The Legislative Council of the League of Cordilia

The Legislative Council of the League of Cordilia is the highest body of the LoC, where member nations are able to discuss the LoC’s organization, the membership of new members, new laws, among others.


The Second Republic of Doge Land would like to announce its intent to exit the League of Cordilia, effective immediately. We thank the League for the help it provided in the war with Ryccia.

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The delegation of Rhayna spoke: “It’s sad to see a nation leave so soon the LoC, even more without a previous announcement, we would love to know the reasons why the LoC wasn’t enough for Doge Land. But the beautiful characteristic of this Union is the liberty that their members have.”

“We must first declare the fact that, after Doge Land leaves the LoC, it will lose all of the benefits given by the League, the possibility to participate in LoC matters, together with the LoC losing jurisdiction over Doge Land.”

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In request of the sovereign nation of the Thalapadian Congressional Republic for the accession into the League of Cordilia, we would like to start a vote.

It should be reminded that the voting requisites for passing laws and propositions continue to be the same as in the first meeting of the League of Cordilia, being required a simple majority.

Accession of the Thalapadian Congressional Republic
  • Agree
  • Abstain
  • Reject

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The Delegation from Viliakmon arrived hastily, a day before the deadline to cast the membership vote for @killermantiss. The Delegation appears to be made of a handful of bureaucrats and unsuccessful professors, who appeared tired and stressed out at the same time.
Only the LC Delegation did arrive, giving themselves the right to vote instead of the Representative Delegation which apparently hadn’t arrived or has not even formed for this meeting.

However, a particular member of VN’s Delegation did stand out by appearing to be more… lively and energized than the rest.
She was standing the entire course of the voting, signaling that she wishes to be given the floor upon the voting procedure is completed. Her features seem familiar, as if you’ve seen her somewhere earlier.
For some reason, she was with widely opened eyes, staring into the eyes of an UPRAN Delegate.


UPRAN Delegate: Female pls.

As soon as the vote had finished, Anehta Duhoboli, the only one who seemed to be very excited and full of energy from Viliakmoni attaches, began speaking.
“Dear esteemed colleagues, thank you all for sending attaches in order to convene this meeting. I’d like to welcome our new member-state, the Thalapadian Congressional Republic, to The Legislative Council of the League of Cordilia. I apologize if I have interrupted the new members but I believe that what I…what we have to show you is of vital significance. Looking back at the written documentation of the founding negotiations, I’ve taken the liberty to construct a finding Statute for the League. It is unfinished as some of you were unclear in the provisions provided. Without further ado, let’s revision this.”

HTML version


L E A G U E  O F C O R D I L I A 


DATE: 26.10.2022.


  1. UPRAN (Host)





I[1] CREATION [Entirely UPRAN]


(1)[2] The League of Cordilia & The New Pzarya Agreement are a product of negotiations held in New Pzarya, UPRAN. 

(2) The negotiations were held to keep peace and independence of central and south Cordilia, unite states against disruptive actions of external nations, to maintain the sovereignty and safety of Cordilian nations on the continent.




(1) Each Delegation will have an alternating turn to present their proposals, opinions and decisions, in alphabetical order of nation names.

(2) After a nations Delegation proposal(s) are presented, each other Delegation participates in public voting on the presented proposal, each Delegation may vote in favour, against, or abstain.

(3) Abstaining votes or abstaining nations are not considered in totality of the voting process, which is to say that the League of Cordilia does not recogize qualified supermajority voting. 

(4) A simple majority of >50% votes in favour is required for a proposal to pass.

(5) Amendment to a proposal is to be called a “Counterproposal”.

(6) A qualified simple majority is required for the passing of a counterproposal, which is to say that it must attain a higher percentage of votes in favour than the amending proposal received.

(7) Any state acting in accordance to Rule I Provision (2) may ask for membership.

(8) A supermajority of 75% votes in favour is required for the accession of new member-states.

(9) Votes concerning accessions remain active for 5 (five) days, votes concerning proposals and counterproposals remain active for 3 (three) days.

