Last Person to Post Wins III

You’ll lose


Sorry, that’s just how it is

Everyone still loses at the end :3

winz :slight_smile:

No, I win!

What does it mean to win, really?

To win is to have the everlasting opportunity to “rub it in” to someone

I signed up for spam, not Philosophical debate :frowning:

I signed up to win

As did I, yet here we are


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Is that nasi goreng?

i swear I feel myself getting envious of malay/indonesian cuisine

This pic, according to the website I stole from, is some sort of thai basil fried rice. So it isn’t malay/indonesian nasi goreng.

Thailand mentioned, raaah

I am partial to Din Tai Fung fried rice served with pork chop:

3000th post, does this mean I win?