Question for the Nation below you

What is bn favorite country that doesn’t exist today

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Does BN drink coffee/tea with or without milk?

I don’t like caffinated drinks
Does bn think the concept of socialism should be adopted to some degree

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Depends on how you define socialism.

Does BN like sodas?

Yeah, very

Although water is still the best

Does BN like flowers?

Sure, not the biggest fan but I like flowers.

Does BN like fruits?

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Yes. Grapes & apples are my personal favorite

Does BN know the answer to the mathematical equation 2 + 2! ?

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2 + 2!
2 + 2x1
2+2 = 4
Yeah, math!

What is BN’s favorite movie?


Normie answer, but I really like Pulp Fiction.

What is BN’s least favourite movie?

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Passion of the Christ.

For rather obvious reasons lmfao

What is BN’s favorite tv series?

DS9 or, alternatively, Good Omens

Does the BN maintain a presence on NationStates itself?

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I try, but I’m really here for the forum-side stuff in the regions that I’m in.

Does BN like food that is sour?

Depends on the food. Too sour is an instant no.

Has BN went to a mall lately?

Too many malls where I live, can’t avoid them even if I really wanted to.

Does BN like soup?

It really depends, usually sure but occasionally nah.

What is the BN’s favorite color?

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Green, sometimes blue.

What games does BN play?

I mostly play sandboxes and stuff like that

Recently got back into Minecraft, and I’m playing on a server with a few friends from A1-0 and beyond

What is BN’s favorite game?


Why does BN partake in spam games?

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Because, they show up in my feed and I occasionally decide to participate.

Can BN speak technobable?

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Depends on what kind of technobabble.

What does BN do to cheer themselves up?

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