(10) All passed proposals become provisions and their enforcement is mandatory in each member-state regardless of the member-state Delegation vote.




(1) All member-states are required to participate and promote free trade among each other. [Doge Land]

(2) Mutual Free Trade (Placeholder for Most-Favoured-Nation, Customs union, Free economic Zone, Free Trade Area provisions discussion). [Doge land, Viliakmon will continnue discussion]

(3) All member-states must lift travel bans on law-abiding citizens of other member-states. [Huawan]

(4) All member-states must have (Placeholder for further defining “freer”) immigration policies betweeen one another. [Valkyria/Huawan]

(5) (Placeholder for what a common border policy is). [Valkyria/Huawan]

(6) All member-states must share a common trade policy regarding weapons imported & exported to non-member states. [Valkyria]




(1) Mutual defense pact is mandatory for all member-states to follow, in the event that a member-state refuses to participate in sending help to another member-state which is in a defensive war, they face automatic expulsion and sanction from League of Cordilia. [UPRAN, Dogeland]

(2) A League Committee is to be formed regarding counter-terrorism (Placeholder for its structure and function). [Dogeland]

(3) A League military agency is to be formed regarding collective security, mutual defense against assault and foreign interventions from non-member states. (Placeholder for its structure and function). [Huawan]

(4) A League law enforcement agency, “InPolCo”, is to be formed regarding the enforcement of policies mentioned in Provision (2) of this Rule. (Placeholder for structure). [Huawan]

(5) All member-states must work on an international treaty whose contents are to be limiting the use of military force as to globally deter nations from declaring offensive wars without the approval of a World Forum Resolution (Needs further discussionn). [Valkyria]

(6) All member-states are required to show commitment in nuclear disarmament. [Valkyia]




(1) League of Cordilia is to be defined as a “supranational organization”, all member-states are obliged to delegate their national sovereignty to League of Cordilia as an itnernational organization; possessing its’ own will and acting in accordance to its’ own survival, as an entity independent of its’ member-states.

(2) The governing body of the League of Cordilia, “The Legislative Council”, shall consist of 4 attaches which together form a Delegation, sent by each member.

(2-a) The Legislative Council is to act in the name of the League of Cordilia, it is tasked with the election of a “Head Chair” which is to serve as League of Cordilia’s Head of State.

(2-b) The term of individual attache is 3 years, whereas the term of the Head Chair is 5 years.

(3) Each member-state must authorize and keep a permanent Representative delegationn consisting of 4 attaches sent by each member state, which are to act in the interest of the state which has authorized them.

(3-a) Each Representative delegation may request that a meeting of member-state Heads of States be held if they seem it necessary during negotiations with The Legislative Council and/or the Head Chair over a mandatory provision.

(4) Only the Head Chair may expulse or sanction member-states upon their own discretion, which may be overruled by absolute majority of 2/3rds member-states own Heads of States.

(4-a) In the event of an overruled expulsion, negotiations between the member-sate Heads of States & the Head Chair must be held, mediated by a joint collective.

(4-b) The joint collective is to consist of all attache-employees in The Legislative Council & the Representative delegation.


-Anehta Duhoboli, Viliakmoni attache in “The Legislative Council”


[1] Called “Rule”, written in roman numerals.

[2] Called “Provision”, written in arab numerals with brackets around them.


PDF Version:
founding agreement.pdf (643.6 KB)

Image Version:

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Alexia de Gisella, from the Rhaynan Delegation, speaks in name of Rhayna:
“With a percentage of 100% of the votes in favor, we would like to greet the Thalapadian Congressional Republic into the League, and we hope for them to help us do great things in favor of Cordilia.”

“We would also like to thank the Viliakmon Delegation and Anehta Duhoboli for providing the grounds for a more clear LoC legislation, and we would like for the member states to start building upon it. In shortly the Rhaynan delegation will show their proposals.”

