Question for the Nation below you


What is BN’s favorite song?

Goodbye by Bo Burnham.
What is BN’s favourite fact?

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The strongest muscle in the body is the tounge.

Does BN exercise regularly?

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I used to but got so busy this year that i didn’t have the time, will start again when I’m done with graduation exams

What’s BN’s favorite kind of cookies?

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Double chocolate, a cocklate cookie with cho olate chips.

What is BN favorite flavour for chips (or crisps if your a Brit)?

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I remember I used to eat quite a bit of salty vinegar chips, they are quite nice.

What does BN think about TSP?

I HATE TSP!!! jkjk

I think TSP is cool, though I obviously prefer TSPRP in general. The SPSF is decent as well, although besides that I don’t really touch gameside.

Would BN ever consider roleplaying in Aurora, our medieval fantasy canon?

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I’ve tried out a nation there, didn’t really suit me. I’d consider maybe making a nomad group, but probably won’t. For now I just want to stick to A1-0, Pacifica, and Extra-Canons

Does the BN own any TSP cards?

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On my main nation I have:
Jehenna [S3]
The Amazon Daughters [S3]
The Solar System Scope [S3]
Heliosphere [S3]
West Green Israel [S2]
Midand [S3]
Bohenia [S3]
Linden Oak [S3]
Clearpond [S3]
Maeiland [S3]
Nova Montron [S3]
The New Dacians [S3]
Altnavia [S3]

BN: When did you wake up today?


About 8 AM.
BN: What is your favourite comment on the forums?

Oh gosh, i mostly just follow spam threads, so they all blend together. I guess Lombards multipage 0 post on the count to 20 without a legislator pisting made me laigh today.

Does BN participate in anything on the forums outside the Lampshade Bar and Grill ?

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Not right now but I am thinking about joining one of the roleplays.
What is BN’s favourite book?

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Virtual Equality by Urvashi Viad

Does BN have any pets?

No, never had and probably will never have
BN: Do you watch mainstream media?

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We would be happy to welcome you!

To AN: depends. I don’t watch things because they’re popular, but I don’t avoid things because they’re popular either. I pretty much just watch whatever piques my intrests.

BN, would you rather have the strongest army, the strongest navy, or the strongest air force?


Strongest Space Force :us:
Navy, water is cool

How the BN ever cut and applied fishing bait themselves?

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Yes, I have bait fished many many times in my life.

Has BN ever gone hunting?

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How long does it take for BN to recover from jet lag?

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One good 4hr sleep and I’m back in business.

What is your favorite nonTSP region in nationstates, and why?

TNP because I’m from there! And also because I serve in government but that’s besides the point

Does BN own a bird?