Halal_Minion (Minns Forhault)

Halal_Minion’s Legislator Application

Question Answer
TSP Nation Minns Forhault
Main Nation Minns Forhault
WA Nation Minns Forhault
Discord Halal Minion#9748
Other Involvement
Minion, Batlle Minion
Other Regions:
Currently, I am only in the United Socialist Workers Union. In the past, I was the WA Delegate and Security Officer of a small region consisting of 20 nations called the “Defensive Pact of Nations”, which served as an alliance between different nations to protect and serve the region. During my tenure as WA Delegate, I consistently voted for resolutions protecting workers rights, stricter regulations in workplaces so the workers feel it is a safe place to reside, and communicated with members of the region my ideas and visions for the region.
As of right now, None.

I don’t think my message was clear enough last time. Your application has been rejected by the Legislator Committee due to your ties with fascist entities, and will remain rejected for the foreseeable future, no matter how impressive your resume is.

Application closed. Don’t bother trying to re-apply again.

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