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We hereby propose fair occupation and trade legislation in the LoC A continuation from Vakyria, this will effectively provide better standards for workers, and ensure their rights and unions in labour and the workplace.

We expect that LoC states to adopt proper workplace conditions within the next 10 years. Further ensuring sustainable development and ethical production and trade of goods and services.

These are our proposed Policies

1. Conditions of Employment

New forms of flexible employment require additional care to specifying the nature, volume or duration of work. Decentralised, self-organised forms of work can increase worker autonomy and boost business development, but can also lead to lower awareness of rights and unclear information requirements for employers.

2. Wages

Minimum wages with an adequate level ensure a decent standard of leaving for workers and their families and contribute to tackle the incidence of in-work poverty. A wide coverage avoids distortions leading to a two-tier labour market. A predictable evolution of wages is important for a stable business environment. Minimum wages need to be set at a level maintaining employment prospects for the low skilled and make work pay for the unemployed and inactive. Maintaining an evolution of wages in line with productivity has proven crucial for competitiveness, particularly within the LOC zone.

3. Health and Safety at Work

New challenges for health and safety at work have emerged in light of less stable employment relationships, new working patterns and an ageing workforce. Ensuring protection against occupational injuries and ill-health to all workers, irrespective of the form of employment and addressing “grey zones”, such as ‘dependent’ and ‘bogus’ self-employment leading to unclear legal situations offers an important way to reduce precariousness, social costs and improve firms’ productivity Reinforcing reintegration and rehabilitation efforts requires more involvement of the employers for re-training or workplace adaptation. However, enforcing preventive and corrective measures by small enterprises remains burdensome.

4. Social Dialogue and Involvement of Workers

Well-functioning social dialogue requires autonomous and representative social partners with the capacities to reach collective agreements. Given the decreases in terms of organisational density and representativeness, social partners need to further build their capacities to engage in a better functioning and effective social dialogue. The engagement of social partners at the LOC and national level is crucial for the success of design and implementation of economic and social policies, including in efforts to safeguard employment in periods of economic downturns. Moreover, new forms of work organisation such as in the services sector and in the digital economy make the involvement of workers uneven, and their information and consultation more complex.

We hereby open this proposal for discussion

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"I…We agree with those propositions, fellow attaches of Huawan. Their codification is the only point I’d like to further elaborate on.
However, I believe that electing the Head Chair of the League of Cordilia takes precedence over further development of the Agreement’s Provisions. Urgently, even, given the situation in one of the League’s members.

Electing the Head Chair would provide the member-states with a collective opinion, method and goal regarding the situation in T.C.R. More-so, due to the mandatory nature of Head Chair’s decision over member-states, we facilitate our own Legislative Council ‘back home’.

As such, I apologize for interrupting Huawanese Delegation by issuing an urgent vote for the Head Chair of LoC."

Which of the Legislators shall serve as the first Head Chair of the League of Cordilia?
  • -UPRAN
  • -Huawan
  • -Ikaranara
  • -Terelia
  • -Valkyria
  • -Viliakmon
  • -Weisserstein
  • -Songren
  • -Hystagia
  • -Thalapadis

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“We hereby motion for the votes to not begin, as the legislative and vote proposed by the delegate of Viliakmon is unlawful and unfinished. We hereby remind the delegate of Viliakmon that the Council must first motion to vote before we begin the voting process.”

Lady Chantal Li
Head Royal Diplomat of Huawan to the LoC

“I’d like to issue a warning addressed to the Host of this meeting and hopefully supported from all 39 of you here, constituting the Legislative Council and acting in the name of the League; against:
Chantal Li
For displayed: misdemeanor, misunderstanding of the position she was appointed to, not being informed of the law nor procedural protocols of this Legislative Council, false accusation but most importantly disrupting the regular duties of the Legislative Council and its’ legislators.

-Anehta Duhoboli, Viliakmoni attache inn The Legislative Council

The Rhaynan delegation doesn’t endorse this kind of behavior.

No proposition, no matter how “important” the member states it is, should override another one.

