The Discovery(0 BBT)

OOC: 1st IC post will go up tomorrow. (Story Intro): Following the Serenianian Retreat and Operation: Behind(rescuing of the Pilots), the CCF(Combined Coalition Fleet), begins an exploration mission into unexplored Galactyan Space. What they find is something unexpected.

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UES Galactya SD-03
June 5th, 2102 PY
Admiral Andrei Cousteau
Quadrant 11, Unexplored Space

It had been relatively quiet since the Sereniani had effectively retreated back to the other side of the wormhole. It had been a few weeks since Operation: Behind had been executed by the UES Andrei III. Around that time, Rear Admiral Ludov, provisional representative for the Coalition Of The United Stars, had proposed that a Combined Fleet be created for Defence and Exploration, and that it be made up of Volunteer Vessels from throughout the coalition, with the eventual idea that Combined Tech vessels be produced for the fleet. The CCF, as it was now called began to slowly form, with the UES Galactya SD-03, a Pacifica Class Super-Dreadnought, recently renamed (Originally called the Spirit Of Pacifica), being the first vessel to join the CCF. Other vessels would follow, including Numerous Emeraldian and Galactyan Vessels, 1 Akropii Vessel, and others from the other Member States. The Galactya, despite it’s small size in comparison to the other Galactyan Vessels, was chosen as Fleet-Flagship, due to it’s heavy armor, reliable Jump drive, and very well designed Flag Facilities. The Current Captain of the ship, Admiral Andrei Cousteau, A Pacifican-Stoinian, is currently one of the Co-Fleet Commanders, alongside his Galactyan Counterpart. Majority of the vessels had mixed crews to showcase unity between the Coalition Members. Andrei’s XO is currently a Galactyan, and the Ship’s AI is an Akropiian AI, part of an experiment to see if the 2 Technologies could interact with each other. So far, the ship was running nearly perfectly. There was some minor backlash about the stationing of Galactyan AAU’s on board, but Admiral Andrei downright demanded that technological sharing be done on the Galactya to test the Design. Right now, the fleet is running patrols in a relatively unexplored Sector of Quadrant 11. Andrei currently sits in his command chair, partially bored, but it was necessary, who knows if the Serenianians had left any vessels still active in this Quadrant’s unexplored regions. It was going under standard routine, until something caught his eye on long range scanners.

(AC): “Wait, what is that up ahead?”

The Admiral was looking ahead at a cluster of Asteroids, and in the floodlights, 3 vessels, all of which appeared to be derelict and downright ancient by Emeraldian Standards, were revealed. The Vessels are appeared to be the same type, a strikingly familiar one at that. By this point the Bridge Crew had also seen the objects.

(CMO):“What the hell are those?”

(AC):“Hard to tell, but I feel like we should investigate. What do you think XO?”

(OOC: This is where you can come in @Galaxiel)


Almoin Teralmas, one of the preferred fleet captains of the Ministry Of Exploration and already thoroughly famous in the Empire for his missions “above” the Galactic Disk had been nominated as one of the fleet’s executive officers. Even with his fame preceding his name, actually getting the position had been… arduous at best: the number of tests and demonstrations he had to go through was only comparable to the ones that high-ranking military officers had to face. While this seemed unnecessary and excessive to other nations, the Galactyan Empire HAD to have this amount of precaution. They were the ones that founded the Coalition, and thanks to the nature and history of their first contacts, they became it’s socio-economic center. Galactya, struggling through cultural prejudice and outright racism had been able to gain a staggering amount of influence over a large portion of the Sector in very little time, compared to the entire timescale of Imperial history. Therefore, the Combined Coalition Fleet, one of if not the first one of many Coalition actions that were to come, HAD to be successful. They HAD to continue showing the other members, both the oldest like the Calerostians and the newest like the Akropii, that the alliance was effective and functional, lest they wanted to start losing the astropolitical influence and respect they so much desired for thousands of years.

