Gods among men [0BBT]

A bright flash of energy shakes the system as the INS Spirit of Death leaves mirial space basically right next to the Terrasian fleet. It instantly deploys it’s carried fleet and locks targets, before the admiral broadcasts in all frequencies, thanks to the translation matrix translated perfectly:

“This is admiral Narthadis Nînoriel of the INS Spirit of Death, the most powerful ship in the whole imperial fleet besides the emperor’s own. You have only survived this long and without casualties because of the captain you ware facing being smart. Emediately cease all hostile action or you will be anihilated in a instant, we do not come here in the name of war. I request a face to face meeting with the leader of the fleet and all personel deemed necessary. They will be unharmed. Atmospheric composition of our ships is attached to this message.”

The colossal 18km long ship towers over all others in the system. It was insanely heavily armed, definitely capable of destroying the technologically inferior fleet it was facing in minutes, especially with it’s carried fleet. If the Terrarussians didn’t agree a catastrophe not seen from the days of the Miraline war would happen. Captain Mirion silently prayed.


The ship stays in silence, as they watch the massive ship just beside the fleet

Then, the message reproduces through the radio, lightly distorted from the EMP.

“What’s that?”

“I-it’s the radio, sir…”

The captain looks dumbfounded to his crew, approaches slowly the radio and grabs on the microphone.

“SS Pobol in contact with the INS Spirit of Death. We accept the request. End of message.”

He then lays down the microphone, and directs to the sailors. Tension could be felt in the air, as the immense ship creeped out of the corner of the command room’s windows.

“Boys… They are not the ones.”


“If they were the enemy, they wouldn’t go to such lengths as to try to communicate with us. And if they were the enemy, all our planets would be destroyed already.”

The crew stays silent, unsure.

“Boys, we are alive one more day, this is one more day to prepare for the real menace. Maybe we have even found an ally.”

“Sir, I-”

“Tell home we have found a pacific civilization and to deactivate the Last Resort protocols, there isn’t any imminent danger.”

“Saying they are a pacific civilization is a little of a reach, but OK…”

“Let’s prepare for the meeting, what clothes do we have?”

“Military clothes, military clothes, military clothes, military clothes, military clothes…”

“Oh, right.”


“Excellent. Send a shuttle over to my ship, navigation will be in constant contact with you and explain to you how to dock, I will be waiting there. You are allowed to bring guards even tho it is unnecessary.”

Mirion exhaled, it was going to go good. Admiral Narthadis took the fast transport to the docking bay, arriving in time for the shuttle docking. It was clumsy, but successful.

She wore a blue dress uniform, one of the many versions of it at least, the Gil-atarnie wanted every officer to be able to reflect their own local culture in their way of dress.

As the shuttle door opened, she greeted the aliens, the translation matrix translating her greeting to them:

“May the light of the gods shine on the place of our meeting, admiral. May i know how to refer to you, your people and your nation, to make this easier?”


The captain exits the shuttle, together with its second mate and 5 support men, towering the rest of its accompaniments with 3 meters and flaunting his dark grey uniform and his ceremonial swords on his holsters.

“Great to meet you. My name is Souby Laltul, the highest command in the stellar fleet of the Central Kalgyul Administration in service of the Conglomerated States of Kalgyul and its people, the trrarrusian kind. This is my second mate aboard, Taulsu Klaytry.”

“Nice to meet you. Great ships you guys have around here, specially to attack others…”

The captain punches him lightly on the shoulder.

“Sorry about his, ahem, lack of education.”


“It is alright. Not everyone is gifted with the ability to know when to say what.”
She says in a sarcastic tone. The biggest surprise to her was how disinterested most of the Terrarrusians felt about what was currently happening. But the commander was feeling relief, so that was a good sign.

“I must applaud your and your people’s bravery. Even when facing a ship that was clearly more technologically advanced than your own with to you unknown capabilities. My culture appreciates that a lot.”


“Ah, we just thought we didn’t have much option, but luckily diplomacy is possible in this case.”

He looks out of one of the window to his fleet, worried.

“However, that is going to be expensive…”

“Tell me about it, we are going to get executed back in Home when they see that disaster.”

“It could have been worse.”


