In The Middle Of Difficulty, Lies Opportunity. (Rosecordi-Galactya First Contact)

22/03/6001 P.E.

Celestial Empire Of Galactya
Quadrant 15

“Got anything yet?”

“No, nothing. I thought I did for a second but it was just a dust globule.”

“The last signals came from here so we should be able to spot it soon…”

“I hope so. Anyways, uh… do you think we’ll be able to rescue anyone?”

“I don’t think so. I mean, we do have the space for a couple of survivors but if they thought there was a chance they’d at least have given us the right equipment.”

“You’re… probably right. At least we’re not the ones who have to inform the families about it.”

“I wouldn’t be able to do that to be completely honest.”

“Yeah… let’s just… stick to our task. Do we have a blueprint of the ship? Usually when those kinds of reactors explode they just tend to break the ship apart. The data banks should still be intact.”

“I think so… it’s should be in the folder A3 if I remember correctly. Can you also check what tools they have given us? Can’t remember if we have an STPR or a HUVO melting arm.”

“Found it! The banks were in the front of the ship and the ventilation system should have sealed in time, so yeah, they’re probably still intact. And, about the arm… we have a HUVO.”

“Okay thanks. They have quite different sensibilities so I just wanted to make sure. Anyways, we should be in radar range. The last signal came just a couple of AUs from here.”

“Let me check… oh. Yeah, there is something! Let’s go!”

“Okay! Pull out the scanners and prepare the suits, we should be there in a couple of minutes.”

“Woah. The implosion must have been real strong, the debris field is enormous.!What the hell happened? Reactors don’t just fail like that on their own, right?”

“Well, if there’s a fault in a connected system they definitely can. It’s weird though, they usually get strictly checked during production. Wait, let me see if the scanners can tell us something about what happened.”

“Be quick, all the debris is starting to get really annoying.”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m already done. Let’s see… uh. That’s… weird.”

“Something weird with the reactor?”

“No, no, it’s not that. It was apparently a malfunction in the cooling system, so I’ll just write it in the report. That’s not what I’m concerned about though.”

“What is it then? You’re starting to get me worried.”

“Well, there seems to be some sort of…weir…energy reading near the data banks.”

“Maybe they didn’t go offline completely?”

“No, no, it’s… different. We should probably check it out ourselves. Despite being an anomaly, it seems stable enough to be checked up on in person.”

“Oh, okay. I’ll start cutting an opening then, the melting arm is already warm. If you can fetch me my suit while I do it.”

“Of course. I’ll bring a scanner with me.”

“This place gives me the creeps.”

“Consider yourself lucky that the few passengers were all near the reactor. Wouldn’t want a charred body floating in here.”

“Oh my stars, why did you have to remind me that?!”

“Sorry, I’m just on edge too. At least the place is intact.”

“Tell me about it. So, according to the blueprints, the room for the main servers should be… that one over there.”

“You mean the one at the end of the ominous and creepily-illuminated long corridor?”

“Y-yeah. That one.”

“…This entire situation is a joke.”

“Leaving that aside, could you help me opening the door? The handle seems kinds stuck.”


“Okay, on three. One, two, three… push!”

“Hell yeah, it’s moving! Now, we just need to retrieve the data and check that anoma-”

“What the fu-”


22/03/6001 P.E.

Celestial Empire Of Galactya
Quadrant 1
Galactya, Imperial Palace Complex

In the throne room, Karheismas sat on her throne, checking some reports from the colonies of the southern frontier. Her husband, Nixhoeils, sat besides her on his throne. Lately she had been feeling a bit more cheerful than usual, so she had a chance to dial down on her medications. The War had been nothing more than a skirmish, but the changes it left were much bigger than the damaged it caused. She hoped that her and her husband hadn’t made a wrong choice when proposing the Coalition. Their allies seemed very inclined to accept though, so perhaps that could be interpreted as a good sign. While absorbed in her thoughts, the Emperor called for her. He had received some weird news apparently.

"What do you mean a portal?"

"Yup! Apparently some guys working for the Ministry Of Infrastructure were investigating the latest shipwreck and found this strange portal in the data banks room."

