State Meeting between Emerald-Denver and Evinea

The state visit between the governments of Emerald-Denver and Evinea regarding specific issues, particularly the proposed Mutual Defense Pact

After announcing to the public that he would be going to Emerald-Denver to meet Prime Minister Galen Hughes, President Aziz Traore is now boarding Evinea Air Force One to head to the nation to discuss certain matters that are of interest to both nations. However, the biggest issue on the table is a proposed Mutual Defense Pact between the two nations. The Defense Pact was introduced by the Denverian state, citing its “support for Free Social Liberal Democracies, especially after the Denverian Civil War”.

In a short media run in before he boarded plane, Traore hopes to seek common ground with Hughes in an effort to serve the interests of both nations.

“This meeting could possibly one of the biggest events of my presidency. I hope to honor whatever deal we make with integrity and honesty to ensure that our nation and Emerald-Denver both feel respected. I am very excited to meet Mr. Hughes and I believe this will be a fantastic and prosperous meeting. Now, I have a plane to board and a new country to visit, so have a good day everyone.”

Traore finally boards the plane, and in a few minutes, Evinea Air Force One was up in the air and headed towards Emerald-Denver. While on the plane, Traore discussed topics with his advisors related to the proposed Defense Pact and other issues. Ideas of arms trade, training operations, sharing of intelligence were some of the topics talked over during the journey.

After a few days, Air Force One touchdown on Denverian soil. Traore stepped out of the plane and waved to the crowd that had gathered to see the president. He then stepped down the plane, heading towards Prime Minister Hughes who waits at the bottom.

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Galen had already arrived at Copenhagen International, an airport rarely used for diplomatic visits. Galen had been chosen to conduct the state visit after much debate on whether the PM or the King should go. Ultimately, it was decided that Galen would go, along with Prince Edward, representing his father, to make it clear that The Union was a constitutional Monarchy, that operated along side a free and fair Democracy. Normally, in this scenario, a Denverian Delegate would also be chosen to stand alongside the Union PM, but with Denver currently recovering, along with an ongoing constitutional crisis for an elected Denverian Government, an Interim Government led by Vice Minister Dylan Greenov has been put in place. So, in this situation, Galen is representing the Union and Denver. Galen stood at the bottom of the aircraft stairs, with Prince Edward and the 2nd Royal Guards standing behind him. The Flag Officers held both the Union and Evinean Flags.

“Welcome to Emerald-Denver, Mr President. This is Prince Edward, heir to the throne, he’s going to be representing Emerald in this state meeting. We’re gonna head to the temporary HQ of the Starhawk Pact.”

They walked up to an ET-17 “Lion” Armoured Transport. The sides bore the flag of the Starhawk Pact.

“We’ll be taking this to Fort Edward, it located a miles south of Copenhagen, near the Edward Military Complex. We’ll be under heavy security, due to a current ERF Threat after the Copenhagen Bombings.”

They got into the Armoured Transport, with Galen signaling the Convoy to move out.

Traore walks up to Mr. Galen and shakes his hand while walking to the Armoured Transport. As they enter the vehicle and the convoy moves out, Traore looks at outside through the window, beholding the new nation he is currently in.

“Mr. Galen, once again, thank you for inviting me to your wonderful nation. If I may ask, what is this threat you speak of?”

Galen looks up at the Evinean President, and speaks.

“The ERF, Or The Emeraldian Republican Front, a known Terrorist Organization. The Reason I said Temporary HQ Of the Starhawk Pact, is because the old one was destroyed by the ERF using bombs. They’ve also bombed Copenhagen, They’ve killed numerous Emeraldian Intelligence Operatives, and they also have worked with Known Criminals. Because Evinea could be a potential Ally to the Emeraldian Government, It would make sense that they would try to prevent that from happening, thus why we are under heavy security. We know they have agents in the Emeraldian Government, but we don’t know who.”

Traore responds.

“I am very sorry that terrorism is taking root in your nations. Maybe this can serve as a point to be brought up when making our Mutual Defense Pact - increased capabilities of counterterrorism - as defense should both cover external and internal threats. We could possible coordinate sharing of intelligence to help one another out with situations like these so it becomes easier to contain and quell such threats.”