“Calerost will cover all repair costs, you do not need to worry about that. No offense
ment but looking at the simplicity of your technology compared to ours we doubt the costs will be anything to us. The most important part is that it didn’t escalate further. If Mirion decided to utilize one of his nuclear warheads the damage would have been a lot greater, but that’s why he specifically was selected for this mission. He’s bright, fast thinking and calm. More or a scientist than a solider.”


“Nice to hear about that, I guess…”

“What do you want from us, if we can know?”

“Yeah, that’s a good line of questioning.”


"I am not authorized to negotiate any deals, but for now all we want is good will, friendship, and to know something about your nation, culture and history, so that we have something to base all future interactions on. We do not want to sour relations because of a cultural misunderstanding now, do we? If we hold good relations and trust it has already been planned to start a technology sharing program to “lift you up” and level the playing field between you and the rest of the Galaxy, because you are by far the technologically least advanced civilization with which we made first contact.


“I mean, I’m sure there must be some caveman or something that is less advanced that us…”

“We are in no place either to negotiating in behalf of our government, but I guess that we can talk about ourselves, if that is what your nation requires.”


"Excellent. It will be a great honor for me to introduce you to the history and customs of my people, but I’ll give you the honor to start. You are my guests, after all. While you talk I will lead you to my office.


Taulsu kept muttering to himself, questioning how they could have got in such a predicament, as they walked to the office.

“Well, there isn’t really much to say about us… We were just doing patrol around, as usual.”


“I ment your nation, i am interested in the history of your nation.”



“As soldiers, our knowledge of long term history is limited, but I guess if there is anything remarkable… Our nation was technically created around 95.4 thousand years, but it really fleshed out when we discovered warp drive technology, 5.4 thousand years ago. But, telling anything more about the history of our nation is a… complicated matter.”

If we can talk about the history of a single country…


" Interesting. In Calerost it is expected of everyone to know a basic timeline of our history, for purposes of honoring the fallen. To give you a ahort summary, calerost has become a interstellar civilization a bit more than 1800 years ago. Most of that was relatively peaceful, with only some wars between nobles happening, but nothing where the empire itself needed to intervene. That changed 527 years ago. We experimented with the sacrilegious act of combining the DNA of entities from mirial space, a dimension about which i am only authorized to say to you that we use it for FTL, and our own DNA. Turned out that those evil creatures posess genetic memory. This caused a massive war in which 10% of our entire population was whiped out, we’re talking multiple trillions of eshels, and caused our society to completely shift. We became a nation of warriors after the war. It was a change for the better, as now we are a major power on the galactic stage."

The admiral opens a cubbard and takes out three cups

“Are you up for a drink? I doubt your nation has not discovered the wonders of alcohol.”


“Ha, don’t mind if I do~”

“Now I’m starting to like this alien thing!”


Narthadis laughs a bit, puts 3 glasses on her table and takes a bottle, pouring the drink inside into the glasses.

“A nice red wine from Celebar, 15 years aged, 12% alkohol. I’d say quite a worthy drink for the occasion. There’s a tradition that originally comes from humans, a nother species in the sector, that is now widespread called cheering. It is raising your cups or touching them together so that they make a sound, preceded by dedicating the drink to something or someone, and then drinking. So i will raise a cheers to our first contact and future prosperity!”


“I’ll raise the ‘cheer’ too.”

“Me as well.”

Both lowered their glasses to the level of Narthadis’ glass, and clinked them rather clumsily, but without making a mess, fortunately.


After she takes a sip of her wine, Narthadis continues to speak:

“So tell me Souby about your career. How did you get to such a prestigious position? I’m in my prestigious command right now because of the rule that no captain may serve longer than 6 standard months on the spirit of death and only a admiral may serve as the captain of a starbraker. It was my turn in the rotation you could say.”


“I raised through the ranks.”

“Talk about raising ranks, you got from cannon fodder to the highest military authority.”

“Yeah, that is true.”

“In just 16 years he has pushed every other administrations to obscurity!”

“There’s still job to be done…”

“He wears 5 prosthetics, yet he manages combat and swordfighting better than any fully able guy you could find in the entire CSK!”

“I think that’s enough complimenting… Also, they are 7, not 5.”