"Is it like the ones that Drakari Ships make when they exit FTL?"

"Nope. Not at all. Apparently, it sucked in all the data contained in the banks, and inside of it there are these weird structures... Wait, there was a picture attached to the report. Just let me pull it up..."


"I've... never seen anything like that. It doesn't look like Warp, Pseudo, Jump or even Mirial Space. And it surely doesn't seem to be anything Comet related. It's completely new."

"Should we send in a probe to explore it? After the recent events, I surely wound't want an interdimensional invasion. And if it happens to be safe, it could even prove to be a new way of FTL travel. It seems worth the risk."

"Well, if you put it that way, it surely does! Tell you what, I'll ask the Ministry Of Defense to send an armored exploration probe in. They've gotten really sturdy in the last years."

"Fine by me! Just tell them to follow the standard diplomacy protocol if they happen to encounter anything sapient."

23/03/6001 P.E.

Celestial Empire Of Galactya
Quadrant 15
Anomaly Site UW-1

The team of scientists sat in front of their holoscreens. It wasn’t unusual to be called to action with little notice from their Agency, but to hear that the request came directly from the Ministry Of Defense truly was a surprise. It was even more of a surprise to be informed that they would be remotely exploring an unknown interdimensional anomaly. The dream of any scientist.

**Their armored scanner probe sat still, hovering in front of the mysterious rift. Luckily, it worked exactly as a regular exploration probe, so there wouldn’t be any difficulty in figuring out it’s workings. The probe’s pilot sat among it’s coworkers, his hands holding a special control interface. **

“So…am I ready to go?”

“All radars are connected, the sensors are working and the weaponry is loaded and ready. So yeah, you’re free to go.”

“You better be careful with that probe Pheril. Apparently it’s a new model, and I doubt the Ministry would be happy about us ruining it.”

“Oh come on, that’s ridiculous. They’re sending that thing in a new unknown dimension, they kind of have to accept that there’r a good chance of it not coming back in one piece. Or not coming back at all for that matter.”

“Don’t worry guys, I’ll do my best. As always. I’m entering!”


Delta Haven Hub, Settlement 45 Echo: 150 Souls

The rolling hills of data welcomed the probe as it acclimated into the new environment. A dim shimmer of light cast over the hills as the probe scanned it initial surroundings

Astonishingly, the probe found data in the ground, scannable and easily collectable. Weirdly, the data on the ground matches Galyctan Data on… Everything that would be inside one of the data servers. Noted nearby were some devices of unknown make that could be identified as transmitting a specific, but unknown frequency.

Further away, on what appeared as a hill, there was a tower overlooking the entire area, with what appeared to be a tiny glint of light-

A piece of energy hit the probe nearly as quickly as the probe detected it. It didn’t put a scratch on the probe but immediately dissolved into the probe as if the armor didn’t even exist.

A few moments later, the pilot recieved a “Signal Lost” as the drone seemingly just… turned off.

10 Minutes Later…

Keslie Torch, Settlement 45’s resident Rift Walker, is woken up by pounding on her datahut’s door…

“I… Who is it?”

“Atlas, there’s an anomalous space time breach again.”

“Coming… Coming…”

Keslie briefly stretches, clearly not expecting company at such an early hour in the morning, before putting her hair into a ponytail before grabbing her personal Data Caster, a Compound Bow.

“Did you…”

Keslie walks out into the valley to see the probe on the ground and inspects it for a moment…

“It’s databolted, yeah…”

“What is…”

“Some probe while we were harvesting data.”

“Carbon Dated?”

“Jack Squat.”

“Boot it up and undatabolt it, see if it communicates, doubt it will but it’s worth the shot.”

“'Ight Ma’am…”

“For the last time, stop calling me Ma’am!”

The Probes signal returns, and detects 2 lifeforms, one really close by, and one by the glint of light back on the watchtower…


“What the hell happened?! We lost connection!”

“I think I saw something before we lost the probe… Koqipel, can you replay the last few seconds of footage?”

“Uhh… yeah, sure. Here it is.”