Galen responds:

“It’s alright, trust me, we’ve been through worse, such as the Nuclear Bombing of Starton and Hawk by the Denverian Nationalists in the Civil War a couple months back. Damn Fascists, what they did was nothing short of barbaric, they committed genocide, nuclear holocaust, among other crimes. That can certainly be arranged, but I’m afraid Intelligence is out of my control.”

Prince Edward speaks up:

“Currently, the Public does not know about the Intelligence Agency, only that they know we have one. Sharing could be possible, but I would have to ask my Father and the Minister Of Defence about that. Sorry, I believe I haven’t introduced myself, I’m Prince Edward Of Emral, Heir to the Throne, and currently a Naval Lieutenant in the 3rd Fleet, although I’m currently on home leave.”

The Armoured Car slows to a stop outside the Admiral Halsey Administrative Building, currently the temporary HQ of the Starhawk Pact. Galen opens the door.

Traore turns his attention towards Prince Edward

“Hello Mr. Edward, it is nice to meet you. That is understandable, though you do need to be transparent to a certain extent. The work that intelligence agencies do is very classified, but you don’t want to be to secretive form your citizens to the point where it creates a sense of mistrust from the populace. Anyway let us get inside so our meeting can begin.”

Traore steps out of the car and follows Mr. Galen along with security to the Admiral Halsey Administrative Building.

Prince Edward again speaks:

“Well, to a certain point it is, as I said, The Public know we have an intelligence agency, unlike the Izaakians, who still claim otherwise. The Agency was actually founded by the man this building is named after, Great War Hero and the Unions first Prime Minister, Admiral Jack Halsey. To be fair though, most of the modern agency was finished by Admiral Raven.”

Galen speaks:

“I say it’s time to talk about that Mutual Defence Pact, right?”

Traore speaks again.

“It in fact is time. Since I am your guest, you may start off our meeting and present your idea for the Mutual Defense Pact, and when you are done, I can state my ideas, and we can continue from there.”

Galen Speaks:

“Well, primarily, as it says on the tin, the MTP would be for mutual defence, but we were also thinking of sharing technology, sharing of weapons, joint military exercises, and the potentiality of Evinea joining the Starhawk Pact as its first non-Denvari Member. Thoughts?”

Traore ponders the statement by Galen and responds.

"I think both ideas are great.

Mutual defense should be expansive in what it covers and sharing technology, weapon sharing, and joint military exercises are integral. First of all, the sharing of technology, and I will add the creation of new technologies will give us a competitive edge over adversaries. We want to make sure we set a high standard for our armed forces where they have the best capabilities possible. For example, our nation has been very interested and keen on improving stealth technologies so that could be one are where we could work on for technological improvement. Moving on, weapon sharing will be very integral to our military and political allyship. While not only receiving necessary vehicles, tools, etc, we will also be strengthening the international relations between our two nations. This is very important and I am glad you mentioned it. Lastly, you noted joint military exercises. Once again, this a crucial one. If we expect our two militaries to understand each other, they will need to learn each others tactics and be able and willing to adapt and accept new things from each other. In addition, this will create a friendship between our nation’s armed forces, creating a sense of mutuality and cooperation between us.

To those ideas I would like to add two more ideas. The first being periodic meetings between our ministries of defense. When this Mutual Defense Pact is created, we need to symbolically and literally of course show that our two nations are maintaining and upholding the alliance. I would like to have either annual, or biannual meetings between our Ministers of Defense, and other officials if necessary, to hold discussions on talks on matters regarding military intelligence, training, and more. Lastly, I would also like to add the idea of creating military bases on our respective lands. Not only will this once again promote the allyship but allow us to provide our respective troops and equipment on each others lands. What do you think about those two ideas?

Going on the Starhawk Pact, if you do allow our nation into it, we would be honored. We would be honored and glad to join such a group if you allow us too, and we would like to increase cooperation with more nations.