Almoin, despite having lead expeditions of hundreds or thousands of people through territories far more dangerous than the one they were in now, still felt much more stressed than he ever had. The position of Executive Officer in the CCF was going to bring him a lot of fame, and possibly a direct connection with the Imperial Family itself. But, along with it’s great rewards, came it’s great risks: by representing the Empire in the initial stages of the alliance, he had been charged with responsibilities that could affect not just the families of his ships’ personnel, but his entire nation.

Despite this, Almoin trusted himself. He knew his limits and his abilities very well, and was not going to let some stress get to him. However, he was still going to talk about this with his therapist as soon as he’d be on vacation.

Alboin looked over the control interface of the CCF’s scanners.

“Well, they don’t appear to resemble any past or current design that we know of. Not even a U’Lnuibian vessel. I also think that we should take a look.”

“If you are fine with it, I could send in a Trapper ship to hold them in place and scan them properly. They seem to be pretty derelict, and we don’t want anything we might find on them trying to escape. Them travelling through the Nebulae unprotected and with an ancient and damaged ship would most definitely destroy them completely.”

“Also, I think we should still keep our weapons ready. Even if they look like they couldn’t even pose small threat to us, they might be hiding something else, or even worse, be a lure.”


The Admiral pulled up a display of Ship Classes, which included some downright ancient ones.

(AC)“You may not recognize it, but I reckon most Emeraldians might.”

He finds what he’s looking for, the Day Class Colony Vessel.

(AC)“Because those are Pacifican Vessels, and based on what remains of that paint, I count 1 Cimbrian Vessel, 1 Spirasian Vessel, and 1 Emeraldian Vessel, and thats based on those flags you see there above their engine pods, on the hull. I would caution against moving those ships in an extreme manner might hurt the Sleeping Colonists. These ships were designed to carry 2100 Souls aboard in cryo pods, and based on the scans we have, those ship still have power. I’m surprised those ships even made it through the Nebulae at all. They don’t have FTL travel and rely entirely on Engine Pods to get them moving. I suggest we try and connect with their remaining computer systems to take a look at the Colonist Manifest and then send over awakening parties, made up of exclusively Humans. I don’t wanna imagine how well being waked up by someone that isn’t human will go for these colonists. Honestly, if anything, I’m surprised that these are being discovered right now. It’s about time the CCF actually does something exploratory and non-combative in nature.”

(OOC: He’s pulls up a hologram of the Day Class, just to let you know)


“Couldn’t agree with you more on that. Nobody enjoys starting something great with something as bad as war.”

“And yes, it’s very odd that they managed to get even a few dozen lightyears in. The most probable explanation is that they were carried in by the Interstellar Wind. If they followed the Asteroial Wind Currents, it’s would be possible for them to reach this far in reasonable time without suffering fatal amounts of damage.”

“Anyways, I’ll still mobilize some PicoSwarmers at around 20000 kilometers from the three ships. That way they’ll be out of sight and will be able to intervene in case anything goes south. Even though I highly doubt so, it’s best to remain cautious. Especially considering more recent events.”


(AC)“Couldn’t agree more about deploying the PicoSwarmers, who knows what’s out here. Have we connected to any of those computer systems?”

(CMO)“Yes sir we have, it’s a damn miracle the Systems are still operational.”

(AC)“Pull up Manifest then”

The Hologram of the Day Class changes into a list separated by Country Of Origin for the Colonists.

(AC)“So, this is the Emeraldian Vessel, apparently called the Denvari. So we have 1850 Emeraldians, 100 Denverians, 50 Ludvillians, 30 Evineans, 20 Spirasians, 20 Stoinians, and 30 Cimbrians. I must say, was not expecting to see Evinean Colonists on board an Emeraldian Vessel. Lets switch over to the Spirasian One.”

The List flickers over to the Spirasian Vessel.

