikaranarean knows. It represents the first time that the Ikaranarean region was united under Trianglular rule, The absolute brilliance of Tzaran tactics, and it showcases the flaws that spelled the end of the Triangular Empire. While nearly every Ikaranarean knows the broad strokes of the war, very few people actually dive deep into what made the War of the Two Coalitions just so prevalent. That’s exactly what we intend to do.

Before the War

Before the War of the Two Coalitions, there were a slew of diplomatic issues between Tzara and the First Coalition of Ikarn, Ranaras, and Narus. Tzara was a long time supporter of Ivaraad, and after its defeat in 1592 durring the War of Supression, it felt encircled, which it was.

Senma Patrition, PhD, historian

“One of the most major premonitions to the war was actually the Triangular Empire’s encirclement of Ivaraad. The Tzarans felt that they were cut off from their only ally, and the Ivareese wanted revenge from the Trianglulars for annexing many of its lands. However, the biggest reason, in my opinion that lead to the war, has to be the Preist of Ornero.”

In the small Tzaran city of Ornero, there existed a prevalent priest whom claimed to be a “Seer of Balance,” able to see the balance of the world that the Gods so carefully managed. He reportedly said, one day “Ikaranara is divided by one too many kings. If this continues, all of Indavra will fall.”

“This warning from the Priest was almost a perfect justification for Tzara to launch an invasion of Narus. By invading a Trianglular nation they were, in theory, restoring the order of the Gods. The Triangulars absolutely thought this was heresy, they had no intrest in going to war with Tzara, but the Tzarans loved it.”

It may shock some to believe that the Tzarans thought they could defeat and dethrone an entire Triangular state despite knowing they would have to face the other two. However, Tzarans saw even the mighty Ikarn as being incompetent military in terms of weaponry and equipment. As Tzaran Potentate Ixor the Warlord stated:

“They kill by hitting with metal sticks, while we kill by simply the click of a trigger.”

The Tzaran Arquebus was perhaps the strongest field weapon at the time. Suprisingly acurate for an archaic gun without rifling, the flintlock arquebus was capable of punching through armor and decimating its enemies from afar.

“They really saw Triangular military equipment as archaic- which it was. It was like we were stuck in the mideveal period. While the Tzarans had effectively removed all melee weapons besides swords as sidearms in their military, the Ikarnians still heavily depended on pikes and polearms for their military strategty. It was ridiculous.”

Tzaran Arquebusiers were also among the best trained soldiers in the world. Their aim was impeccable, and they were known to nearly never rout on the battlefield. They rivaled even the mighty Ikarnian military in their drilling.

“The Tzarans drilled like they were constantly about to go to war. Their soldiers were like machines of war, to be used by their commanders to do the bidding of their Pontentate. And all of this made for a thirst for war in Tzara- they wanted to go to war with the Triangulars, they thought that they could easily win.”

The Tzaran Pontentate at the time was Ixor the Warlord, who defended the Island of Akon from the formidible Narussian navy nearly 17 years ago during the 3 days’ war. He was known for his unrelenting stance on the Triangulars, and he was more than willing to go to war.

On the 12th of July, 1600, he gave a firey speech about how “unbalanced” the Triangulars made the world. A speech known modernly as the “Call to arms” where he said “Whether by force or diplomacy, the Narussian dynasty shall be no more.” The Triangulars collectively issued a statement to Tzara telling the Pontentate to repeal his speach, but he staunchly refused, and only 2 weeks later, Tzaran troops entered Narus, and the Triangulars- the First Coalition- declared war.

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