Six-Hour War peace negotiations

What it says in the title. Hosted in Gianatla between the nations of the Starhawk Pact and the Kingdom of Pelinai.

10:23 AM, December 5. Atlantis, Gianatla.

Prime Minister Aleksei Makarov of the Kingdom of Pelinai reviews his notes for the negotiations while a small motorcade transports the Pelinese delegation in Gianatla to the site where it will meet representatives from the Starhawk Pact.

”The Kingdom of Pelinai’s peace terms as they stand here are the same as when the ceasefire was first agreed to: recognition of the Pelinese monarchy as the legitimate government of Pelinai, the admission of blame for the Sara Incident by the ERN, and the dispensation of financial indemnities for the Sara Incident. What is our current standing to enforce these terms, in the eyes of the Navy?”

”Though we unfortunately failed to sink the Emeraldian flagship and strike a decisive blow against their navy’s prestige, the ERNS Prince Edward was sunk with acceptable losses on our side. Furthermore, the Royal Pelinese Navy is in good condition and is capable of inflicting further losses against the Starhawk Pact should they refuse our terms.

The RPN’s high command are remaining in Pelinai to direct forces in the event of a breach in the ceasefire, necessitating the dispatching of a lower-ranking commissioned officer to represent the Pelinese military. Captain of the Second Rank Yumi Arisaka was the most reasonable choice.

”It seems that the government of Emerald still expects us to negotiate peace with prefecture governors. Nord-Danvir and sections of the Emeraldian public seem to be objecting to peace as well.”

”The Starhawk Pact need not all be negotiated with at once. If Emerald insists on waging further war, then we can attempt to remove Spiras, New Colradia, and the Denverian Federation from the conflict with a separate agreement before crushing the isolated Emeraldians and forcing negotiations.”

Shortly after this, the line of armored vehicles pulls off of the road next to the negotiating site. It is time to meet the Starhawk pact, sans Emerald, and take the first steps to end the Six-Hour War permanently.

Atlantis, Gianalta
Starhawk Pact Delegation
-Lt. Daniel Rousteu(Emerald)
-Defense Minister Jonathon Steadman(ERN)
-Foreign Minister Henry Boeuf(Union)
-Governor Karl Nielson(Jylland)
-Governor William Evans(Centralia)
-Governor Isaac Karlson(Emral)
-Governor Jack Bedds(Colradia)
-Premier Jac Rousteu(Spiras)
-Henry Trout(Nova Colradia)
-Vice Minister Dyland Greenov(Denver)
-Minister Jake Ludov(Ludville)

The large delegation road separately in armored vehicles, and each were preparing for the negotiations, notably absent from these negotiations were the Emeraldian Government themselves, with 4 out the 5 Provincial Governors representing Emerald. The entire 3rd Royal Guards Brigade followed close behind, just to make sure Pelinai didn’t try anything. 1st Lt. Daniel Rousteu looked over Emerald’s terms, which were as follows
-Cool down relations between the Kingdom Of Pelinai and the United Kingdom Of Emerald
-Pay the families of the crew of the Prince Edward
-Lower tensions in the Med.
-Starhawk Pact citizens to be released

The large motorcade stops, it is time for peace to be made.

“Christian, the motorcades are on their way. Have you received the negotiating positions of each delegation?”
“Yes…uhm…Myra has given me them earlier. I already looked over those key points, some are more critical than others to achieve, but I think we will have time. The negotiations may take longer than the war, if necessary, after all there’s much more history and significance behind what has gotten us into those talks than just two boats shooting at each other.”
The Gianlucian foreign minister looked over his notes once again, licking over his lips, when he finished. He then turned to his employee standing beside him, Kysa.
“A question for you too, Kysa: Is the food prepped?”
“Of course, our kitchen is busy and the entrées will be ready just a few minutes after the guests’ arrival.”
“Very well…Alright, then I’ll go into our negotiation room and already pour me a cup of coffee. See you later.”

And with that Christian Strunk took the elevator to the 2nd floor, where a negotiation room was prepared. Two long tables were facing each other. At their heads was another, shorter table, where Strunk would sit. The three tables would form a “U”. On Strunk’s left and right would be people aiding him by protocoling and translating whatever the delegations would tell to each other or to him.
He sat down on his seat and poured himself a cup of coffee, just as he announced earlier, taking a sip of the hot, black beverage and then shortly closing his eyes.
“You will not mess up, Christian. You never did.”

The delegations were welcomed by Strunk and his aides in front of the ministry of foreign affairs. He then led them to the negotiation room, where they would all sit down. “Welcome in Atlantis, I hope you all had an enjoyable journey. First I want to introduce myself, my name is Strunk, minister of foreign affairs of Gianatla, former World Forum Speaker, and next to me are some colleagues, who will help us making the discussions a little easier. Before we begin the actual negotiations, I’d like to invite you to grab something to eat. In a few minutes, our gastronomic staff will offer three types of canapés to each of you: salmon, roasted curry chicken and a kind of vegetable cream. All I can recommend wholeheartedly. And if you need anything other to drink than coffee, cocoa, tea or water as presented here, just tell one of the aides here.”