Poll: Dark or light mode

Doing this for science. Which mode do you prefer to use the forums with?

  • Dark mode
  • Light mode
  • Switch at times

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I hate switching, when I get used to one the other seems terrible, either light mode will be blinding or dark mode will look inscrutable, so I usually just choose one and stick with it (in this case dark mode)

I let it set automatically based on my system theme :grinning: I have my Night Shift settings set for 8pm-7am, so the forums automatically enter dark mode during those times

I have light and dark mode change with sunrise and sunset

I’m convinced switching by time of day is the only right way to do this and you can’t change my mind

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A lot are saying switch for the forum, but I bet you most of them wouldn’t switch their Discord theme the same way. I say it’s photonic hypocrisy!

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For some reason I use light mode on my laptop but dark mode on my phone

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Are you calling me a hypocrite?

Yeah I guess I am in that way :frowning:

I don’t like switching with time of day cause when I’m up or sleeping or outside is in no way correlated to time of day so it’s mostly like it’s switching completely randomly

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So true! :pray:

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I personally use light mode on here. Normally I use dark mode almost everywhere, but on this forum with its colours etc…light mode looks a little better imo. Dunno.

Def on team dark mode

Should there be a glitter and sparkles mode?

Yes please.

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Dark, easily