Inetez Visit To Ikaranara

Inetez Visit To Ikaranara

Prelude and Intermission

Ikaranara was not on the list of countries from the INIT interview during which it was stated “The list is not exhaustive nor limited”. When the interview had reached “the Open Inetez Council (OIC)” executive agency, responsible for the “Education Research Culture Youth Foreign Aid (ERCYFA)”, it was included. Namely, the OIC was contacted by “Klaris Calculations and Consultations”, a private megaconglomerate responsible for providing partners, materials, financial services, communications, quality estimations (…) to the domestic Furniture industry. DV Vihan Polati had no clue what peaked their interest but was nevertheless happy to include another country to visit.

The OIC, Klaris Calculations and Consultations being included while the Ulema representatives absence explained by “Not seeing the point for us to be there” differentiate the visit to Weisserstein from this one.


The private jet landed on the Embassy-recommended airstrip in Centrus City. In it was the diplomatic visit, consisting of 30 people, including DV Polati. Three staff clerks of DV Polati, two representatives from the OIC, a team of five managers-experts representing Klaris Calculations and Consultations, two supervisors from the Grand Porte for Finances, two supervisors from the Grand Porte for Law and 15 security guards appointed by The CCI who were representing the Grand Porte for Military.
In line with cultural customs, the above list is the order in which this diplomatic mission exited the jet and were to present themselves in the same order. DV Vihan Polati kept the dead pan expression which seemed to be engrained in his character. After a ceremonial welcoming, Polati approached the hosting political representatives.

Customary Inetezi diplomatic greeting took place. Polati forced a warm smile during the time of greeting them, simultaneously holding a welcoming eye contact with the other person. A specific handshake was given. It involved waiting for the other persons hand to be extended. Slowly, Polatis hand would then softly meet with it, pull the hand towards himself then push it to the other person and place it back in the middle. Upon return, the intensity would grow gradually to a firm one. After affirming it, a procedure of closing the other persons palm with his left hand would take place, ceasing othr motions. The greeting was complete when the other persons hand would suddenly be released. The handshake process lasts about 15 seconds in total.

Notably, the Inetezi (truly) don’t know where this cultural tradition of greeting others comes from, though parts of it should be VERY familiar to Ikaranara’s political representatives even if they are slightly modified to be a lot more stable, very warm yet somehow extremely controlling. This modified version signals the other body a feeling of safety, as opposed to feeling of urgency.