Imperial-Prince (Aezealia)

Imperial-Prince’s Legislator Application

Question Answer
TSP Nation Aezealia
Main Nation Aezealia
WA Nation Aezealia
Discord Flare
Other Involvement
No, I am not known as any other names.
Other Regions:
I have been the founder of many regions.

I have been the WA Delegate of Arclantic.

I have been the second judge of TOO.

I am currently the minister of foreign affairs of Arclantic.( Arclantic’s founder is inactive so she will remove me after she will be active again)

I have been the Minister of Cultures of Arclantic.
| Bans: |
| No, I have not been ban from any region. |

This application has been received and is now pending review by the Legislator Committee, sorry for the delay!

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Your application has been accepted! Welcome to the Assembly!

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