Notilamini Initiative (Naval Development Between Thalapadis, Pelinai, Huawan, Sallodesia and Myria)

Notilamini Initiative Thread

Notilamini has been preparing for a week for this event. It’s Thalapadis’es first major political meeting, everything must be perfect. Here the future of the Thalapadian navy, as well as it’s ally’s, will be decided. In the distance the first plane is entering the field of view. It should soon be followed by 3 more. Adam Androu, the defense minister of Thalapadis, is patiently waiting. It’s his time to shine.

The Peonic delegation was led by the Head of the Royal Expedition, Hon. Expeditionary Admiral, Lord-Admiral Rem Kara Hara. He had served and commanded the northern sector of the Peonic expeditionary and armed forces in the Rycco-Cordilian war. After leaving the rest to the foreign delegates and the armed forces to mop up the rest of the issues, he was pulled in to discuss the Aircraft Carrier Project.

Thalapadis is viewed as a close Peonic ally, and helping the revitalisation of their naval arsenal would not only increase the credibility of Huawan to Thalapadis, but also to Pelinai and the Sunrise Triad. Huawan has one of the most advanced navies in the world, and the Peonic royal expeditionary knew that all too well.

So he arrived with a small but specialized delegation of accountants, diplomats and ship engineers. To further discuss the Notilamini initiative. They stayed in the Peonic embassy, discussing their strategy.

Sallodesia, Huawan, Myria, and of course Thalapadis. Sallodesia is a Bailtemmic nation and a leading member of the Concordia Enténte; Huawan is Cordilian and anchors the League of Cordilia. Myria is a regional naval power near Pelinai in the Mediterranean Sea. And Thalapadis is a not entirely known quantity, though Boris stated earlier that it is a small island nation and a potential naval power in western Cordilia. And in the middle of this mess stands the Kingdom of Pelinai.

A lone Torikov To-29 ‘Catnip’ flies across Cordilia on its way to the island nation of Thalapadis. The plane, a diplomatic aircraft of the Royal Pelinese Air Force, is transporting Pelinese Minister of Defense Anton Radovoy to the Thalapadian city of Notilamini. Minister Radovoy is scheduled to partake in a meeting being called by Thalapadis regarding the potential development of what Boris paraphrased as a “next-generation naval combatant concept.” Though Anton knew very well just how successful (or unsuccessful) all of these “next generation weapon” programs often were, his interest was piqued by the sheer number of significant military powers that Thalapadis has managed to pull into this meeting. The Minister reviews his notes, as well as a binder given to him by one of his colleagues.

Pyotr promises full availability for a naval program from the entire range of appropriate design bureaus and manufacturers, which is good. Aleksei has not yet raised an objection to Pelinese involvement in the same military project as Huawan and/or Sallodesia; also good. Boris says that the goal of the project is not entirely clear, but also that it is definitely a naval program and may involve an aircraft carrier or aircraft cruiser design. Ambiguity is not ideal here, but naval aviation is an area in which Pelinai has been attempting to further its expertise. Aetherdyne has prepared some marketing materials for the Winterblossom, which will make it easier to present the plane as a worthy candidate for the ship’s carrier air group.

Anton stopped to think for a moment. Pelinese participation in this “Notilamini Initiative” could give the RPN a chance to further its naval technology R&D at a low cost, as well as possibly an early opportunity to assess the current naval strength of Thalapadis. It would also allow Pelinai to demonstrate its expertise in marine engineering to potential export customers and gain recognition for its armed forces. But technology leakage may become a problem with the simultaneous involvement of so many other intelligence-hungry naval powers, and maintaining project cohesion between what will certainly be a multitude of different engineering teams will likely prove to be a challenge. Nonetheless, Minister Radovoy can at least attend a single meeting in order to assess his options moving forward. He fixes his burgundy tie as the plane lands in Notilamini for the negotiations.

Completely unannounced to the other delegates, an Emeraldian Plane landed at the airport. The Delegate selected was Grand Adm. John Ferguson, Head of the ERN. Joining him were some of Emeralds finest Naval Engineers and Captains. In particular, a Capt. John Jackson, was selected, even though no one, except the Adm. knows what his command is.

