Salutations the South Pacific

Salutations and Greetings,

I come before you as a visitor from the frontiers.

I am Epithemia, of Carcassonne. I seek your welcome in these halls.

Let this free feeder’s foundations fare fair, and let liberty linger longer-still lasting yet another years-twenty yonks.

Yours in friendship,

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As Delegate of the South Pacific, I’d like to welcome you to the South Pacific!

We look forward to interacting with you in our various spaces!

Please have a slice of cake and glass of South Pacific Iced Tea (SPIT)!

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As long as these spaces are not labyrinthine and I am not forever lost in them!

Of course, I will happily drink your SPIT. I think it is world-renowned.

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Hi Epithemia, and welcome to the Forums!

We are glad to have you here with us.

Thank you, I’m glad to be here!

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Welcome to the forums!

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