On Project Nasphilitae - Past mistakes, Closing the Loop & Future Plans:

Hello. This is a strictly OOC topic - as such, please refer to me as “Kate”, when you wish to interact both in this topic and in Inbox/Discord DMs/NS TGs. Thank you.

Pre-Introduction (Added)

All beneath was written before reading through the following topics. Coincidentally, what has been discussed was already addressed in detail:
The Discord Merging , Pacifica Reforms , This heated exchange in Activity check and This notification by GI (I close the story here).


If you’re wondering why this is made a topic/thread and instead of re-joining (either) Discords, the reasons are twofold. First I am still very busy with RL projects and I know they will distract me. Secondly I really wish to guarantee an avoidance of involve needless affect/drama with this project. Re-joining is conditional to occur weeks-to-months down the line depending on how well I handle ongoing RL events. However, I will remain (periodically, as in every few days) engaged with others.

“Nasphilitae” is the name of the planned country. “Project” is used to insinuate an open and transparent set of: what is wished to be simulated, motivations behind it, which collaborative-canon aspects will be used, how the country will behave in interactions (why it behaves that way; the paradigm of the culture - will be RPd instead), as well as events which should be expected to other players.
This thread exists as to avoid the past (Viliakmon) mistake of: lacking elaboration, transparency and community information regarding what was/is portrayed.
Since I do first plan to clear all data available on VN (as it hasn’t been done completely), I will elaborate what it wanted to showcase and major themes it covered, allowing for those interested to still explore all minor references.
This thread will serve as pre-RP’d announcements in the future, with certain aspects having polls for players to vote on (as I find it the easiest manner in which to abide by the rule of consent).

Do keep in mind my personal background in PolSci and IntSec; Since what was simulated with VN was covering (albeit pretty well-known) themes from these disciplines; Nasphilitae will do the same, though its main theme will be the process of democratic consolidation in transitionary political systems. This was and will be my focus behind RP, though the style this time will be delivered differently.

What was Viliakmon even about?

It displayed the consequences of a security hazard, among others.

The major topic it portrayed was - the hazardous consequences of mismanaging security systems of control within (even de jure) political structures. Security systems of control rely on three pillars: the Military, the Intelligence, the Militia. If you do not have effective civilian control over these three aspects (as VN did not) and if you do not separate their specific group interests but align all three of them with the collective national interests (as VN did not) - You risk a hazard of a failed state.
VN did have a developed civil society (particularly that of pharmaceutical & arms industries with each respective educational channels) - However, lest for 2-3 characters (Tayna & the BFA-which ended up inheriting the now failed state), they were either directly controlled or monitored by the security apparatus. The risk was amplified by the pharmaceutical sector given the openly criminal activity which both the Military and the Intelligence engagents in - domestically and abroad.
Other themes included: Cultural dialectic between the Bregoder (combative hillfolk) and the Kretti (mercantile coastliners) - This was taken from Aristotles “Athenian Constitution” initial chapters. A showcase of how democratic reformists tend to devolve into “dynastic politicians” (Iakov-to-Tayna). A wicked paradigm of ethics which the population had due to lack of proper conditioning from the state apparatus (rewards & punishments). Testing the axiom which states that violent transitions of power (even if bringing about democratic reformism) will teleologically lead to violent transitions being the norm. In the end - how a combination of all these factors gives rise to extremist demagogues even after conflicts seemingly cease. And more.

What will “Nasphilitae” simulate and why?

Detailed processes of democratization.

Nasphilitae will simulate the process of legal, economic, institutional, societal and political transition. Inspirations it draws from will be: the Portuguese, Spanish and Greek transitions in 1970s and 1980s; together with the Czechoslovak transitons during the 1990s and early 2000s. Nasphilitae is a polity-focused simulation, I wish to test axioms of comparative politics in such a way which attempts to find the methodic (steps) in this process which results in a truly consolidated country. Reasons are numerous, though ongoing (long and short term) real-life events are the main driving factor. It’s a behind-the-scenes selection by elimination, attempting to find which particular factors lead to “autocratized” or “hybrid” regimes.

“Nasphilitae” - behavior in interactions?

It's a country in transition. It will take 3-9 months IRL for it to be fully engaged with the international community. Its planned contributions in the canon will be oriented towards introducing systems theory and interdisciplinary studies as a case study of itself - Its contributions won't be major as it can't be influential for another 3-5 years.

Given how the inspirations I plan to draw from were already in dire states, the one amplifying factor I will allow myself (which these did not possess at the time) was a strong civil society which actively wishes to engage in political participation. This requires a specific cultural background (foundation & national myth, paradigm of the world built over time and examplified in religious & ethical axioms, a particular intonation in the fields of linguistics & discrete mathematics, how which and why inductive and deductive reasoning was developed…)
At first expect “Nasphilitae” to behave with reserve despite announcing itself to be open. It might take 3-9 RL months for it to become fully actively engaged in world affairs. It will inform the world of developments in its process of reformation. Its statements should be expected to be pragmatic (cold) and cooperative (virtuous)

“Nasphilitae” - canon & consent-consensus effects?

