Huawan-Pelinai Diplomatic Visit

The plane flew as dignitaries conversed of plans or had their meetings. One of their bigger aircrafts that the Imperial Government has for diplomatic or international visits. The High Commodore looked from his window, and saw the lumps of clouds like cotton over the South Pacifican sea that divided the regions.

The Peony was in a teleconference with Lord Gideon Kwah and Lady-Doctor D’Valentine about the WF. In the other room, Royal Premier Sima Yi continues to have some meetings about the government and the Imperial Council on the quarter budget, while High Diplomat Diao Chan manages her trade delegations in a separate conference room.

The High Commodore was a veteran in Peonic politics, and he was in a much more relaxed and calm state. He seldom brings “homework” to diplomatic visits. Rather he would just watch some movies or eat some of the food the inflight chef is serving. He had recently video called his wife and grandchildren, his own children are too busy with their varying occupations, not that Zheng He’s wife minded.

He opened his dossier again, and reviewed some briefings from his staff. It had not been a secret that Pelinai was very much against the LoC and their actions in the Rycco-Cordilian war, somehow singling out Huawan as an “aggressor”, The Peony has decided to make it a personal agenda to “clear the airwaves” and further seek partners in Bailtem. The High Commodore judged it to be wise, as in such a trade and economic boom, Huawan could not afford to lose its investment momentum, and appeasement (or perhaps alliance) with Pelinai might be the sort of thing.

He also wondered as to why the Peonic ambassador to Pelinai warned him about PM Makarov, the ambassador warned the delegation that the PM was “inflammatory” towards Peonic policy. Even the government was as far as to discourage Weisserstein to deal with its Cordilian neighbours. It appears a monumental task is afoot for the Peonic delegation, and it is going to seize the momentum.

High Commodore Zheng He, tired
He closed his dossier, took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes. He felt like he was getting too old for this. But there’s never a calm time in The South Pacific. So, he called for the Peonic Minister of Trade and Industry, Hon. Minister, Lord Francesco Ng. He was going to talk a couple of things with him, while enjoying a game of Dominos.

In hours, they arrived in Pelinai


10:29 AM ETC+3, October 26, 2022. Pelograd Prefecture airspace, Kingdom of Pelinai.

“I must say, Mr. Akirov; this meeting that you’ve organized is quite the gamble.”

“If you fear wolves, Prime Minister, it would be best not to go into the forest. The Kingdom of Pelinai desires to take its place among the great powers, and the future will bring many more of these ‘gambles.’ Such is the way of politics, as you of all people should know.”

“I am well aware, Mr. Akirov. But the Peocracy is a lethal foe; a small slip of our guard will spell doom for Pelinese sovereignty in the face of an established power such as Huawan.”

“That is the purpose of your presence here, Prime Minister. Your task is twofold: ensuring that Huawan keeps its hooks out of anything critical, as well as preventing the Queen from digging our nation’s grave by way of any naïve promises. Do this, and the Kingdom of Pelinai can obtain as much value from trade with Cordilia as possible without rendering itself vulnerable to being reduced to a puppet or lackey of Huawan or the League. There is much to be gained here, barring any false steps.”

“Of course, Mr. Kazak. But it will prove difficult for even me to effectively restrain the Queen; she wields immense sway over popular opinions here, and is more than willing to use this fact to protect herself from my attempts to check her dovish interactions with hostile powers.”

“Remember who we’re dealing with, Aleksei. This is the same nation and the same individual responsible for that… poorly worded document from some time ago. The Queen may be less guarded towards Huawan and the League than you are, but she is not a complete fool. If the Peony or anybody else makes such a grave misstep once more, then even Izumi will find it difficult to maintain her stance.”

Three men ride in the passenger cabin of a diplomatic helicopter while discussing the Peony’s visit to the Kingdom of Pelinai. All sit around a small table; all are dressed in black business suits with burgundy ties and small Pelinese Sakura pins on their jackets. These men are Prime Minister Aleksei Makarov, Minister of Foreign Affairs Boris Akirov, and Minister of Economics Sergei Kazak; the Minister of Education as well as the Minister of Strategic Resources are also en route to the Peonic delegation’s destination at the Royal Palace, though on a different flight. The roar of the helicopter blades presents a consistent background noise as they continue to discuss their plans for the visit and for how Pelinai will deal with Huawan in the broader geopolitical landscape of Pacifica.

