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Welcome reader, to the Galactyan Encyclopedia! This all ages and all species friendly site has been commissioned by the Ministry Of Foreign Relations to make it easier for our friends beyond the Nebulae to understand who we are as a species and as a nation. Here, you will be able to find all the information you will ever need on us, anything from our most unique biology(ies), to our usual clothing and traditions. The Encyclopedia will include all important links to our official information banks, contacts with important public services and a Questions And Answers (QnA) Section, in which users will be able to ask questions about the things they see on the site.

Although we have been misunderstood, shamed, insulted, feared and all such things in the past, we still strive to make the various nations in the Sector our friends. If they’re not too bad, that is.

May the starry light of our eternal friendship grace your worlds with it’s warmth embrace.


Important Links

  • National Informational Pages

The Celestial Empire Of Galactya - The Wiki Of The Empire
Galactya - The Capital Of The Empire
The Galactyan Biological Domain - The Species Of The Empire

  • International Informational Pages

The Galactic Sector Index: Sector A1-0
Sector A1-0 Travel Guide

  • Recordings Of First Contacts (In Chronological Order)

The Star Empire Of Calerost
The Miraline
The Drakari Celestial Imperium
The Union Of Emerald
The Holy Imperium Of Trianar
The Akropii Republic
The Federation Of Sereniani

  • Diplomatic Missions And Incidents

The Collective’s Experiment

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Questions And Answers

This part of the Encyclopedia is entirely dedicated to answering the questions of our dear readers.
Go here to ask the Encyclopedia a question.

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“The Travel Guide says that travelling through the Galactyan Nebulae is impossible without heavy damage. Yet, the Miraline, Drakari and Akropii ships were still able to do so, with only Emeraldian and Calerostian ships actually suffering damage. Why is that?”

Good question Calvel!
Anyhow, wheter the ships will or not suffer any damage fully depends on if they are inside or outside a star system’s asterosphere.

The Asterosphere is the sphere-shaped area around a star in which it’s own stellar wind is able to “push back” the gases brought forward by the Interstellar Winds. This means that within this boundary, travel is perfectly safe, since the environment’s conditions are very similar if not identical to the ones in foreign star systems.

Both Drakari and Akropii ships re-entered real space well within the star systems’ Asterospheres, which is why they suffered no damage. Emeraldians, instead, suffered damage due to them falling out of Jumpspace with no real coordinates a couple of AUs outside of the boundary, and the Calerostians received it due to the slight influence of the Nebulae in Mirial Space, which cause them to emergency brake, therefore damaging their ship.

This means that, if not for extradimenstional FTL users, travel through the Nebulae beyond the edges of the star systems without Resistance Technology is far too difficult, unless it’s carried out by very, VERY shielded ships.

We hope this answered your question!


“I’ve been looking through the list of Galactyan species to try and find the ones the Emperors belong to, but I really couldn’t find anything! Has a species somehow not been added, or am I just looking in the wrong place?”

We fear you might fall under the second case this time!
Unlike most Galactyans, who can be easily categorized into different species and biological kingdoms, the Emperors, as well as a other handful of special citizens and Galactyan creatures, fall under the umbrella classification of “Hybrids”. This means that they possess physical characteristics and special abilities of different species and kingdoms, making us unable to properly classify them with the other groups.

Additionally, the Emperors are the most complex artificial hybrids ever crafted in the Empire, with their design, construction and activation requiring a couple of years.

The Empress is an hybrid between the Zoalia, Sythera and Minaera Kingdoms, while the Emperor is an hybrid of the Zoalia, Polymia and Mikyta Kingdoms.

You can find more about the Hybrids by going to this page.

We hope this helped!

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