The Sallodesian Defence Secretary, Gen. Jaco Pretorius, was becoming a renowned diplomat by now. Or at least an effective international leader. After a continued strategy of military expansion together with Secretary of State Njongai Muanko, now again arose an opportunity for Sallodesia to become one of Pacifica’s one of the most renowned military forces and staunch member of the Entente. Besides, they could learn a thing or two as the Sallodesian navy will be expanded with more aircraft carriers in years to come.

Gen. Pretorius arrived in Thalapadis by plane and enjoyed the tropical summer heat. He arrived a day earlier to acquaint himself a bit more with military officials from Thalapadis for it had a promising prospect as military partner in northern middle Cordilia.

Myria too was intrigued by the proposal. Seeing the Peonic Commonwealth as somewhat of a frenemy, they too were looking to expand their maritime influence across the world. This aircraft project could help as a marketing stunt for Myria’s own aircraft carriers which they sell to other nations. They were already in the same boat with the Sallodesians with their naval expansion. Now Myria sent Secretary of Defence, Gen Bahir Za’in, to supervise ways in which ways Myria may provide their services.

As the delegates arrive Adam Androu welcomes them.

"Greetings to all of you, ans welcome to thalapadis. I hope that the unannounced presence of a delegation from Emerald won’t anger you, they just sent a request to join relatively soon so we didn’t have time to officially announce it. Anyways I’ll asume your flights ware long and exhausting, so it wouldn’t be fair to exaust you even more by holding the meeting right now, so allow me to lead you to your accomodations, they’re a short walk from here*

The walk was obviously planned. To get to the luxury hotel rented out for the delegates from the airport ome must walk past the port itself, with most ships docked there as modernisation finishes

A quiet night passes in Notilamini, and dawn brakes.

At 11am the delegates are transported to the headquarters of the Thalapadian navy. Grand admiral Adam Androu is already there. The delegates are escorted into a large hall designsted for the meeting.

“Ah, there you are. Hope you had a good night. Now, i think we should get to buisness. We have quite a bit to talk about. First in order should be to officially arrange the joint fleet development program. Thalapadis seeks a full joint navy development program covering all relavent ship tipes. I will request of you to announce what your nations seek in the program”

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Minister Radovoy audibly sets his binder down on the table in order to draw the room’s attention to himself. While any developments acquired here would take years to materialize in the RPN’s fleet, he had to think ahead and consider the future. Additionally, the retrofitting of current vessels could allow the RPN to deploy its new technology without needing to resort to new construction.

“The Royal Pelinese Navy is interested in a program covering the full range of blue-water and green-water vessel types, as well as naval electronics and other discrete on-ship systems. Advancements in the fields of naval aviation, naval electronics, and ship-borne missiles and other weapon systems are of especially high priority to us, as well as the development of a new integrated naval combat system package. The Kingdom of Pelinai can offer the services of multiple reputable engineering firms to aid in this development, including Aetherdyne, Pelektronik, Shiroimizu Naval Yard, and Daishiroi Harbor Submarine Works, as well as others if necessary.”

The Grand Adm. Stood Up.

“The Emeraldian Royal Navy is interested in a program of designing a next generation Aircraft Carrier, New Naval Aircraft, and a Potential Next Gen Battleship. The ERN can offer the services of both the Copenhagen Naval Yard Design Bureau(Represented By Design Chief Henryk Williamson) and the New Emeraldia Naval Yard Design Bureau(Represented By Design Chief Jon Riverson). Emeralds Primary Concern will be Naval Aviation, Naval Electronics, and Stealth Systems.”

Lord Admiral Rem Kara Hara’s turn to speak. He displayed his presentation.

“The focus of Peonic naval development is in its pragmatism. Short term developments with tried technologies with results reapable in the direct time. We hereby propose the addition of a Multi-Role Ocean Surveillance Ship (MROSS) to secure subsurface infrastructure such as subsea cables and pipelines and monitor any deficiencies that may harm the national security of Thalapadis.”

“We would also support the development of multipurpose patrol ships and patrol boats. These would ensure the maritime security of Thalapadis and members of the Notilamini initiative.”

Minister Radovoy shakes his head.

