Pelinai State Visit To Emerald

Edward Military Complex-Airfield
King Joshua VII
October 10th, 2022

“Its been a while” He thought to himself as he drove past the still rebuilding Military Complex. Pelinai, that was the nation that had a civil war in the 80’s Right? The one where Emerald supported the communists, with poor results. About time the two nations reconciled, and maybe Pelinai could support Denverian Reconstruction. He pulled out his phone and looked up who their monarch is, a Queen Izumi Yekaterina II. Interesting, well hopefully his scarred cheek isn’t too noticeful or his CE-1921N Pistol in his holster or him wearing his Service Uniform. And the location for their meeting, the Great War Memorial? Such a odd place, but it’ll be relatively peaceful than say his temporary residence, the Jyllandic Royal Palace, located in the center of Copenhagen, where the Media are, and that’s a fate worse than death.

He pulled up where her plane would arrive, and made sure the Flag Officers were carrying the Pelinai and Emeraldian Flags. He looked around, seeing how the Hanger was still being rebuilt, as were the barracks and fuel tanks. Thankfully, ATC wasn’t hit.

October 10, 2022, Edward Military Complex, Emerald, UKED.

Bomb damage?

Izumi stepped out of the heavily refit To-29 passenger transport that served as one of Pelinai’s state aircraft. As she saluted the two Life Guards to her left and right, she couldn’t help but notice the charring and repair scaffolding visible on some of the buildings in the distance of the airbase she had just landed in.

Bomb damage.

She stepped down to greet the waiting King Joshua VII, her metallic Pelinese Sakura pin and minimalist silver tiara glinting in the sunlight as she did so. Although Pelinai and UKED had chilly relations due to UKED’s support of the SRB during the Pelinese Civil War, this invitation from the Emeraldian government was a good opportunity to make some diplomatic headway. Queen Izumi steps off of the To-29’s ladder and onto the pavement.

“Good morning, King Joshua.”

King Joshua VII
October 10th, 2022

“Good Morning to you too, Izumi. I see you noticed the Bomb damage those ERF terrorists did. Then, again, building damage is repairable.”

He shows his scarred cheek.

“This isn’t. So how about we leave for the GW Memorial. May I ask why that location was chosen? Also, do you have any weapons on you? We’re not gonna take it away, just need to know, that’s all.”

Joshua walks over to his car, opening the passenger door for Izumi.

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“Just a subcompact pistol; nothing too concerning” Izumi says as she gets into the car. “As for the Great War memorial, I selected it because it seemed to me that it would be a fitting location to discuss a rapprochement between UKED and Pelinai after your decision to back the wrong side in our civil war” Izumi said with a slight frown. After King Joshua enters the car and it begins to move, Izumi produces a small notepad and a fountain pen. “In the interest of achieving normalized relations, I was invited here to discuss potential trade opportunities and the provision of reconstruction aid to Denver. Could you please elaborate as to what exactly these proposals would entail?”

King Joshua VII
October 10th, 2022

“For trade, it would primarily be grain, meat, and dairy products, in exchange for Electronics, Bio-fuel, and Cars.”

Joshua looks in his mirrors to make sure his escorts are following.

“For Denver’s aid, they really need water, many of their Water Treatment Facilities were flattened by Stoinian and Emeraldian Bombing. We also need construction materials, if you have any.”

They enter Centralia, and make a turn north across the Colradia River to Clintstown, where the Memorial is located.

“Did you know that I was trapped at the Hawk International Embassy during the siege? Me and President, then King, Vimmru, along with my Royal Guard, Embassy staff, and Civilians held off the Nationalists for 2 weeks, until the Stoinians spearheaded an operation to end the siege. I killed 15 Nationalists, and we lost almost 20 of our defenders, many of them Civies.”

They get out of the car and walk up to the Memorial, where the flags of the Allies and Imperialists wave, and a statue of King Jason II stands at the entrance. They walk through the entrance and see a garden of Statues of the allied leaders and Important Military Leaders. They go sit at a bench underneath the Statue of then Cmdr. David “Raven” Svenson.

“Did you know that, my great grandfather, King Jason II, reigned from 1932-1985, He led Emerald through the GW and played a part in your Civil War, before dying 3 years after its end. I barely knew him, I was just 5 years old when he died. So, what do you think of Emerald? It has changed much since 1982, we ended our isolation recently, we have gone through 3 different monarchs, including myself, and our cultural capital, Starton, was nuked.”

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Izumi watches the memorial flags flutter in the wind as she speaks: “with respect to your trade offer, I must respectfully decline it in its current state. Pelinai already suffers from a food deficit, and exporting the requested quantities of it to UKED or anywhere would be an incredibly foolish decision on my part.” Izumi opens her notepad. “My economics minister has, however, informed me that your nation imports electronic components and metals. These are things that Pelinai produces large surpluses of, if you are open to trading for them instead.” Izumi opens a different page of her notepad. “As for reconstruction aid to Denver, we can offer machinery for a water treatment plant. My nation regrettably does not produce significant amounts of cement, but we can offer transfers of rebar and window glass for rebuilding structures. I am sorry that I cannot offer more, but most of Pelinai’s foreign aid budget and supplies are presently being expended in Doge Land and Ikaranara.”

Izumi stops looking at her notepad and returns her gaze to the flags. “As for Emerald, I have found it to be an amicable country during my stay here. I hope that it and Denver will recover from their civil war as we have and enjoy a normalized diplomatic relationship with us.”