“Oh. You’re right, there is something! It looks like an energy bolt of some kind…”

“It must have it us from the side as soon as we entered.”

“Do you think it was a natural occurrence? It may be, we don’t know how ths dimension works.”

“No, no, the timing was too perfect. As soon as we entered an energy bolt struck us in the center without conveniently showing it’s source… No, it must have been natural.”

“This is what happens when you don’t outfit a probe with a Genesis Shield. Anyways, uhm, I’ll try to re-establish connection with the probe if it’s still intact. You keep yourself ready Pheril, if I manage to get it back online I’ll need you to act quickly.”

“Sure thing. I’ll get away from the area as fast as possible.”

“In the meantime I’ll ready our ship’s weapons. If this was natural then it seems like whatever lives inside that portal isn’t very friendly.”

“I’m getting signal again!”


“Yeah but I’m only receiving audio-visual input, and it’s still too unfocused for me to make out anything. Pheril, are the controls working?”

“No, I’m still getting no signal over here.”

“That’s odd… I’ll try focusing it more. This… should be…enough… here we go! Audio-visuals restored!”

“Good job Verapel! Now, we just need to-”
“Wait… is that… a human?!”

“No, no, humans don’t have purple skin… no. That’s a Sereniani!”

“What?! What are they doing in there?!”

“No idea, but I think it’s best if we just shoot that portal!”

“No, wait! What if they’re with Rosepoint?”

“The ones that rebelled against the Federation?”

“Exactly, those ones. If they are, we might have a chance at establishing successful relations. Verapel! try to establish contact with them. Meanwhile, I’ll contact the Ministries OF Defense and of Foreign Relations and update them on the situation.”

“Okay, uhh… Maybe this will work.”

"This is an exploration probe of the Celestial Empire Of Galactya. We are not here to harm you and we seek to establish peaceful relations. Can you hear us?"


Keslie looked at the probe again, more of a look of confusion than anything else

“Good Datastreams, more foreigners…”

“I can, in fact hear you. Welcome to the Nexus. More or less, data. All data.”

“So… What do you need?”

“Atlas, where’s a Stockler when you need one?”

“Haul one yourself.”

“Don’t want to.”

“Do it later.”

“Don’t want to.”

“Fine, I’ll do it later.”


The Nexus… that was an interesting name. The Emperors were going to be delighted to hear about all of this. A dimension made of data, how weird. They didn’t even know such a place was possible. One could only wonder about how many worlds laid hidden between the folds of reality.

"One day ago one of our ships suffered an explosion due to a system failure. When a cleanup team came to investigate the wreckage, they discovered this portal in the data room. We decided to investigate by sending a probe through it and... here we are."

"I do have a question though."

"Are you and your people with the Technocratic Federation Of Sereniani, or with Rosepoint?"


Keslie gives the probe an uncomfortable look

“…I should’ve clarified, it’s called The Rose Nexus.”


“Stockler. Atlas. Need. Stockler. Now.”

Keslie looks back at the probe

“The Directorate of Rosecordia welcomes you to the Nexus. Don’t touch anything or I’ll databolt that probe and shut it down for good. I need to make a few calls.”


"Uhh...thanks for the welcoming I suppose? Also we can't really touch anything. The probe doesn't respond to our control inputs. We're only receiving audio-visuals."

"We're willing to wait Take your time."

Verapel turned off the communication line.

“Uhh guys? Any idea of what’s going on here.”

“I can’t be sure of this, but it seems as though stuff went down after the Sereniani left the Wormhole. It’s probable that the Federation has been pushed back. Or it could even be that it doesn’t exist anymore.”

“We should probably ask about it as soon as that woman comes back.”

“She didn’t seem very…nice. Quite aggressive.”

“To be fair though, there were only a handful of Sereniani that were actually chill enough. Everyone else was always either on edge or stupidly aggressive.”

“Guess they’re a particularly spicy variant of humans.”

“Let’s look at the bright side: at least they welcomed us and responded to our messages from the start. They’re still a bit angry, but they’re definitely better than the ones that invaded Taivaallinen.”

