Revive the Forums!

I’ve noticed that the forums haven’t been very active in the past day or so, which is understandable because people are busy. I’m not sure if I’m even allowed to do this, but yeah, just do whatever it takes to revive the forum. Not that anyone will open this anyway…
: p

It seems that I may have to prepare the funeral arrangements, and get ready to perform the eulogy :cry:

Wym The Orange Records Release 2 is coming out tonight
Self-promotion done.

Anyway it’s because people got used to the new forum architecture and the hype is, naturally, slowly fading away.


That makes me sad

A lot of our community are working adults with day jobs. :stuck_out_tongue:

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That didn’t stop them before

Well, let me point out this. If you are viewing this from a Hall of Spam point, yes, maybe the overall Forum activity has decreased a bit. That’s mainly because the hype for this forum’s opening back in early September. Everyone was racing to create a new account and lodge posts on the new forums. As Glen said, a lot of this community is in fact working adults with day jobs. Now, there are also students with, well, school, and that time of season has started up again too.

As for the old forums, the MyBB ones, it would be rare to find someone post in the Hall of Spam category. An occasional few posts from Qwert, maybe Optimus Prime would come in for a few minutes, maybe TSR once, and then a big like biweekly push from Nicholas. So the Forums are actually decently active in mu point of view.

I used the Hall of Spam analogy because you’ve posted there before plenty.

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And I’d also say the other parts are kind of busy, too.

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On the old forums I used to post every day but then I got bored.

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Of the Ages was very active here and it looked like they were going to win the Transition Challenge but then they suddenly stopped posting.


I used to post everyday too; only when I could (because no one rarely posted XD)


What I’ll say here is that this isn’t a chat, so I wouldn’t expect everybody to post every day. That’s why we have a Discord :slight_smile: Forums are more for long-form, thoughtful, and most importantly asynchronous discourse.


I’d also add that one day is a pretty short timeframe to evaluate activity on. If our forum activity dropped off over the course of a month or two, maybe I’d be concerned, but a day is pretty standard for “life gets busy/people have other things to do”


Speaking of inactivity

I am the life of the forums >:)


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