“The Kingdom of Pelinai declares its abstention from all programs involving battleships and other decades-obsolete naval concepts. Furthermore, while we are not opposed to the inclusion of ocean surveillance ship and patrol boat developments within the program in principle, such ‘short-term developments with tried technologies’ are something that the Royal Pelinese Navy is more than capable of pursuing itself or with closer military partners. We believe that the Notilamini Initiative provides an opportunity to develop costly but essential advancements in military technology with a low price to each nation, and we would prefer that it refrain from limiting itself to small improvements that we could just as easily have made ourselves. Their inclusion is acceptable to us, but the Kingdom of Pelinai requests that additions to the development program be made. Which brings me to my next point.”

Minister Radovoy closes his binder.

“We express interest in the United Kingdom of Emerald and Denver’s offer to contribute its knowledge in stealth technology, and formally propose the joint development of navalized strike fighter technologies that take advantage of this stealth capability as well as Pelinese expertise in military electronics and missile systems.”

“As for the subject of how to achieve results in a short time, the Kingdom of Pelinai believes that this can be achieved through the integration of preexisting weapons development programs. We can offer the Ae-19X program as a basis for the aforementioned stealth aircraft, on the condition of reciprocal and proportional concessions by other participants.”

Minister Radovoy opens a slideshow with line drawings and photographs of various Pelinese weapon systems, all of which are already in current production.

“For fitting-outs to begin in the near future, the Kingdom of Pelinai can offer export versions of the Ae-16 Winterblossom and Ae-15B Iris navalized fighter aircraft, as well as the Type K41S2 Quartz ship-to-ship missile, the Type K45L2 Tourmaline land-attack cruise missile, the Type N7L air-launched cruise missile, and the Type K/Z29A Malachite surface-to-air missile. Other materials and systems are available for deployment on Notilamini Initiative vessels upon request. I have here some materials regarding the Winterblossom and the Iris, in the event that they are adopted as part of the program.”

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G Admiral Androu starts to speak:

I agree with my colleague from Pelinai here, this program is ment to develop future technologies, not cement in existing ones. Battleship warfare is a outdated method of warfare, completely made obsolete with the invention of ship born missles. The TCRN refitted it’s 2 battleships to be mobile command centers, quiped with strong radars and antenas connecting it to the satellite based “Hyperion” positioning and navigation sistem, access to which we are willing to provide to initiative members.

MROSS ships could benefit thalapadis, tho Hyperion has got us decently covered for surface craft already, but only our limited fleet of submarines and anti submarine ships do surveillance under the sea. We’d be interested in aquiring some of them. We’re also interested in all ship tipes and developments

We are all for the development of new naval aircraft technologies, especially stealth. The thalapadian air force has been long neglected and needs modernisation and new technologies. We’re interested in aquiring navalized fighters from Pelinai, untill thalapadis is capable of producing it’s own planes.

Thalapadis can offer to the members of the initiative access to Hyperion as mentioned before, as well as advanced electronical components and our advanced shipborn laser program, and the services of the Notilamini fleetjard and asimipoli submarine development center

The Grand Adm. Speaks

“It was worth a shot, although, I will commend Thalapadis for at least refitting their battleships into something that could be useful for a modern naval conflict. Despite appearances, the ERN will and currently is modernizing. Emerald would be interested in a Mobile Command Battleship Program, integrating the fire support capabilities of a battleship and the strong radars of a surveillance vessel, leaving us with a strong vessel that can offer ground support and acquire targets for Missile Carrying vessels.”

Capt. Jackson stands up

“For security reasons, Emerald will not share its stealth technologies, but will use its knowledge from said tech, to help develop new stealth technologies.”

The Grand Adm. speaks again

“Emerald can also assist with the acquisition of new aircraft, The ESF-24 and ESF-23 Fighters are currently mothballed, but both can easily be upgraded and brought back into service for the Thalapadian Air Force. While no representative from them is here, I can authorize a joint development program for the ESF-26 with Emerald Star, Emeralds state owned aircraft designer and manufacturer, and initiative members if requested. Due to Thalapadis’ nature as an Island chain, Emerald can offer its amphibious variant of the EMT-17 “Fox”, known as the EMT(AAV) “Otter”, in the case of a scenario where a thalapadian island is captured.”

(ooc: i mentioned that my 2 battleships have been refitted into command vessels lol, using the Hyperion sistem)