“Couldn’t agree more. They also seem to be more prone to reason. Which is definitely a good sign.”



“Do you want me to send you the Databolt?”

“No, I believe you, but we need proof.”

“Well, if you didn’t take bureaucratic asses forever, I could’ve had that Rift Beam already. But no. You don’t believe me and have to come look for yourself. I swear, I’m going to-”

“Why don’t we go see that probe again, Kelsie.”

Keslie disconnects from the call, throwing the holophone into the void of data

“Thanks, Mr Useful. Let’s go see the aliens. Fun.”


Kelsie and Atlas walk back towards the probe, to find it databolted again…

“It touched something again. Toss it back through, I dunno what to tell ya.”


Atlas and Kelsie throw the probe through the spacetime rift, back into wherever it came from…


“Why the hell did they throw us out?!”

“I don’t know, I just saw another bolt hitting us and the signal getting worse. Maybe it’s so that those energy pulses don’t keep hitting us…?”

“I don’t think they were natural… they happen exactly when we touch the ground, but always come from some out of field point.”

“Well, I don’t know what it was, but the controls are definitely responding now!”

“Uh. Who would have guessed. With goodwill or not, they did us a favor.”

After jittering for a couple of seconds, the probe starts to hover above the Data Room’s floor. Standing right in front of the dimensional rift, the probe extends part of it’s scanner arm inside the shifting opening. Curiously enough, air doesn’t seem to be pulled out of the portal, unless it’s manually moved. Such a weird dimension… perhaps it was due to different laws of physics…? The scientists noted all of this down. This is was going to be analyzed and over-analyzed later on by the various research Supercomplexes, and, if they managed to get the Sereniani’s consent, it could even be possible that a Coalition Team may come to study the rift. All was to be decided now though.

"Thanks for pushing us out I suppose. Before we go forward with all of this, would you mind explaining why we kept getting hit by those weird energy pulses in there? Also, where did all the data on the probe go? I swear there are quite a handful of files missing. The same applies for the rest of the data that was inside this room's servers."


“Shining Datastars… I can’t believe I have to explain all of this. Consider this Rosecordi 101 in the Nexus.”

Kelsie rolls her eyes before begining

“Firstly, it’s a databolt, not some weird energy pulse. Secondly, a databolt is pure data designed to make objects with data, not have data. Or kill you through pure Y-Ray exposure. Ugly to see how you go that way. Besides the point though. Your probe was stripped of its data, because of the databolt.”

Kelsie continued

“As for the second question… There are certain access points of data in our little cozy home. You found the one place where it was volatile enough to cause a tear in realspace. Hence. Rift. The Nexus doesn’t discriminate on what data it takes. It takes all the data. Your server data was absorbed in. Consumed. Also, don’t fly that thing too high. It’ll get caught in the datastreams. You won’t get it back. If you plan to bring anything besides a humanoid or one of your goofy probes, don’t.”

“Questions, concerns, comments, emotional needs?”


“What’s wrong with this woman?”

“She surely has an attitude…”

“Perfect for a first contact situation. Extremely professional.”

“Especially when you were at war with the other power…”

Suffice to say, the scientists were…unamused. Even a little bit taken aback, if we’re completely honest. The Sereniani sure weren’t good at handling first contacts, no matter what nation they came under. At least they seemed to be a bit better with diplomacy afterwards, even though that could still be put into question. At least this didn’t seem to be true for all human offshoots. The Emeraldians, although , were

"All clear and perfectly understandable. Would it be possible to keep this... rift open, so we can later on properly send a diplomatic envoy? We'll build an appropriate structure around it so you can exit it, if it ever happens to be a necessity."


“Well, it’s actually going to stay here regardless of you wanting it there. Whole, there’s a rift in spacetime problem-”

Kelsie turns away from the probe, and clicks something

“Sigil Forty Four checking in. Yeah, just settle slowly, the area’s a bit sensitive, check forecasts for data storms.”

“Sector code? Probably 45… Alfa. Yeah Alfa. ”

“See you in… 10 minutes? Don’t break it, experimental technology right there. Okay, Okay, yeah yeah, mindful, you be careful with that fusion core. Sigil Forty Four checking out.”