The Pelinese government was already mildly hostile to Huawan due to its status as an established great power, and a past statement from the early days of the Rycco-Cordilian War did nothing but validate mistrust of it by officials like Makarov. But now is time for a daring play to strengthen the Pelinese economy with the unwitting help of the Peocracy. Securing a trade deal with a major power like Huawan will bring much benefit to Pelinai, but will also render it vulnerable to economic subversion or aggressive meddling in its internal affairs unless the proper steps are taken to prevent this. The three ministers continue to speak on their helicopter flight, preparing to brave this double edged sword in the name of advancing Pelinai’s power and interests.

10:29 AM ETC+3, October 26, 2022. Royal Palace, Pelograd, Kingdom of Pelinai.

Queen Izumi still had questions about why the ever-hawkish Aleksei Makarov and Boris Akirov would do such a thing as invite Huawan of all nations to a state visit in Pelinai. She suspected that they had at least one ulterior motive for calling this meeting; possibly attempting to coax more rhetorical ammunition from the Peonic government.

The Queen stopped for a moment to ponder the potential outcomes of the Peony’s visit. Normalizing Pelinai’s dealings with the League is a task that she has carried out relatively well with Weisserstein and the United Provinces, but Huawan was different. This was a much more powerful nation that Pelinai would be dealing with, and even Izumi understood the dangers that would come with risking a slide into its sphere of influence. But less hostile relationships with influential nations like Huawan carried benefits as well. Though the fine middle ground between international pariah and foreigner’s satellite may prove quite narrow in the future, this is the difficult road that Pelinai must walk on its path to assert itself on the world stage. Perhaps, Izumi hoped, the Peony had less malicious intentions than certain members of her government would have her think.

Regardless, it would be quite improper to not personally greet a foreign monarch as a guest to the Kingdom of Pelinai. Thus Queen Izumi must prepare for the meeting with the Peonic delegation, an event which may come in the very near future. She walks down to the familiar foyer of the Pelinese Royal Palace and instructs an attendant to notify her when the visitors arrive. As Izumi does so, she looks over the state of the room. The quartzite floors, the white painted walls, and the quartz chandelier and light fixtures seem to be in good order. Queen Izumi opens her notebook and checks off the last box in her to-do list of preparations, meaning that everything should now be ready for the arrival of Huawan’s Peony and the rest of its delegation.

The motorcade went through the streets of Pelograd as the delegation continued to discuss. The delegation had themselves briefed by the ambassador, of how much both the foreign minister and the prime minister is very much skeptical of Peonic partnership. How this all started from a single address The government did when Ryccia attacked Doge Land. How the Foreign Minister wanted answers from the Peonic ambassador. They rerun through their notes while drinking the orange juice served in the motorcade. High Diplomat Diao Chan then gave her thoughts on how best it would be to approach everything.

It was then the royal palace came to view, and the motorcade stopped. They saw the Pelinese government waiting for their entry. The Peonic delegation followed through with their procedure.

It was the Peonic guardians first that came out of the cars that sat front and back of the delegation vehicles. Standing in a line as if to guard the Peony, Rin stood by the car, and opened its door. The Peony stood out first, followed by Royal Premier Lord-Premier Sima Yi, the High Diplomat Lady-Miss Diao Chan, The High Commodore Lord-Admiral Zheng He, and Minister of Industry and Trade Lord Francesco Ng. The Peonic ambassador, Jan Hassar followed suit.

The Peony heard the camera clicks and flashes, “its showtime again.” she thought. Before bowing deeply to their Pelinese hosts, signalling for others to bow as well in respect and humility, it was Peonic foreign policy to extend Peonic humility and grace that was truly rooted within their principles.

“Assalamualaikum, Ni Hao!” She said, her usual greeting. extending a handshake “It is a pleasure to finally be of your acquaintance, honorable hosts.”

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Minister of Foreign Affairs Boris Akirov closes his flip phone.

“I have just received word that the Peonic delegation has arrived at the royal palace. How long until we arrive, pilot?”

“ETA of about ten minutes, sir.”

“I must say, Mr. Akirov: your perfect plan has proceeded impeccably so far. I believe that this gives the Queen as much as fifteen entire minutes alone with the sharks? Just imagine the damage that will be done in our absence.”

