Imperial archives: important texts of the Gill-Atarnië

Prologue of the Nyárë Otha (meaning history of war), a first person account of the Miraline war, written from the diaries of a naval officer and his personal account. Exact time of writing is unknown, but suspected to be 5 years after the end of the war

"I remember Calerost when i was a child. The words war, battle, combat and similar waren’t used a lot outside of history books. Yes there was every now and again a skirmish with primitives but there wasn’t a major war ever since the third continental one, a millennium ago. Most calerostan navy ships ware exploration vessels, equiped with weapons yes but war wasn’t their primary role. Calerost was in a golden age of science and exploration, expanding rapidly and it’s population booming. Everything was at it’s peak, but we strayed too far from the gods, and they punished us.

When i was 15 the battle of Celebar prime happened. Our own creations, our own sin, attacked us as punishment for creating what we shouldn’t have, mirial entity and edhel hybrids. It was soon followed by the attack on Ilanor that killed the emperor, and my father. The very cores of the Gill-Atarnië ware shaken. It started a century of war and such a massive cultural change that i can not describe it in these few words. Calerost entered the war as a optimistic nation of explorers, and left as a nation of war-hardened veterans, with a mighty fleet and inovstive war tactics. In this book, written from my memories, i hope to provide a view into the events that changed the nation so much from a first person view"

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