Huawan-Fatiniyyah Diplomatic Visit

High Diplomat Diao Chan was called forth by The Peony for a diplomatic visit with the Sultanate of Fatiniyyah. It was Peonic foreign policy that relations with nations through similarities of faith is something that the Peocracy could use to sweeten economical and bilateral deals.

Diao Chan was a muslim, Xidaotang islam to be precise. As with most of Huawan, and she made sure to ensure strength in foreign relations with the Sultanate. Her hijab was strong and elegant, as with her other delegates which would show upmost formality to their hosts. She continues to look at her notes as to the actions and strategies the Peonic delegation should use in the upcoming meet.

The diplomatic plane arrived in Darussalam, she and her delegation was ready.

The Sultan peacefully listens to the recitation of the Qur’an by one of his reciters. To him, the beautiful recitation is calming to ones ear. Delegates from Huawan will arrive in Darussalam soon, and the Sultan wants everything to be perfect.

Of course, nothing but God is perfect.

“Shadaqallahul ‘adzim~”

The Reciter finishes his recitation. At the same time, a soft knock was heard from his room’s ddor.

“Assalamu’alaykum, o Sultan” says the man, it was one of his servants

“Waalaykum salam, what is the matter?”

“The delegates from Huawan have just arrived in Darussalam, Sultan”

“Very well, then, I shall greet them in person at the Royal Palace, have you gotten everything ready?”

“Yes, Sultan, the palace has been prepared just as you requested, and we have sent representatives to escort Lady Diao Chan and the Huawanese delegates to the Palace. Would there be anything else you want prepared?”

“No, this is good”

The Sultan leaves his room and awaits for the arrival of the Huawanese delegates to the Royal Palace.

The motorcade came through the streets of Darussalam as the sounds of Qur’an recitement and markets were heard. Lady-Miss Diao Chan continued to revise her notes, discussing with her delegation, she had to understand further about Fatiniyyah’s etiquette, islamic etiquette is different in other “islamic nations”.

When they arrived in the Royal Palace of Fatiniyyah. She was ready, she came out of the car, amongst a gracious entry to the palace, seeing the sultan. She bowed deep to the sultan, followed by a deep bow from her delegation and the royal guardians.


“Assalamualaikum, honored Sultan of Fatiniyyah. I am her honorable Nüwang’s high diplomat of Huawan, on behalf of her excellency, I thank for your audience in the Royal Palace of the Sultanate.”

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“Waalaikumsalam Warahmatullahi Ta’aala Wabarakatuh” the Sultan greets Lady-Miss Diao Chan alongside the Peonic Delegates. The Sultan’s Praetorian Guards raises their ceremonial M4 Al-Hussein III Rifle to greet the delegates.

“Please, Lady-Miss Diao Chan, make yourself and your peers at home” the Sultan says as he offers the delegates to sit down at the large gold-plated long table.

“Would you like anything to drink, miss Diao-Chan?” the Sultan offers as he claps his hand, queueing his servants to bring in the plates of sweet tea, dates, grapes, and wheat-based biscuits. “It would be rude as host and homeowner to not offer such appetizers for our respected guests. This has been the tradition of our humble Sultanate for hundreds of generations. If you would like anything else, please tell. The servants will bring you your request.” The Sultan offers.

“The tea is excellent, your majesty. We humbly accept your generous hospitality.” She bowed, to the sultan. Lady Diao Chan was trying her best to not be a bit amazed seeing the gold plated table and the lavishness of the Sultanate of Fatiniyyah, but then again, her entire apartment is adorned with pink dolls and items.

“How fares the Fatiniyyah sultanate, your excellency?” Diao Chan asked, “how fares its wise and pious people?”

“Alhamdulillah, our humble lands have been blessed by the Almighty with peace and stability. Nevertheless, we continue to strive to improve our fair lands, with God as our guide.”

The Sultan takes a quick sip of his tea, sweetened by date fruits. It may seem weird, but tea sweetened with dates is a typical Fatiniyya traditional drink. Of course, whenever guests and delegates from other countries arrive, their teas are sweetened with sugar, since that is the norm outside the sultanate.

“We have been in the midst of our Mawlid celebrations here. Alhamdulillah things have been going well in that area. Every city, town, and village celebrates this great month in their own way and flavor, of course still following the guise of law and tradition”

The Sultan takes another quick sip and eats some of the dates prepared by the servants.

“Speaking of which, how about in the great Peocracy of Huawan? We here in the Sultanate have heard many stories of this great and prosperous nation an ocean away. How are things going?”

“Huawan is well, your excellency. We have also got out from the celebration of mawlid earlier this month, it is such a shame that we must celebrate this holy day in a time of tumultuous war and crisis.” Said Lady-Miss Diao Chan, sipping some more tea. “Yet we continue to stand strong financially, economically and faithfully, your excellency.”

Rin called forth one of her diplomats, to present an intricate and beautifully crafted box to the Sultan. The box was opened to unveil gifts from The Peony.

“Her Excellency, our Nüwáng sends her warmest greetings in the form of a jade tasbeeh and silk sejadah, along with this gold and silk headscarf for her honored excellency as well.” Answered Lady Diao Chan, bowing in respect. “May these gifts strengthen the faiths of our states, and the bilateral relations between our humble Peocracy and the Sultanate.”

“Alhamdulillah, may Allah bless the Peony for her gift, and may the great lands of Huawan continue to be blessed by God.”

The Sultan accepts the elegant gifts from the Peonic delegates. He looks at the gifts in astonishment. He continues, “Speaking of strengthening faiths, perhaps we could enjoy some performances?”

The Sultan claps his hand, queueing several traditional Sufi whirling dancers accompanied by nasheed reciters to appear on left side of the room.

The nasheed reciters recited a certain popular nasheed in Fatiniyya, which talked about sin, the afterlife, temptations, and purification of ones soul.

The Sultan was delighted. These sorts of performances have been tradition of the Sultanate for centuries. He couldn’t help but shed a tear as the performers recited the nasheed.

As the performers finished their performances, they ended it with Shalawat towards the Prophet.

“Innallaha wa malaaikatahu yushalluna 'allannabii”

The Sultan and the Praetorians answers, “Allahumma shalli wa sallim 'alaih!”

"Yaa ayyuhalladzina aamanuu, shallu 'alaihi wasallimuu tasliimaa

Allahuma shalli wa sallim wa baarik 'alaih"

The Sultan and the Praetorians answers, “Wa 'alaa aaliih!”

The performers return to their spot, the Sultan turns his attention back to the delegates.

“Apologies if it was a bit longer than expected, lady Diao Chan. I hoped you and your peers enjoyed our little traditional performance.”