“Nonsense. Queen Izumi makes it a habit to preface any kind of diplomatic meeting with a tangential monologue about windows or tea sandwiches; I estimate we have at least twenty minutes to arrive before you need to start supervising her words.”

“I hope for both our sakes that you are right, Mr. Akirov.”

“This is no time to be bickering about chance occurrences if we wish to succeed. I have a preliminary plan of what the trade deal will look like; does Pyotr have his side of the table in order?”

“I watched Mr. Krasnosk prepare the materials myself.”

“Then there is no issue. We will arrive in time according to Mr. Akirov, and everything has been set in place and readied for execution.”

A rather large contingent of Life Guards from the Pelinese White Army watch the room attentively as the Peonic and Pelinese representatives meet. Now was not the time to be lax on security, especially after the attack in Izaakia. Queen Izumi, however, was more focused on welcoming the Peony and the rest of Huawan’s representatives to the Royal Palace.

“To you as well, Peony; allow me to be the first to welcome you to the Royal Palace.” Izumi says as she meets the Peony’s handshake. “I hope that you have found Pelinai to be an amicable nation during your short stay so far, and that you haven’t encountered any difficulties with the extra security that Minister Radovoy has instated. Would you like some candied roses? They’re a common delicacy in Pelinai, and one of our most commonly exported food items.” Izumi says as she claps her hands, causing two attendants carrying silver trays to step down from the upper level of the foyer and offer the trays’ contents to Izumi’s guests.

An attendant approaches the Queen and quietly tells her something before leaving. “While I’m sure that some of you will wish to discuss economic matters with Minister Kazak and Minister Krasnosk, they and some of my other ministers are currently rushing over here from other obligations and are unavailable for the time being. In the meantime, why don’t we retire to a tea parlor and have some lovely discussion? It has some beautiful windows that I’m sure you’d love to see.” Izumi claps her hands again, at which point the two Life Guards taking the place of some attendants open a door leading out of the foyer and into a hallway.

The Peony shook back the hand, and walked by Queen Izumi while her entourage followed suit. She spoke in Kotomoto, a different yet awfully similar dialect with Hinomoto.

“Ah, certainly! It is always an excellent time for some tea, I believe it would be very much good with the candied rose too. My ministers would appreciate the short tea time before we begin negotiations. We also have a gift for you and your ministers, as a token of gratitude in having us in your grand abode.”

The Peony continued to walk by Queen Izumi,

“So, how fares the Pelinese state? I could not express how grateful we are in receiving Pelinese emergency aid in the October Massacres. My sincerest gratitude to your generosity, your excellency.”

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A gift? It would be impolite to ask about it, but perhaps the delegation will present it later. Makarov will of course interpret it as a Trojan horse, but I can ensure that he behaves himself. At least, while the Peony is here.

“Of course. The Kingdom of Pelinai will always stand ready to provide humanitarian aid to those in need. Speaking of the Pelinese state, I was told by Minister Akirov that you wished to tour some of our landmarks and industrial facilities. Did you have anything specific in mind, or did you want some recommendations?” As Izumi says this, she opens a small notebook and readies a fountain pen in order to record a list of tour destinations so that the appropriate arrangements can be made.

“Oh I would love to see Pelinai your majesty, exploring the culture and the experiences of its people, your excellency.” The Peony said with a smile and a nod, “The Pelinese are a strong civilisation in the heartlands of the Bailtemmic mediterranean, and understanding the core of its principles and roots is necessary to form a strong great start to flourishing bilateral relations. So I would trust your best judgement in regards to the places that Pelinai has to offer. Shall we continue this discussion with tea?”

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Izumi and the Peonic delegation reach the door to the tea parlor. “Of course, your majesty; it would be unfortunate if we had to discuss cultural topics without some tea to accompany it. My attendants will bring you black tea by default, but you can request another variety if you like.”

After saying this, the group enters the room. Queen Izumi quickly seats them all at a small table that she had placed next to the fireplace before continuing: “With respect to where you should go during your stay here, the Kingdom of Pelinai has a multitude of different cultural landmarks that you can visit. My personal recommendations would be the Cathedral of Saint Pelinai here in Pelograd, Letograd Memorial Park, the Korolyeviya Museum of Gemology, and the Zholtograd University of Engineering. I feel that they are an altogether splendid representation of the character of the Pelinese people, as well as a fine list of places to visit in and of themselves.” Izumi motions to her usual windows on the east side of the room. “The Korolyeviya Museum of Gemology has just recently added some excellent examples of early Pelinese quartz art windows, which I’m sure will be of interest to you. There is also a facility here in Pelograd that produces synthetic quartzes for accessible versions of these windows, if you were interested in a tour of the factory.”

