The united coalition


The United Coalition is the collection of nations united under the Grand Council. The council encompasses over 3000 Dahxi planets (designated DAHX) 2000 Finixi planets (designated FINX), 1500 Shuinau planets (designated SHUI), 500 Mryani planets (designated MRYA), and 500 mixed/other species (designated OTHR)

The center for the council is designated on the Dahxi homeworld DAHX 1a.

The most notable systems include:

DAHX 1, DAHX 5, DAHX 90, DAHX 3004.
FINX 2, FINX 1589, FINX 2002
SHUI 899, SHUI 1497, SHUI 1523
MRYA 492, MRYA 508
OTHR 1, OTHR 3, OTHR 15, OTHR 237, OTHR 412, and OTHR 501

The major species include the Dahxi, the Human, and the Shuinau

There are many xeno conservation projects in place around the sector.

Kalimba Minor Conservation System OTHR 420 (failed)
Miniori Conversation System OTHR 421 (failed)
Fengnau Conservation System OTHR 422
Xenki Conservation System OTHR 423
Lokarta Conservation System OTHR 424
Gartorid Conservation System OTHR 425