(AC)“Okay, we have 1700 Spirasians, 200 Stoinians, 160 Emeraldians, and 40 Pelinese? Thats… odd. What the hell are Pelinese doing on a Spirasian Colony ship? Well, I guess we’ll find out when we wake them. Lets switch over to the Cimbrian one.”

The List flickers again.

(AC)“Right, so we have 1100 Cimbrians, thats rather low, oh, now this is strange, we have multiple colonists from the League Of Cordilia. So thats 400 Ryccians, 200 Thalapadians, 100 Rhaynans, 100 Weissersteiners, 100 Valkyrians, 30 Hystagians, and 70 Hazelians. Oh boy, that is a lot. The Ryccian Colonists will certainly be interesting to explain to the Ryccian Empire, although, it may further help them in unearthing their forgotten history and culture.”

He turns to his XO, wondering how exactly he’s been processing this info dump.

(AC)“Do you recognize any of the Nations mentioned, same with you Lt.(A Calerostian*), do you recognize the names at least?”

(OOC:*This is where you can RP @killermantiss!)


“Well, apart from the Emeraldians, the Ryccians and the Weissersteiners, most of them remain new to me. Although, a couple of them do sound similar to something else, even tough I can’t exactly pinpoint what it is. Eh, I probably must have read them in one of your nation’s history books.”

“Still, this is pretty weird. From what I remember, these kinds of generation ships were usually owned by single nations. I may be wrong, but I believe it to be odd for such multinationality to be present in a Pacifican ship.”

“Mhh… tell you what, you should probably get some Galactyan biodeterrents, in case anything happens to go south. That way, you’ll be able to avoid having to wound or perhaps eliminate them, should they somehow show signs of aggressiveness.”

“Suffice to say that only you Emeraldians should go in those ships. Not only to not prove traumatizing for those sleeping colonies once they wake up, but to also avoid the potential spread of any disease. The decontamination chambers are always ready though, if you deem it necessary after your retrieval.”

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(AC)“May I need to remind you that I’m descended from a Pacifican-Stoinian, and considering these are Denvari Vessels we’re talking about, it doesn’t surprise me that there would be multinationality on board. Hmmm… Pelinai if I remember correctly was a Pacifican State that at one point in time had declared war on Emerald, and then the 2 were staunch enemies, so seeing Pelinese on board is rather odd.”

(AC)“I don’t think that will be necessary, unless we’re dealing with Frozen Ludvillian Marines, I don’t think they’ll be very aggressive. I agree, I’ll have Sgt. Kellov lead the Awakening Party, once we’ve made sure the vessels are still airtight, and… Hmm… how exactly should we transport them off those derelicts? I think Teleporters might be a bit over the top, the Day class had rudimentary hangers, so I think shuttling over Colonists to the Sallodesia should work, due to that vessel being the most “Human” in terms of crew, and than we can introduce them to the other Coalition Species. I would make sure none of the other Species in the Fleet are immune to Pacifican Diseases first, before we worry about the Colonists. Comms, prepare awakening parties to move out on the vessels… have them wear EV Suits to make sure the vessels are airtight. Lt. , use our Grappling Cables to hook on to those vessels to make sure they don’t go anywhere. XO, I’ll see you on the Sallodesia, now move out!”

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Lt. Egleriril almost fell out of her chair

“The empire of Weisserstein is one of Calerost’s closest allies. We’ve had a military alliance for well over a century and a half to two centuries, almost since the day we made first contact. This is truely surprising. Weisserstein used to be part of a nother nation called Dovia for a long time, could the name just be coincidental?”


(AC)" Maybe, are the Weissersteiners Human at all? If they are, its probable they’re another Pacifican Nation and we just found some of their long lost colonists from another time"

On the Emeraldian Colony Vessel Denvari

The 1st Awakening Party found the Denvari to be quite intact, with almost no hull breaches near where the cryo bay was. Kellov was leading this particular party. In the old vessel, air was stale and the oxygen system was just brough back online, using what little power was left. Kellov sat at the Cryo Control Console, looking at each cryo pod to make sure each was still in good order. It was archaic tech by Emeraldian Standards, but at least it still worked, and that’s when Kellov found a particularly familiar name, Victor J. Kellov. The Name sounded oddly familiar, and then Kellov remembered something his Grandpa had said about his Younger Brother. “He was also on another Colony Ship… I wonder where he could be now” “What was his name?” “Victor J.” Kellov had found his Granduncle, what kind of luck could that be? Good? or Bad?

