Official Statement on the ‘Hijacking of JK-429‘

President Wiktor Ruskowski steps up to the podium. The room was filled with reporters and security all wanting to hear at least something. Ruskowski inhaled a breath before letting it go. He had practiced a hundred times and more, but he still had to keep all of his focus. He thinks of the tone he is about to use, making sure not to sound like a facist to his opposition while sounding like a crusader to his party members.

“Four days ago, March 24, 2023, showcased what could have been the highest increase in violence of the ‘Jakubian Conflict’ since the ‘Chłopakcałujący Offensive’ from Molician terrorists,” Wiktor continued his speech, hoping he was causing a rally, not an outcry, “There were 229 registered civilians aboard JK-429. Six of them were only pretending to be passengers, concealing firearms, knives, and improvised explosives. 24 men had entered the airplane at both of its foreign destinations. 30 terrorists took other the plane when they landed at Jakub City. We have reason to believe, they meant to begin their attack before that…”

Ruskowski truly did not know where it would’ve been towards. He then returned to the speech with an off-script sentence, “We believe it was to be directed towards the Jakub City hospital or the Presidential House, the building we stand in now. The pilot, Kajetan Brzycki, god rest his soul, alerted the ATC almost immediately. That hero allowed for the immediate shutdown of all flights, preventing any other possible plots, and allowing for a speedy response by our nations brave police force to surround the aircraft and establish a perimeter. Our special forces then raided and arrest 19 of the 30 terrorists onboard. Three civilians died, all in the initial attack.”

Ruskowski looked down towards all of the press members before starting again, “We will not stand for this anymore. We will roll in the tanks to finally liberate all terrorist-occupied land. I promise you, everybody everywhere in Jakub will no longer fear crossing the street just because somebody days away decided to blow up clinic. To those of you that can still hear me in the East, I promise we will make you safe again. This time, we, unlike the BWM, the PPM and many other terrorist organizations, will help you. From the farmers to the mountaineers to the city workers. We will bring back electricity, water, food, and shelter for everybody that had it taken away. But for those that still support terrorism,” President Ruskowski had chosen what to say her carefully, “now is the time to change as we protect everybody as your government, but if not, may god have mercy on your soul, for they will not.”

Ruskowski now stood there with an already read through script. He gave himself a moment to breathe before, “Any questions?” The Pacifican News Network’s broadcast of the speech then cutoff due to technical difficulties.