“We are happy to join you in all of these landmarks, your excellency. I also heard it was remembrance day a couple of days ago, and we felt it wise to pay our respects.” nodded The Peony, it was difficult to still remember the October massacres.

“The Gemmology museum is also interesting, Huawan is the forefront of jade arts and craftsmanship.” The Peony said, showing the lavender jade bangle she wears, intricately crafted jewellery that’s price was worth as much as its history. “We look forward to states that could appreciate the beauty of fine minerals, and I hear your mining industry and mineral processing is one of the most advanced in the region. Would you tell me a bit more about it?”

Izumi opens her notebook once more, though to a different page than last time. “Of course, your majesty. While you will need to speak to Minister Kazak and Minister Krasnosk for an exact breakdown of Pelinai’s mining industry, I can tell you that we mine most industrially significant minerals as well as multiple rocks and gemstones. Some major materials we mine include iron, copper, titanium, tungsten, vanadium, rare earth elements, chromium, nickel, molybdenum, and thorium, along with lesser but still significant quantities of lead, gold, platinum group elements, uranium, antimony, and mercury.” Izumi turns a page in her notebook before continuing: “Gemstones cover most varieties of corundum, beryl, quartz, spinel, tourmaline, and garnet, as well as diamonds and orthoclase. The commonly quarries rocks here are varieties of granite, marble, basalt, mica, and slate.” Izumi sets her notebook down to sip some black tea recently delivered by an attendant. “While Pelinai mines little aluminium, it can produce all common varieties of aluminium alloy as well as steel alloy. It is also capable of producing more exotic metal alloys for aerospace and other high-demand applications.”

Izumi wondered for a moment why Makarov and the other ministers hadn’t arrived yet. Perhaps they were simply running late? It gave her time to speak to the Peonic delegation without Makarov’s interference, at least.

“Fascinating. There is not much major mining countries in the region, and the demand for natural resources is always high and necessary for technology. By housing one of the largest logistical ports in Cordilia, we are certainly able to help with the logistical transport of Pelinese mineral goods to the north or southern ends of the region.” Said The Peony, wondering what type of tea she should get. “We do have a proposal for cooperation in this matter that, as well with other things. My honourable imperial ministers will gladly provide further details once we ‘talk shop’ so to speak.”

The Peony then looked around, and saw Queen Izumi’s chambers with great intricate metal and glasswork. She admit it was a perk being able to travel and explore so many different art and culture.

“Your excellency,” The Peony asked of Queen Izumi, with earnest thought and tact, “what does the Kingdom of Pelinai think of the Peocracy, is there an agenda that we could perhaps add, to alleviate these concerns?”

Izumi was relieved by the Peony’s confirmation that Huawan was interested in economic engagement. She hadn’t been sure how much Huawan would be willing to reconcile with Pelinai this early, and, assuming no ill intentions on its part, this was a sign that Huawan is potentially willing to put past Pelinese-Cordilian difficulties behind it.

Barring a significant change in outlook, however, Makarov and the Pelinese State Parliament will continue to pose a serious threat to Pelinese engagement with Huawan. "That, unfortunately, depends on who you ask. I do not believe that the Pelinese people as a whole hold any particular grudge against Huawan, though there is certainly a more hawkish wing of the Pelinese State Parliament who would disagree. Some of the officials in Pelinai’s government are very mistrustful of foreign powers, Huawan included.

As for how to alleviate these problems, I believe that your best course of action would be to continue engaging with Pelinai in an amicable manner. Demonstrating that Huawan has no intentions to undermine Pelinai’s sovereignty or stability will help dispel any significant concerns among the Pelinese military and government. Also, try to avoid making anything like that previous statement again. It’s been relatively easy for me to pass it off as poorly chosen words, but adding another inflammatory declaration onto it will hand the hawkish side of Parliament all the arguments it needs to turn the wider Pelinese people against Huawan and Cordilia."

“Some people are fans.” she thought to herself.