(SK)“Well, lets wake him up”


Back on the flagship…

“Yes, they are a humans as well, just like you. I may end up being wrong, but I doubt it to be a coincidence. They even speak a realtively unchanged version of a Pacifican language, from what I’ve learned through Calerost. What was it called…Al…Alman! That should be it. Although I’m pretty sure they call it German now, like the humans in the Terra Nova Enclave.”

“Do you confirm Egleriril? You’re the most knowledgeable person in terms of Weisserstein present in this room.”


“I can confirm. They still call it Alman or Weissersteiner in Weisserstein tho. Quite a interesting language really. Many concider it “angry” sounding but that’s mostly not the case. I’ve been on deployment and in resorts in Weisserstein. It’s not close to the fluidness and smoothness of standard edhelin, the most spoken language in calerost, tho it shares similarities to the assertive tone with Forlambë, the royal language. Returning to the main topic, this will be a great surprise to Weisserstein definitely, in what sense tho I’m not sure. Do you want me to contact high command emediately? They will certainly make it so the info eventually gets to Weisserstein.”


“Once the Denvari returns with the sleeping colonists, you should definitely inform high command of our discovery. It will be best to relay complete information that we pieced together ourselves, rather than incomplete pieces.”

“I wonder how the Weissersteiner government will react…Maybe they’ll have a similar reaction to when Galactya heard back from the Systeiania Mission after more than four centuries. Confused, shocked, but definitely happy to find something that was thought to be lost.”

“That is, if the colonists on that ship actually have anything to do with Weisserstein.”


On the Flagship,

(AC)“Alman, I know that quite a few Old Pacifica Nations spoke it, Cimbrian is actually an offshoot of it. I do wonder, it will probably a similar reaction for the Ryccies, I mean, these are probably some ancestors for the Ryccian Humans! Same could even be true for the Weissersteiners. The Denvari, along with the King Valeriu I(Spirasian Vessel) and the Hørum(Cimbrian Vessel), once we recharge their ancient batteries and repair their engines, will probably actually be able to be moved to the nearest station, so we can begin the process of transporting them back to Emerald, or in the case of the Ryccians and Weissersteiners, contact their current Star Nations to inform them of this finding. So… Scratch me original orders to head to the Sallodesia. It seems these vessels weren’t as damaged as we first thought.”

(OOC: The Admiral was sent a report from the awakening teams that all vessels were not as damaged as first believed, and requested repair teams, just so everyone knows)


“Glad to hear that there’s still something worth saving!”

“Anyways, if you want to I can send in a couple dozens of Scanner Probes and Repair Units. They should be able to fix any spots where hull integrity may be lacking. If you also need to repair some systems, we should have some special Units outfitted with cabling modules.”

“I hope the cryogenic pods had some muscle preserving fluids, otherwise they might not even be able to stand up once they wake up. If that’s the case, I’ll make some Repair Units bring a couple boxes of BioProteic MM Augmentators, so thay can give them to your team.”

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“If they work anything like ancient Calerostan cryo pods there should be no muscle atrophy. Our pods completely stoped all metabolic functions, while keeping the body alive. Their mechanism of work is quite interesting but that’s brsides the point. They should be fine.”


(AC)“The Mk49 Cryopods, the ones used aboard the Day Class, function exactly as Lt. Egleriril said, so that shouldn’t be a problem. Yeah, I agree, Send in the scanner probes and Repair units, but trust me, Starhawk Pact Wiring is very durable and if not, the Cargo Bays should contain spare wiring.”