Merging TSPRP into the Main Server

This seems to have been forgotten so I’m poking it again to see if there has been any updates on this front.

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No update, but I also wanted to check back with the other mods on this issue, now that the Activity Check is completed. Considering we will have elections soon again, I’m hoping the merge will happen in the near future or at the beginning of the next RP minister’s term.

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I’ll let Roavin provide more information/clarity if they want to, but they got taken away for a while by RL/NS Mod things, to my understanding. This is still on the List™️, but I’m not sure at what time they might be able to get to it, unless another admin wants to take a crack.


I’ve been informed this is solely a Roavin project and have taken to pinging him (near) daily in the ticket filed on Discord. What an inspiring display by the mod team.

I don’t see how this is a “Roavin project”. This was discussed by both communities and a request has been made to the staff that it be implemented. Why is it not being acted upon?

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I personally don’t mind the wait :wink:

It’s been 2 months since substantive discussion ended. I think the RP community has waited long enough for what is simply the creation of some channels and server roles.

We are not the ones who proposed this. But, we have gone through all of this, and the community finally agreed to support it, at least unless it proved detrimental in the end

I never said the RP community proposed this.

I am not angry about the wait, but I will say that this really isn’t something too difficult to do, from personal experience it should really only 30-60 minutes to create the channels and roles, which is being generous since the first post has an outline of everything we agreed upon iirc

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It’s really not that hard. I’ve offered, on multiple occasions, to write up a literal step by step on what to do in case any mod with the power is unaware of how to integrate the changes in, as well as offering myself to do it in case they want to give me the power for an hour.

As a note, @Penguin and I have begun implementing this. @roleplay-moderators have access to the channels, if they want to take a look on the server and help guide final set-up.


The problem with you writing a “step by step” is that it’s going to be wrong because it wouldn’t (and cannot) take into account the specifics of how the TSP server is set up. That’s not your fault, you’re not a Discord mod/admin so can’t know about things like our special “hax” role and how our default permissions are intended, plus part of the problem here is that when I did the setup a few years back, I didn’t document those things so that somebody else on the team can easily do it without making a mess of things. That’s on me and is something I’ll have to do for times when I’m super busy (like I have been recently and will remain for a few more weeks).

But the end result here was that on the day I finally wanted to sit down and do this, I couldn’t because the day before, you had pestered Penguin into setting up half of it in a way that I couldn’t access it, so instead a day later I sat down at 2am local time to basically redo the entire thing from scratch. In other words, all you did was needlessly cause extra work for everyone involved (including yourself).

I understand your frustrations about the delay here and you’re right to blame me for it, but trying to work around it like you have was and is counter-productive.

It wasn’t needless to me at the time because I had no information from above on when this was going to be implemented, and that it only takes this particular person because the server is so godforsaken complicated that it can only be done by that person (who is already absolutely swamped with many other things). If you had told me that you could start it that very next day, then I would have waited.

I’m glad it’s finally being implemented.

It’s not necessarily complicated, rather peculiar and there’s a very deliberate order to things. But that’s off-topic, really - you’re right that you didn’t have the information. I wrote my intent for that evening in the afternoon that time in the ticket. I wouldn’t have known that, say, a day before (my schedule is a mess right now for various reasons). Just an unfortunate sequence of events.

Anyway, so long as we learn and grow from this, it’ll be fine. I need to document stuff for the team, involve them more in server setup, and prevent things like “roavin projects” going forward. My wish is that you avoid contacting multiple mods directly for getting bigger changes you’re interested in done and stick to what we have in terms of process, even if delays or whatnot are (understandably) annoying.

For some context, I was on the Discord voice call with Henn, Penguin, and some others on the day Penguin started working with Henn to implement these changes. At some point, the topic of the server merger came up and I don’t remember who first brought it up but it doesn’t take much to notice that there was a Senior Moderator on the call who could maybe help :stuck_out_tongue:. Maybe Penguin feels differently, but I did not get the impression that anyone was pestering anyone else into making these changes, nor did I feel anyone was deliberately circumventing the process. I mean, if Penguin feels they’re able to get some changes done and had the free time at the moment, this felt much more to me like a case where the opportunity just seemed to present itself.

I’m not going to promise this. Hindsight is 20/20, I recognize there were other considerations at play that the rest of the mod team seemed to be unaware of, but from my perspective at the time, I could see no reason why it should be one particular mod performing these actions.

Penguin and I were discussing it in that voice call as normal people trying to resolve an issue, not as someone trying to circumvent processes (that had caused several months of delay). “If I had known” is going to be a common theme, so I’ll just leave it there.