The Peony drank her tea, the monarch was candid. “Opportunistic”, was the word she had described the Pelinese State Parliament. The Pelinese government would not blow a single speech out of proportion without opportunism, gaffes are a common thing in this line of trade, no matter how many speechwriters one would employ. The Peony loved making her own speeches most of the time, and saying her mind. She believed that being genuine would yield the best results for her goals and agenda.

Although she would agree that it is easier to tear down goodness rather than building it, and a single speech is indeed possible to destroy bilateral relations, there is a higher probability of the other. She and the delegation had expected that PM Makarov’s scapegoating from a single speech might make opportunities for his agendas in local government. It was very much easy to point at “villains” she thought, blaming them for your own shortcomings in good governance. He made it so transparent, there was obviously another reason as to why he tried to antagonise Huawan, of all nations, even more so to warn and undermine Huawan’s closest allies.

No matter, it was not their place to find out. It was her goal to at least find a friend in Queen Izumi, that she is not to be swayed by the games of government, certainly not at the cost of Peo-Pelinai bilateral relations. A government is just as strong as the people under them, and Queen Izumi was a popular figure, ensuring her trust is The Peony’s goal in this short teatime. She decided to speak in kotomoto.

“You know, I love birds, my late older brother loved them so and I often watch them with him.” The Peony said, “did you know that when Hawks migrate or move, they seldom want to pass through bodies of large water? Normally they would migrate around water, not through them. It is fascinating that there is a difference between Cordilian Hawks and Bailtemmic Hawks. So you can imagine that interspecies of Hawks would seldom bother to know their cousins from the other side of the region, only a few those fully prepared to cross through the Rainbow Isles could meet, mate and come to understand their cousins.”

She placed her tea back on top of the coaster, and talked to Queen Izumi in confidence.

“I am in full understanding, my Queen. Disagreements and discourse is necessary in government, shows the sign of critical thinking. A divided house is always a sign for worry, but unilateralism is just as harmful for the people. Please, you must not apologise of the current air in your government, for I pray that they have served you well and furthermore. I see you must be proud to have such an active and strong government with you, my Queen.” The Peony said, softly with understanding, choosing her words carefully. “I am sure that you were the topic of a… small miscalculation or two… To err is human, one says, and like stones thrown in water, they ripple, it is natural, to our annoyance sometimes.”

The Peony bit from the candied rose, it was a small bite. Before continuing.

“I always believe that the choices of the past, its events, its joys and woes shaped the present as we understand it to be. As such we may bring the baggage of the past. To let go, and move on, maybe a concept favourable for many, but to leave such confined in time would cause nothing but a weight in your thoughts to face the present.” Said The Peony, she recalled it well, it was from a book, and one she mentioned in one of her speeches, “it was times of war, even now it has yet ended, as my diplomats are currently helping the negotiation process with the Provisional Government of Ryccia for a peaceful transition of power and reconstruction. Although I hope you see yourself in I, when I tell you that without a shadow of a doubt, the security of my people, is always in my upmost interest.”

Izumi nods. “Of course, your majesty. A national government’s responsibility is always to its own people first. And though I find him to be unbecomingly hostile to foreign nations at times, Prime Minister Makarov believes the same. I would not want you to get the impression that he is a poor leader; I am not so foolish as to say that his mistrust of other nations’ intentions and his hawkish foreign policy views have always turned out to be completely unfounded, and his admittedly harsh perspective of international relations is ultimately one that Pelinai sometimes needs. He is, after all of my many disagreements with him, a necessary counterbalance and a genuinely committed defender of Pelinai’s sovereignty and interests. As with all nations, of course, I hope that his concerns regarding the potential consequences of allowing Huawan to establish closer ties with Pelinai are not realized.”

Izumi sets down her teacup before continuing. Makarov and the others would likely be arriving soon, and so it was nearly time to move the Peonic delegation into a meeting room. “After all, Pelinai has no desire to come into needless conflict with others. We strive for peaceful economic engagement and cooperation between states as much as possible. The agreements that our nations negotiate during this meeting will help further that, to the benefit of both.”

“Of course, he is the trusted man of the citizens of Pelinai through democratic process. It is therefore important that he is critical instead of apathetical to your people’s aspirations, and as ambassador Jan Hassar has continuously explained with the Royal Pelinese government, you would find our “perceived” intentions to be very much, unfounded. Huawan commits itself to the prosperity and close bilateral relations through trade, innovation and peace. Actions tell all, you know.” Said The Peony, nodding in understanding. She sips her tea once more. “Our goal is to pay our respects to the Royal Pelinese government and commit to bilateral relations, most of all, to ensure ironclad bilateral relations that will bring Cordilia and Bailtem closer henceforth.”

