(lore book) Gill-atarnië Calerost and mirial space

This is a lore dump thread which will be the main place I’ll worldbuild Calerost and mirial space. If someone else wants to use mirial space in their own thing plz inform me


Princess Esgariel

general Osbion

Edhelerim (plural of edhel) are the main species of Calerost, making up around 70% of the population, and their population outside of it is very small.


They originate from Ilanor, but their evolutionary past is not well known. They show a wide array of skin, hair and eye color. These traits are mostly dependent on genetics, tho the environment in which the mother was during pregnancy and the child is in it’s young age can effect them (stronger UV radiation during childhood may lead to permanently darker skin, high temperatures during pregnancy and childhood might lead to longer and sharper ears, for example). Their well developed senses of hearing and sight might suggest their ancestors ware nocturnal, tho they are mostly active during the day in modern times. A notable trait they have is telepathic empathy, being able to sense other creatures emotions. The average livespan of a edhel is around 95 years, with the highest measured natural age is 142. A exception to this is the emperor, who’s more than 3 centuries old and being kept alive by machines.


Edhel culture varies a lot, but a common thing is high religiousness. The discovery of mirial space and gil miria being a entrence into it, which is described in all of their common religions, is the cause of this.

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ancient Calerost was well known for it’s archers

solider of Calerost during the 2nd continental war

a early calerostan spaceship

the CRNS Gilrain, first ftl capable calerostan ship

The earliest surviving record of Calerost is from the medieval era of the planet, where “the serene duchy of Calerost” is mentioned. It was located on the northern area of the supercontinent. With time Calerost conquered or diplomatically annexed all of it’s neighbors, forming the empire of Calerost, but it still wasn’t concidered a major power. Calerost truely becomes one of the main players on the international stage with the industrial revolution. Because of the vast amount of natural resources in it’s territory Calerost was one of the first to industrialize. Soon the nation started to assert influence all over the continent, and because of conflicting interests the first continental war happens, in which Calerost and it’s allies are victorious. After it there ware 2 more, with the result being Calerost becoming a hegemon over the whole world after the third, eventually leading to the treaty of grand union, unifying the planet into a single state.

Around the time of the second continental war space technologies started to be developed, with the rocked being invented. All the major powers engaged in a massive space race, that didn’t end truely untill the 3rd continental war. This lead to fast development of the industry and colonization of their star sistem, but with no other planets being naturally habitable or suitable for geoengineering and terraforming projects developing superluminal travel became a priority in the field. Soon after the discovery of exotic matter this was achived, with the Gilrain being the first FTL capable calerostan ship

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Gil Miria, also known as the Mirial wormhole

artist’s impression of traveling trough mirial space

Because of it’s proximity, anomalous data and readings and cultural significance Gil Miria (it’s name meaning “gem star”) was one of the first interstellar bodies visited after the invention of FTL travel. Scientists ware stunned by it. It was a wormhole leading to a nother dimension, where some laws of physics are altered. This dimension because of it’s gem like looks was called mirial space. Mirial space is more energy dense than realspace and allows acceleration to virtually infinite velocity (VIV for short). There was a catch tho, deceleration in mirial space is near impossible without external help, and braking out of it releases a pulse of energy that if going too fast can destroy a vessel. Braking out of mirial space (which is only possible in gravity wells because of the thinner border) at VIV velocity would vaporize the ship before it could even start to exit. Because of this conventional mirial travel is limited to a speed of 5 light years in 5 minutes. A work around to this was discovered tho, beaconed mirial travel. Using a pair of specialized structures, one in realspace and one in mirial space, called beacons, it is possible to decelerate from VIV to a safe exit velocity. The beacons expell the excess energy in the form of strong laser like beams of wide spectrum electromagnetic radiation. The development of mirial beacons is concidered the most important invention since the FTL drive.

The main advantage of both gated and ungated mirial travel is very high speed, but the main drawback is that it’s a one way trip, as most ships can only enter mirial space trough Gil Miria. A exception to that are starbrakers, but because of their masive size and complicated and expensive nature they’re only a few in existence, the most famous one being the imperial throneship


his most elevated highness, tararan Edhelgil Belaith Oialë, more commonly referred to simply as "the emperor

the imperial throneship, seat of the emperor, largest ship owned by Calerost

The emperor is the head of state of Calerost. He has apsolute power, but rarely directly governs the empire, the grand council and one of his descendants acting as a regent ( currently princess Esgariel) doing most of the work

The emperor himself is 470 years old, far beyond a normal Edhel lifespan, and being kept alive by a extensive sistem of life support, culminating in the suit he’s wearing. Because of that the emperor rarely leaves the throneroom, and never leaves the throneship. He is known for great wisdom, but even more for great thelepathic abilities. While normal Edhel only have telepathic empathy, the emperor with age and practice developed full telepathy, being even able to preform telepathic torture (his favorite means of doing so being making the victim hear the screams of a whole civilization begging for mercy while being exterminated).