The Cabinet


The Cabinet is the central decision-making body of the Coalition's executive branch. Chaired by the prime minister, it is a council where the prime minister and cabinet ministers convene to discuss and decide on matters of critical importance to the Coalition and establish the government's strategy and policy. In accordance with the Charter of the South Pacific, the Cabinet is composed of four ministries in addition to the position of prime minister: Culture, Engagement, Foreign Affairs, and Defence.
Office Officeholder Nation Discord ID
Prime Minister @flowerpetal Purple Hyacinth flowerpetal#4093
Minister of Culture @ProfessorHenn Sporaltryus ProfessorHenn#7751
Minister of Defence @Webs The Web of Life and Destiny Webs#4290
Minister of Engagement @im_a_waffle1 Doge Land im_a_waffle1#9951
Minister of Foreign Affairs @Sandaoguo Sandaoguo hierocles#3041

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