In view of the situation, delegate Chantal Li should not be punished, for she has raised a real problem, we should not vote an unfinished proposition without discussion of it.

It should be noted too, that the Huawanese delegation has gotten ahead of itself, giving propositions before the past one could be discussed and looked upon.

The discussion and attention should be brought up back to the LoC legislation, and no action should be taken against no delegate.

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(ooc: awsome, let’s hope they don’t have a war soon)

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With the recent disasters ravaging Huawan and other nations all around Pacifica, we would like to propose joint coordination in humanitarian efforts between members of the League of Cordilia for nations ravaged by disasters and catastrophes, namely for our fellow League members such as Huawan.


The congressional republic agrees with this, a joint humanitarian effort could increase efficiency greatly and increase the speed of the effort.


Ikaranara supports these efforts unilaterally and is willing to commit major manpower and resources to joint LoC efforts.


The United Provinces of Rhayna, Alla-gy and Nea-gy endorse this measure and is willing to support with humanitarian aid the nations that have been affected by this disaster, specially the Peony of Huawan.

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With regards to our proposal, we would like to start a vote with regards to coordinated humanitarian efforts between LoC member states

  • Agree
  • Abstain
  • Reject

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In recent events, the Thalapadian Congressional Republic, an official member of the League of Cordilia, has violated one of the principal ideologies of this organization.

The assassination of Van Manthis in foreign soil its seen as an use of force outside the realms of justified defense, and now, unintentionally, the Republic of Thalapadis is protecting against possible retaliation from other nations under the umbrella of cooperative defense that the League offers to all its members.

This protection was meant to be used to keep the peace and harmony in Cordilia against foreign enemies. Now, we are the enemies to other sovereign nations, without a justifiable reason, something that was never meant to be.

It’s in our obligation to keep the peace in Cordilia, and that also means avoiding that this alliance transforms into a warmongering machine and an excuse for international intervention.

To avoid further escalations of the conflict, and to set a precedent and a lesson to any future governments and members that may want to use this alliance in amoral ways, we call for a vote on a list of measures taking for and against Thalapadis.

  1. Active search for official and transparent talks between the leaders of Thalapadis and Ludville for a pacific outcome.

    1.1 In the case of explicit rejection of this measure by the Congressional Republic of Thalapadis, economical sanctions and retaliation must be taken by all members of the League against Thalapadis.

    1.2 In the case of explicit rejection of this measure by the Government of Ludville, a conjoint vote by all members of the League must be taken in action in the WF for a legal obligation against Ludville to accept the talks with Thalapadis.

  2. Actions against the further militar escalation by Thalapadis will have to be officially taken.

    2.1 The Thalapadian submarines must be stationated on the waters of any allied water territories outside of the Eastern region.

    2.2 In the case of rejection by the Congressional Republic of Thalapadis, economical sanctions and retaliation must be taken by all members of the League against Thalapadis, included nuclear and militar equipment and technology.

    2.3 In the case of unofficial actions taken by Thalapadis against any sovereign nations, economical sanctions and retaliation must be taken by all members of the League against Thalapadis, included nuclear and militar equipment and technology.

    2.4 In the case of official Thalapadian militar intervention in foreign soil, a vote for the expulsion of Thalapadis during the period of time the war last must be proposed, followed by a buffer period of 6 months to a year (time may vary depending of future actions and policies) were Thalapadis won’t be able to offer for membership and will only be able to receive after war civilian aid in the case of being necessary.

    2.5 In the case of invasion of Thalapadian soil in the Cordilian continent, may the usual League’s law be followed and Thalapadis soil be defended under the pretext of mutual defense. This won’t mean full militar support by the LoC as in the Rycco-Cordilian war, and may it be limited to just national defense and militar mobilisation not be made outside of Thalapadian territory.


The Thalapadian Congressional republic sees these measures as justified and will accept them. Thalapadian submarines have been ordered to turn back and head home yesterday at 23:17 eastern Cordillian time, tho as a security measure the rute they will take is to be kept seacret.