Legislator Act

Legislator Act

An act to establish and manage legislator status

1. Legislator Status Requirements

(1) Members of the Coalition are eligible to attain legislator status if:

  1. they are citizens of the Coalition at the time of and during their application for legislator status; and
  2. the Chair of the Assembly does not opine that they are seeking legislator status in bad faith.

(2) To retain legislator status once granted, legislators must:

  1. remain citizens of the Coalition; and
  2. meet the Assembly voting requirement.

2. Legislator Applications

(1) An application for legislator status must include at least:

  1. A link to their accepted citizenship application, and
  2. Any relevant updates to the citizenship application that changed since the application was made.

(2) Upon acceptance or denial of an application, the Chair of the Assembly shall post the result (including a sufficient reason in case of a denial) both in response to the application as well as per telegram to the applicant nation.

  1. The applicant may appeal a rejection to the Assembly at large for a vote.

3. Legislator Checks

(1) Legislators retain their legislator status until resignation or removal by the appropriate authority.

(2) Within the first week of each calendar month, the Chair of the Assembly will remove legislator status from a legislator if they failed the Assembly voting requirement in the past month.

  1. The Chair of the Assembly may exercise discretion and not remove an otherwise active legislator for failing the Assembly voting requirement under reasonable extenuating circumstances.

(3) A legislator fails the Assembly voting requirement if:

  1. The Assembly finished at least three votes in the previous calendar month and the legislator was absent for more than one-third of those votes; or
  2. The Assembly finished exactly two votes in the previous calendar month and the legislator was absent for both of those votes.

(4) Legislators may request a leave of absence for a non-indefinite period, specifying the end date of such leave, which will be subject to discretionary approval from the Chair of the Assembly or their deputies. During such time, legislators on a leave of absence are exempt from the Assembly voting requirement.

(5) The Chair of the Assembly will at once remove legislator status from a legislator if they no longer meet the eligibility requirements as described in Article 1, Section (2) of this Act.

(6) The Chair of the Assembly may suspend legislator privileges for disruptive members. Frequent suspensions may be grounds for ineligibility, if found appropriate in a fair trial by the High Court.

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Article 3 of the Legislator Committee Act was amended by the Assembly on the 9th of September, 2022.

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Office of the Chair | Discretionary Edits from the Chair’s Office Done

The titles and Article 4 of the Legislator Committee Act was amended using the Chair’s discretionary powers on the 8th of April, 2023, as follows:

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Blue is used to represent the correction of alignment from left to centre

A2304.02 | Omnibus Reconciliation of PM Appointed Cabinet Provisions Passed

This omnibus bill proposed the following amendments to the Legislator Committee Act. It was passed and adopted by the Assembly on 28th April 2023.

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A2309.01 | Amended Voter Registration Bill Passed

The entire law was amended to the changes as viewed below on the 2nd of October, 2023. Notably, the law is no longer a constitutional law.

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Text of the Bill

A2311.03 | Amendment to the Legislator Act Passed

This amendment proposed changes to the Legislator Act, modifying the requirements to hold legislator status, altering how legislator checks are conducted, and changing the procedure for the Chair with regards to managing legislator membership.

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