This is the part where I give you the first poll. Its envisioned to be a former colonial dominion of the Austral Empire, speaking Austral, though utilizing Aegean and Montacian/Pretian/whatever IRP is for Latin in official domestic titles and offices. I do have a reason for this as these languages have specific terms & morphological structures which are planned to be utilized in constructing the cultural background.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this. I will check back in a few days, as I am now more overbeared with RL projects than before. If this is not completely rejected, I will make the map claim, at that point erasing all VN data on the wiki. After some time and initial RP events, this thread will get another poll involving willing participants in the process of economic liberalization (foreign investment & cooperation).

  • No to all 3
  • Yes to Austral Empire heritage, no to Aegean & Pretian
  • Yes to Austral, no to the rest
  • Yes to Austral, Aegean & Pretian, no to Austral Empire heritage
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Hello again. Thank you all for participating in the poll and reading the first post. Since the first two options are winning (for now), I will elaborate on these choices.
Choice 1: As a former colony of the Austral Empire, Nasphilitae will be a settler colony which gradually gained higher autonomy and eventually independence due to the collapse. Importantly, Nasphilitae isn’t envisioned to have been in any confrontations (unless those of the Austral Empire, when the community decides to expand its lore, as its former colony). The reason why is because it offers a “blank slate” of origin. I do not intend to expand AE’s lore further than Nasphilitae.
Option 2: The reason why I wish to use Aegean and Pretian is because of their specific morphology, semantic structure & semiotic variance. E.g. “Category” etymologically meant “Exchange, Discourse, Argument, [verbal] Interaction” in “Aegean”.
Either way, here are some updated with a chart which makes it simpler.

Project Update:

Nasphilitae will begin with three news agencies and two topics: “Freedom Press of Nasphilitae” (posts updates on the PNN). It aggregates the following topics. Topic “NAACN” (weekly, bi-weekly and monthly updates regarding major events). Topic “IaN” (explores the lore and information about Nasphilitae).

Important Note: “Inspirations” will not be mirrors. Nasphilitae will be authentic in combining the normative (cultural-social; IaN) and procedural (political-economic; NAACN) aspects of democratization.



Hello again, hope you are all doing well. Before I reply to mentions/inbox/other replies, I will post this update.
A major change is that I might re-join the Discord server sooner rather than later.
A minor change is related for deleting the information about VN and…Inetez (which I forgot existed) - I will do it after the 29th and 30th. Reason for delay: work, birthday, research & other OOC activities.

Some key information is displayed below:

Timelines of Release

Instead of writing a 2k page pragraph on when and how things will be released, here’s a png file:

“over time” is also meant for pretty benign things such as Physical Geography (within it: working groups for ‘Environment’ - flora and fauna and ‘Climatology’).

Econometrics & Why taking so long?

I want Nasphilitae to be somewhat organic-Aristotles sense

I also want each of the above to be RP’d as stated here

Cumulatively, this means:

  1. Attempting to make each of these threads graphically appeasing (this is a spoiler for Nasphiliti society)
  2. Actually simulating, as in holding myself to a higher standard than before.
  3. Practice both comprehension for other players (e.g. “The Peerage Meets” makes litlle sense if there’s no hyperlink which elaborates on the reaction of “…Kate why does Nasphilitae still have a Peerage?”) & brevity (e.g. not hogging TPNN as my personal elaboration thread).

Another reason is;

Econometrics of other Pacifica countries & Nasphilitae:

Source: Wiki Page of countries in Pacifice by GDP

…This. Given that the formula of GDP is:
GDP = Consumption + Investment + Government Spending + Net Exports
I don’t know what’s going on, but for the sake of contingency, I will use the following metrics for Nasphilitae (Gold background colour):


This puts the nominal GDP at around that of Esfalsa (Pacifica) - TSP Encyclopedia and the per capita GDP at around that of Karnetvor (Pacifica) - TSP Encyclopedia. Using the below median GDP (red background colour) puts both at that of Phanama (Pacifica) - TSP Encyclopedia. While both of these make sense: As Phanama is Nasphilitaes northern neighbor, Esfalsa is its western neighbor and Karnetvor had influenced Crabry culturally in the past –

Nasphilitae isn’t structured to be deeply historically in poverty (given that it was a settle-colony of Austra and that it was granted independence – reasons which will be elaborated later in the IaN thread) - but to have declined recently.

That’s all for now. Thank you all for reading.