Request: Ban Repeal from the main TSP Discord Server

Request: Repeal the ban on @genericsequencealias from the main regional DIscord server.

Motivation: I can’t adequately participate in regional politics without access to leg-lounge & other channels, as I am not privy on the topics or attitudes of other legislators, which are often verily expressed there.

Reason for the ban: Not given officially; non-officially was flame/baiting.
Reason(s) for the repeal:
—Have I made efforts to avoid flame/baiting? Yes. Have they been successful? No.
—The non-global ban was given without: proscription, judicial case, official reason or methods of asking for repeal. This non-global mod ban from a single TSP medium without any procedure; Yet allowing the user to be active in all other TSP mediums, even allowing them to be a legislator during the whole ban interval — Is a precedent. Delightful.
—What has the user given to The Coalition as to warrant this being considered? Nothing to my knowledge. Have I thought this through? No.

So, basically, I am requesting to be unbanned with the same reason given for why I was banned; Which is:

Hoping for a quick, clear and final response, regardless of the decision.

Any appeal would be heard by the Senior Moderator team. Closing this topic, as no other input is warranted.