Kelsie clicks something again, and turns back to the probe

“Pardon me, I got a friend riding the data stream over, tryna get a fusion core ready for the rift beam…”

“…Right, Rift beams are what we use to open and close these rifts. They take a large amount of power, usually can be drawn from the nexus, but… This area’s a little worse because of the databank. If you wanna have a closer look you could probably come in. Diplomats aren’t really our thing…”


"Well... we do not permission to leave the ship and enter the portal due to recent events I'm sure you are aware of... but once we communicate with our government, we could definitely call for a proper diplomatic envoy. If we act fastly enough they would be here in less than a couple of hours."

“Perfect. I’ll call the Ministry right now and relay them all the information we found. I’ll also tell them to send a diplomatic mission here.”

“In the meantime I’ll turn off our weapons. They don’t really seem to be… necessary anymore.”

"In the meantime, do you mind taking this communicator? It's a lot more practical then the probe. Just to make things easier for the both of us, especially since we will have to wait for a while."

In front of the probe, a slot opens up. A robotic arm extends a relatively small device trough the rift and towards Keslie. It looks colorful and is very elegant, but seems pretty simple to use.


Kelsie tilts her head for a moment

“Pardon… What are you talking about?”

Kelsie shakes her head and sighs

“Great… Realspace events that concern us.”

“What’s up with… Realspace?”

“I’ll… Take it, I guess.”

Kelsie takes the communicator


"Don't you... don't you know about the War? Well, in all honesty it ended up being just a skirmish, but then Rosepoint deflected and we ended up not attacking you."

"I suppose that it was an event important enough to spread even to the furthest national backwaters. I guess your government just didn't give it enough importance."

"Anyways, the communicator is very simple, you just have to tap the central button and select what you want to do on the holoscreen. We gave you one in Austral, but it does have an universal translator in case some other Coalition team doesn't know it. They should have universal translators with them, but it's best to be sure."

Around 5 hours later.

The Firstborn Curiosity, an HectoExplorer, extended a connective tunnel to the datarooms. Robotic arms sealed any passages and scanners made sure that the room would hold. After everything was fully secured, large vents started pumping atmospheric compounds in the room, the pressure of the newly placed air pushing outwards, testing the broken hull’s tensile strength.

A large door slid open, a bright light shining from the inside and illuminating the room. Far in front of it, laid the portal, dimly shining with it’s mystical purple light.

A crew of soldiers marched out of the door, and organized in defensive position, two rows of five for each side of the door. Between them, walked out the diplomatic team. Despite their more practical clothing, one could tell just by looking at them that they were from Galactya. The saturated and almost overly-detailed clothing of the NeoCelestialism fashion craze had been characterizing the Capital for many hundreds of years at that point. Probably someone from one of the great Imperial academies on Ior or Oor, or perhaps from the Diplomatic District on the surface.

The leader of the mission was Asmoedev Tytoril, a male Orekkian chosen both for his political prowess and experience, and for his species. Human-descended races, from what the Galactyans had observed, often felt more comfortable and trsuting when dealing with other humanoids. One could only wonder how they had even managed to spread so much through the Sector without making hundreds of alien enemies, but then again, they had made their battlefield themselves.

Besides him, stood two other diplomats, a female Rotausda and an intrale Baering, both tasked as much to help him diplomatically, as much as to represent the Empire’s true diversity. Admittedly, their military escorts were probably going to do so themselves, but it was best to be cautious. The Empire wasn’t new to diplomatic missions going rather… awry.

“I already told you, you don’t have to worry about anything. We’re completely covered! Besides, it’s not like they showed signs of being overly aggressive. Just the commonly spicy personality of every human-descended species.”

“He’s right Oxivyner. You’ve got nothing to worry about. If there was, there wouldn’t be a broken hull around that portal, but a defensive fortress. You know the Empire doesn’t joke with this things. Especially if they’re a Sereniani.”

