The Spirasian Calamity

(OOC)The Spirasian Civil War Lasted from 1986-1987, and resulted in the overthrow of the Spirasian Monarchy. This Story Thread will be open to everyone, however, your posts must be in character, must be about the SCW, and should follow your nations views in 1986-7. With that out of the way, Lets Begin(First STORY Post of Mine will come later.)

3rd Of February, 1986
Pvt. Edward Rousteu

It was early in the morning in the Spirasian Capital, everything was peaceful. Schoolchildren were preparing to leave for school, Workers are on their way to work, and the politicians are bickering as usual. The Only thing that intrigued a young private who had joined the Army only a few months before, were the numerous amount of military aircraft flying over the city. The Private was confused at this sight, especially when he looked closer and saw Giant Red Stars painted over the Roundels. He realized that the day had come, the Reds had enough, they were taking the Monarchy out by any means necessary. He yelled to his fellow soldiers.

“Red Bombers! Take Cover!”

A 250 kt bomb landed 100 feet away from him as he ducked behind a ET-5 “Bear” Tank, the bomb made a crater and took out many of his fellow soldiers. More Bombs dropped around him. Buildings were damaged, School Buses were taken out, and 2 planes at the Airport were destroyed. The Spirasian Red Calamity has begun.


3rd October, 1986
Pvt. Edward Rousteu

Edward slowly stood up from behind the ET-5, the first thing he sees being the remains of his fellow soldiers, their blood streaked everywhere, then he sees the remains of a school bus, a office building was on fire, and he could see very dark smoke lifting up from the nearby airport. He grabbed his CE-80 Combat Rifle and began looking for any remaining Royalist Troops. He spots multiple Communist troops, easily identifiable by their red armbands, making their way to the military checkpoint to scavenge remaining supplies. Edward, deciding that he’s outnumbered begins making his way to the Military Command, where he might find survivors. He then hears this.

“Royalist Soldier! We See You! Surrender Now and You Will Live!”

Well, it seems he will have to fight off the Communist Troops after all.