Galactya's Tools To Enforce Playtime

This reserved thread is going to be dedicated to Galactyan Weapons, Shields and Ship Classification. While I’m making this for the Wormhole Wars, I decided to post it both for future reference, and so that everyone can use it as future roleplay material when Galactya is somehow involved.



RammerHead Torpedoes (RHT)
Large aluminum spheres of variable size outfitted with a small Ringular Gravity Warp Drive. As their name suggests, they ram themselves against objects at 5 times the speed of light. They have an attack range of approximately 0.5 AUs, since their fuel reserves last for only 50 seconds.

  • RHT-S2 - 2 meters - 8.14^15 J
  • RHT-S5 - 5 meters - 1.27^17 J
  • RHT-S10 - 10 meters - 1.01^18 J

NanoParticle Turrets (NPT)
The perfect point defense weapons. Mostly used as a closed quarters combat defense and attack weapon, they use a warp drive to accelerate a stream of silica nanoparticles to superluminal speeds, and direct them at enemy vessels and incoming objects. The bigger the turret, the higher the speed and greater the range.

  • NPT-2C - 2 times the speed of light - 2 meter - 10 km range
  • NPT-5C - 5 times the speed of light - 5 meters - 25 km range
  • NPT-10C - 10 times the speed of light - 7 meters - 50 km range

StarPulsers (SP)
Cannons capable of firing large plasma projectiles. By fusing hydrogen in their Inner Torus Reactors, their plasma can reach temperatures of 100000 °C. Because they are not solid, they can only be shot at 0.01 times the speed of light. Furthermore, by using special magnets in the StarPulsers’ barrels, it’s possible to manipulate the projectiles’ magnetic fields to give them other effects, in addition to their melting abilities. * SP-SPHERE - natural shape of the plasma.

  • SP-CONE - deflects metallic projectiles and scatters them away from their intended target.
  • SP-TORUS - traps metallic projectiles in a large loop and returns them to sender.
  • SP-SHARD - redirects metallic projectiles in random directions towards the sender vessel.
  • SP-STAR - curves the projectiles’ trajectory and returns them to sender in a singe point.

Gravity Trappers (GT)
Bomb-like weapons that use the same engines used in the Ringular Gravity Warp Drive and for creating artificial gravity on Orbital Stations. By overcharging them to the point of gravitational collapse, a short lived singularity is created, attracting and destroying enemy ships. These singularities mostly rely on the element of surprise, since they don’t have a very large attraction radius and can easily be escaped. Most Trappers are part of the R1 class, while a few rare ones are part of the R2 class.

  • GT-R1 - 10 kilometers attraction radius
  • GT-R2 - 50 kilometers attraction radius

Genesis Cannons (GC)
Large cannons that shoot beams of Genesis Energy at their targets. By modulating special lenses made of a 1 nanometer thick sheet of Transmutation HyperFluid, different effects can be achieved by the Genesis Cannon.

  • GC-T - Transmutation:
    can modify the amount of subatomic particles that make up the atoms of the target. By modulating the lenses, the atoms and molecules can be re-arranged or expelled to transform in different elements and compounds: anything from simple hydrogen to chocolate cake.

  • GC-EMC - Energy-Matter Conversion:
    can annihilate a set amount of matter and release all of it’s energetic potential.

Due to the nature of Genesis Energy, power and effect grow in relation to it’s size, but so does recharge time. Therefore, medium to big cannons, thanks to the fact that they are mounted on medium to large ships, are also outfitted with numerous Genesis Batteries in addition to their Genesis Generators, so that they can fire in rapid succession for a limited amount of times. Additionally, it’s important to note that Genesis Energy is quite unstable and destructive: both Transmutation and Conversion are often imprecise and approximate, making them unfit for the production of materials and energy. Also, Genesis Generators often need to get their central Genesium Cores replaced, since they get slightly more worn out at each use.

Bioseeds are 100 meters wide sphere-shaped biological ships with the ability to drain energy and resources from their surroundings to grow and spread. While mostly used for terraformation, a handful of Bioseed types have been created for military operations.
These are:

  • Bioseed Of Despair: by absorbing electricity, conductive metals, and other biological matter, it can grow and take over large space stations. It’s mostly used to corrode the outside and deactivate a station’s or vessel’s systems. It is also used to destroy the surface of planets.

  • Bioseed Of Breath: with a similar effect to the Bioseed Of Despair, it instead absorbs gases to grow and spread. It’s mostly used to affect the insides of stations and vessels. It is also used to kill a planet’s lifeforms.

  • Bioseed Of War: by absorbing biological matter, it can create a large quantity of aggressive warrior creatures connected to the Central Bioseed through a hive mind. They are used for conquering planets without destroying them.

While they are capable of surviving space prior to activation thanks to their outer shell which protects them from extreme temperatures and radiation, upon activation through contact with a big enough solid object the shell dissolves and the Bioseed becomes vulnerable. This means that Bioseeds are rather easy to get rid of prior to activation by sending a simple… big piece of metal towards it, so that the shell disappears and the Bioseed is killed by the temperature and radiation of space. Also, the outer shell can only resist in a 1000 °C range of temperatures (from -273 °C to 727 °C), which means that plasma weapons and powerful-enough lasers can pierce a hole through it and kill the Bioseed. This is why Bioseeds are generally carried in gravitational suspension by special ships that drop them off after getting near to the surface. The Bioseeds could still descend slowly and safely to the surface themselves, but that would make the probability of them getting shot down before activation too high.

Automatic Attack Units (AAU)
Automatic Attack Units are 5 meters tall fighter androids with a semi-adaptive artificial intelligence. Devoid of an actual sentience, Attack Units are able to quickly adapt to new attacks, and their jamming modules prevent them from being properly scanned, hiding their weakness to ElectroMagnetic Pulses from enemies. They are outfitted with their own Ringular Gravity Warp Drive, small Torus Fusion Reactor and an antimatter shield. Their most important asset however, is their small Genesis Cannon located in their right arm. Although weaker than the ones used by regular ships, a Unit’s cannon is still capable of converting more than 200 kilograms of matter into pure energy. They are also outfitted with a fusion cutter to cut through ship hulls and attack vessels while their Genesis Cannons take time to recharge. When not in FTL travel, they can move at speeds up to 10 % the speed of light, thanks to their fusion-powered engines.

Fission Bombs (FB)
Fission Bombs are Galactya’s equivalent of nuclear bombs. However, they use a modified version of the synthetic element Oganesson.

  • FB-MP1 - 1 Megaton
  • FB-MP2 - 2.5 Megatons
  • FB-MP3 - 5 Megatons
  • FB-MP4 - 7.5 Megatons
  • FB-LP1 - 10 Megatons
  • FB-LP2 - 25 Megatons
  • FB-LP3 - 50 Megatons
  • FB-LP4 - 75 Megatons
  • FB-SP1 - 100 Megatons
  • FB-SP2 - 250 Megatons
  • FB-SP3 - 500 Megatons
  • FB-SP4 - 750 Megatons
  • FB-HP1 - 1 Gygaton
  • FB-HP2 - 2.5 Gygatons
  • FB-HP3 - 5 Gygatons
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