“To clarify, it’s not like I’m scared. I’m just… worrying for our wellbeing. And to be completely honest with you Uqewarm, the Governor of the Easteolnisp system tought the same thing. That that boy and his little friends were reasonable, honest, and wanting to actually do diplomacy. Look at how that ended up. Not only were they unable to provide any sort of conclusive solution, we were also unable to save them from whatever conflict might have happened on the otherside of that Wormhole. They’re probably dead by now.”

“You’re always such a pessimist. What’s wrong with a little bit of hope and goodwill? Say what you will about senseless optimism, but look where it got the Empire. Allies, defenses, an enormous amount of trade, and an even bigger amount of influence and money. That’s a bit much for something senseless and useless, isn’t it?”

“That’s not what I’m saying. Despite what you like to claim, I am an optimist. I always try my best to be. But in my 793 years of existence, I’ve seen some things. At one point, you start to analyze stuff a lot, more than you want to. That’s why I seem pessimistic to you. I’m just too analytic.”

“She does have a point Asmoedev! Besides, she has more than a century of seniority over both of us. Sure, she might have less political career than us, but she has still seen more stuff.”

“Oh cut it out you xeqotic, you know I don’t like that tone of voice! Anyways, we’re here. I’ll do the talking, of course.”

With the soldiers by their side, the diplomats entered the portal.


Kelsie appeared a little ways away, directing a small helicopter-like object as it dropped a spherical object into the ground.

“Closing… Closing… Gotcha! Perfect work.”

“Sigil Forty Seven Bingo Bingo.”

“Got it, see you later.”

The object flew away as Kelsie turn back to the rift to see around twenty people outside the rift

“What in the-”

She nearly drops the fusion core before forming a data crate to hold it

“Hi… You are… Right…”

Kelsie takes out the translator, clicking it on, and takes a small breath

“Hi! I’m Kelsie. Can you wait a moment? Trying to get something ready. Apologies. Also, throw any weapons you have back into the portal. I see anything you get the Y-Ray treatment. Thanks.”

Kelsie turns around and unloads the fusion core into another device

“Sigil Forty Four to Haven Hub.”

“Loud and clear, Sigil Forty Four.”

“Fusion Core is formed, but there are a few… People…? They aren’t probes, but I dunno.”

“Okay…? Weapons?”

“Told them the same thing I told that probe earlier.”

“Alright, stay safe. Reports are outbound to Trilangio. I’ll update ASAP.”

“Okay, talk then. Sigil Forty Four out.”

Kelsie turns around to face the rift and the people standing outside it


“Of course Miss… Kelsie. We will wait for you right here.”

-This sounds awfully suspicious, but whatever-“Guards, I want ten of you to step back outside the portal and wait for us on the platform. The remaining ten that will stay inside to accompany us will have to give all of their Rainbow Pulse Rifles to the other ten.”

“I’m not sure how comfortable I feel with leaving the weapons behind…”

Activating her neural implant, Oxivyner started communicating in secret with Uqewarm.

"I don't want to do it too, but I find it best to humor their requests, as long as they are within the realm of reason of course. Besides, I would also like to avoid being cooked by radiation."

"I know, I know, it's just that this feels a bit too much. I mean, we wouldn't even have any way to defend ourselves in case things go wrong!"

"That's why I ordered half the soldiers outside you dum dum! That way, if anything goes wrong, they can intervene. I instructed the part leader to get out the handheld Rainbow Shields from the ship in case of a situation like this. No matter the kind of radiation, those shields will stop it."

"Perhaps you're right. I should have also thought about the fact that the soldiers could physically overpower any human-like species. Maybe we're still relatively safe."

"Good. Feeling better now?"

"Yeah, thanks a lot."

"While I do find this moment to be very cute and wholesome, could you two cut it out? Our dear Miss Kelsie is almost finished."


Kelsie moves her hand to manipulate the ground, creating a few chairs and tables before motioning to the envoys and their guards to take a seat

“So… Is there something you want? I’m going to get something to eat myself, but I also need to get my friend back… Well I mean you probably want to meet someone else in charge, who isn’t me but I…”

“I can explain more…? I’m waiting on superiors right now myself, apologies.”