Request to become Administrator on the Wiki


I’m sorry, but could I be (re-)added as administrator on the wiki? Since my username changed with the transfer to the new forum, it also did on the wiki and thus my permissions couldn’t get transferred correctly either.
If I’m able to award me those rights myself as part of the wikisysops group, then I’m sorry that I haven’t. I don’t see, where I can do this :confused:
In that case, a short explanation on how to do this would be appreciated.

Thank you very much in advance :slight_smile:

(P.S.: Also, could you remove the admin rights from the user “GI-Land” at the same time? Just to prevent someone making an account with the name “GI-Land” and with that gaining admin rights)

Your old wiki account needs to be merged with your new account. You should already a SysOp under your new account (which is your forum username).

  1. How do I merge my old account with my new account?

  2. Are you sure, I was not only added to the forum group “Sysops”? Because here in this Sysop user list on the wiki itself or looking at the user list here, I don’t seem to own the permissions.
    Granted, probably this might all be fixed by merging the old with the new account, but then I refer back to my first question ^^

Try logging in again.

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