Question for the Nation below you

I want to join the air force to fly planes, so yeah!

BN, how many letters have you written in the past six months?

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None. I’ve written to no one, as I have no one.

Does BN have a good question?


Does BN have a bad question?

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Nope, as this is such a meta question!

Does BN driven a car?

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Well, yeah
Does BN enjoy driving

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Does BN enjoy riding a bike

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I don’t know how to ride a bike…

Does BN use the bus?

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Does BN use the train?

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What does BN think of hyperloop?

I’ll believe it when I see it.

Can BN sleep on long-distance flights?

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Considering i’ve been on a 24-hour flight… you fall asleep eventually

BN, can you provide us with your master plan?

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Turn myself into a pickle, will be the funniest shit you’ll ever see.

Has BN ever read a book by a nobel winning writer and which one? (I’m currently reading Andrić)

Idk, probably though

Did the BN just feel an earthquake?

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No, someone just tripped.

Can BN bake?

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No, but i can cook (food, lore and meth)

What kind of videogames does BN usually play?

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Simulations, strategy, puzzle games, some RPGs (I grew up playing Pokemon and I still have an extremely soft spot for the franchise)

Would BN sleep on a tatami mat?

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Yeah, I would.

What’s BN’s favourite vacation destination?

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What’s BN’s favourite hiding spot?

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My room, under all my blankets.

What was BN’s dream job as a kid?

I cycled through many, but usually it was teacher.

What’s BN’s favorite place to go for a jog/walk?