The Peony placed her tea in her coaster, she has made Huawan’s intentions clear to Queen Izumi. Now it’s just a matter of whether her government and ministers would let go of their prejudice, she understands that people are very much unchanged in their prejudice, and it is Ambassador Hassar’s job to ensure Huawan’s actions in Pelinai remained good in the eye of her people, the Pelinese ministers would follow where the votes lie.

She nibbled on a bisquit. She covered her mouth as she asked a question

“I must ask, what time is it?” asked The Peony to the room, she was genuinely asking for the prayer time, and to subtly notice the tardiness of the Pelinese ministers.

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Shortly after the Peony’s inquiry, the sound of a helicopter in flight can be heard outside the window of the tea parlor. The Prime Minister and his entourage have arrived, and it will soon be time for Pelinai and Huawan to begin actual negotiations. Izumi turns to the Peony. “Time for business, it would seem. I believe that it would be appropriate to go and greet the good Prime Minister at the door to the gardens.”

Touchdown, finally. That helicopter ride took far longer than Aleksei would have liked, giving the Peonic delegation and the Queen far too much time to speak without him present. The Queen will likely have a somewhat positive disposition towards Huawan and the Peony at this point, and it will prove difficult to negotiate effectively with her continually pressing him and Kazak to agree to more engagement than is safe. Aleksei opens his binder as he walks down the path from the Royal Palace’s helipad to the small patio near the tea parlor where the Queen and the Peony would certainly be waiting for him.

It’s not an ideal situation, but I’ve dealt with more difficult scenarios in the past. The plan of attack is simple: procure as much economic engagement with Huawan as possible insofar as it does not endanger Pelinai’s control of strategically critical areas. The Ministry of State Industry will already have at least a controlling interest in all of the most essential sectors, but I should have Ruri perform a swift once-over before we begin to ensure that there have been no oversights. My list of substitute provisions is here, so I can attempt to replace any “requests” for access to anything sensitive. As long as Boris and Sergei can do their jobs, this meeting should proceed in a manner favorable to Pelinai.

Aleksei and his companions approach the Royal Palace.

“Remember, gentlemen: Huawan will show no mercy towards any mistakes, and should receive none in return. We are negotiating for total victory and nothing else.”

Sergei walks up to the door and opens it for Aleksei and Boris. The Prime Minister closes his flip phone after instructing his secretary to double-check with the Ministry of State Industry that there are no openings for Huawan to exploit. Now was the moment of truth, where Boris’s master plan would sink or swim.

“Good morning, Queen. And to you as well, Peony.”

Let the great game begin.

The Peony and her delegates stood up, he could sense the disrespect by not giving her title her honorifics. It was clear to her that the PM and the FM was very much trying to stir up an international incident, one that she does not want to entertain. She gave a low bow, and her delegates as well.

“Thank you for hosting us, your excellency Ministers. It has been a pleasure for us to be acquainted with our the people of Pelinai, and her stalwart standard bearers of her interests and royal government.” The Peony looked at her watch and moved to Queen Izumi.

“I perchance would like to take a small break for my delegation to do our prayer.s” Excused The Peony, “Would it be proper if we could begin immediately after our commitments?”

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“Of course. We apologize for the long wait, and I believe that it would be inappropriate for us to delay the meeting any longer than absolutely necessary at this point. Will your staff be ready at that time, Prime Minister?”

Of course, Queen. The Pelinese negotiating team will be fully prepared in fifteen minutes, though it has no objections if the Peonic delegation would like a longer intermission. Come to Meeting Room #3 when you are ready to begin." After saying this, Prime Minister Makarov leads the other ministers down a hallway and out of sight. Izumi turns to the Peony to speak. “I apologize on behalf of the Prime Minister if he has offended you, your majesty. The prime minister of Pelinai is considered to be a roughly equal station to the monarch, and it is not customary for a serving officeholder to use honorific titles when addressing domestic or foreign royalty. In any case, come to Meeting Room #3 as Makarov said when the Peonic delegation is ready to begin negotiations.”