Two last things. My advisors have called my Vice President Fatima Musa, Secretary of Defense James Yacouba, and Secretary of Intelligence Henry Gazida to arrive in the nation so they can be part of the signing process. And, do you have unconventional weaponry?"

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Galen and Edward looked at each other, before Galen Spoke:

“I believe Biannual Meetings would work, and we already host Stoinian and Sallodesian Military Bases, so I believe the creation of New Military Bases won’t be a problem, but we will need to figure out their locations.”

An office aide gives Edward a file labeled: FOREIGN RELATIONS AGREEMENT TREATY: STARHAWK. Edward speaks:

“We will allow Evinea into the Starhawk Pact, but as part of the signing process, you will have to sign this treaty to become a new member. Good, Me and Galen will be part of the signing process, along with Minister Of Defense Jonathon Steadman, Minister Of Foreign Affairs Henry Boeuf, and Grand Admiral John Jackson, head of Military Intelligence and Grand Admiral. No, we have since removed our nuclear weaponry from our arsenal after the June 1st Nuclear Attacks by our own weapons.”

Traore smiles and repsponds.

"Excellent. We can discuss the locations of the bases when making the accords.

And I will sign but, if I formalize relations with you, will there be specific nations I will be not allowed, or cautioned against having relations with?"

Traore is then tapped on the shoulder by one of his advisors who whispers in his ear, and looks up and then responds again.

"Oh fantastic. My comrades have arrived so we will soon be able to finally write and sign the framework "

Galen speaks

“Currently, I would caution having relations with Pelinai, but other than them, Emerald maintains good relations with most nations unless otherwise stated by us. Good, let’s head to the treaty chamber.”

Traore responds.

“Ok, let’s go then. My ministers and VP will be following me as they have now arrived at the building.”

After taking time to write the treaty, it has now been made.

The states of Emerald-Denver and Evinea desiring to: (a) create and uphold the union of peace and friendship, (b) uphold democracy, personal liberties and the rule of law, (c) encourage closer economic cooperation to promote economic stability and well-being, and (d) maintain each others best interests in order to protect one another, therefore agree to the articles as follows:

Both states will contribute to the development of peaceful and friendly international relations by strengthening their institutions by bringing about a better understanding of the principles upon which these institutions are founded, and by promoting conditions of stability and well-being. They will seek to eliminate conflict in their international economic policies and will encourage economic collaboration between them.

Both states will individually and in cooperation with each other, by means of continuous and effective self-help and mutual aid, maintain and develop, subject to their constitutional provisions, their capacities to resist armed attack. They will both uphold the principle of mutual defense.

Both states will host biannual meetings to uphold the integrity and foundation of the treaty, and will switch host nations each meeting. The respective governments will meet to ensure that the allyship, based on the underlying strength of peace and friendship will not falter under any circumstance.

Both states in order to maintain the security of each other agree to the creation of military bases on their respective lands. Both nations grant each other the usage of each other’s facilities and area for naval, aerial, and ground military uses.

Both states agree to the exchange of intelligence and military equipment in order to ensure the best possible protection and security for each other, and to continue the development of effective mutual defense. Their respective military and intelligence institutions will contribute to the allyship with shared intelligence and military sales.

Both states will adhere to the rules and doctrines of the Starhawk Pact, outlined by FOREIGN RELATIONS AGREEMENT TREATY: STARHAWK, with Evinea signing the respective treaty to be added as a new member of the pact. They will provide assistance and support to the members of the pact, creating a stronger union between their states and a larger sense of mutual defense and intelligence sharing.

This treaty, being signed in Fort Edward, Emerald-Denver, may be amended by unanimous vote between both states, to maintain that it is satisfactory for both states to allow for the proper maintenance of security and friendship.

Signed by Emerald-Denver:
Prime Minister Galen Hughes
Prince Edward of Emral
Minister of Defense Jonathon Steadman
Minister of Foreign Affairs Henry Boeuf
Military of Intelligence John Jackson, Grand Admiral

Signed by Evinea:
President Aziz Traore
Vice President Fatima Musa
Secretary of Defense James Yacouba
Secretary of Intelligence Henry Gazida

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