King Joshua VII
October 10th, 2022

“Its Alright, it was a tall trade deal, but the Electronic components and Metals are fine, though. Its fine is you don’t have enough concrete, the Stoinians and Huwanese have that covered, but rebar and glass would definitely help for the reconstruction of Starton and Hawk, and yeah, foreign aid is more needed for Doge-Land and Ikaranara. Speaking of which, what was your view on the Denverian Civil War? We had the Capitalist Free State, The Communist Radicals, and the Frankist Nationalists.”

Joshua glances upwards to the Statue of the then Cmdr. David “Raven” Svenson, the Man behind the Liberation of New Colradia, Union Prime Minister(1992-2004), and served as Adm. during the CW. He did lose 5 vessels during the war though. Joshua looks at the Gold Plaque on the Base of the Statue, with all of his commands listed. He served with his grandson, David Svenson II, his former XO, now the CO of the Emral.

“One of our finest Military Commanders, died in 2017. He served in the Great War, and the Cold War. Commanded Five Vessels, lost 3 in 3 Years during the GW. I served with his Grandson, whose now the Captain of the ERNS Emral.”

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Izumi paused to recall what she knows of the Denverian Civil War before answering King Joshua. “Ultimately, none of them. The Pelinese position is a combination of democratic and nationalistic governance, and it would absolutely despise a communist front in any form. But, given the choices presented, The Kingdom of Pelinai would support the Free State. Frankism is a bridge too far even for foreign policy hawks like Prime Minister Makarov, and it would never even consider supporting the Radicals.” Izumi hoped that her answer wasn’t too incendiary; she was here to obtain a normalization of relations agreement as well as a trade pact. King Joshua did accept her counteroffer on trade though, which is a good start.

The statue that he had turned the conversation to now depicted a great naval officer from UKED’s history, identified as Commander David Svenson. The Royal Pelinese Navy had no such storied personnel yet; its only major war was the Pelinese Civil War, and the only thing from that era worth celebrating was its end.

“He sounds like a great man. The Royal Pelinese Navy is one of Pelinai’s most revered institutions, and naval officers are very well respected.”

“Well, You would have supported the State that surrendered in the 1st Month, ultimately, none of the three I mentioned won, only the original federal government, or what was left of it.”

“Then Emerald and Pelinai do have some things in common then, we also highly respect naval officers, heck, the first and second Union Prime Ministers were Naval Officers themselves, that being Adm. Halsey”

Joshua Points to the Statue of the recently deceased Adm.

“and Cmdr. Svenson, or at the time of becoming PM, Adm. Svenson. Of course, most of our Monarchs since 1756, have been Naval Vets, including myself. You’re looking at Capt. Joshua Nelson-Guttierez Jr., ERNS Emral BB-19, 1999-2006 Service. I would’ve become an Adm. by now, If my father hadn’t died to 50. Cal Explosion.”

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Surrendering after just one month? Pathetic. When the Pelinese Provisional Government revolted against Belogora in 1979, it was willing to fight to the death. It was prepared to do anything it had to in order to claim victory over the communist demons.


Queen Izumi’s expression darkens momentarily as she replies: “It sounds like they were fools that entered a war that they weren’t willing to win. A civil war is nothing short of the wholesale massacre of your own countrymen; if the Free State was so weak of heart that it was willing to surrender that easily, then it should never have taken up arms in the first place.” Izumi looks at the statue again. “It’s unfortunate that your father had to die of an injury like that. What were the circumstances surrounding his passing?”

“They were the weakest faction, and had little support from the people. Their Military Forces were disorganized and many officers surrendered, instead of fighting. They were fools, both before and during the war, they never had backbones.”

“My Father loved to shoot guns on our personal range. One day, he was firing SLAAP rounds from a break action 50. Cal Sniper. I suspect the rounds were tampered with, but we don’t know. But, the gun blew up, a piece of the lower severed his jugular vein, and buried into his lung. The Royal Guard heard the explosion, by the time they found him, he was gone. I became King the Next Day, ending my Military Career.”

“Hmmm. An assassination is certainly possible, but it is not entirely unheard of for these kinds of weapons to catastrophically fail in this manner. It would be impossible to tell without a careful examination of the firearm’s wreckage and the ammunition that it was firing.”

“Why would you believe that he was assassinated, exactly? Was there any kind of crisis going on at the time?”

“You Know, I kept telling him he should stop firing SLAAP rounds, but he never listened. We would’ve examined the wreckage, if half of it didn’t end up in the forest.”

"No, there wasn’t anything going on really, We were still in Isolation in '06. Maybe it could’ve been Republicans? Communist Radicals? Nationalists? I just don’t know. "

“Hmm. That’s unfortunate.”

Queen Izumi decided that it was probably time to discuss the thawing of relations between Pelinai and UKED, though she wasn’t sure how possible it really was. Backing the SRB is a great way to earn the total, eternal, and unconditional hatred of most Pelinese, and UKED being a socialist nation will only complicate things further. But Pelinai isn’t yet powerful enough to be able to sustain hating everybody within its general vicinity, and a nation with a decent navy like Emerald could be a significant annoyance in the future if it becomes too antagonistic.

“You mentioned that Emerald was interested in reducing the amount of tensions between itself and Pelinai. Did you have any specific plans for how you are going to accomplish this? You must understand that while it would be very convenient for me to be able to just wave it away, your nation’s military support for the Belogorans is an action that the people of Pelinai will not easily forgive.”