Galactic Sector Index: Sector A1-0

As the many nations found each other into the stars, knowing one another became a necessity. When nations agreed, archives were linked to one another. Perhaps not intended, but slowly the nations formed what later would evolve to become an encyclopedia. All the knowledge was collected into one place for everyone to inform themselves.


Star Nations

  • Drakari Celestial Imperium

    The Drakari Imperium occupies a large area of space in the extreme north. It is the oldest known star nation in the Sector, and has existed for around twelve thousand years. Over it’s long existence, the Imperium has imposed it’s authority or has declared itself as the protector of many smaller nations. While the Imperium’s ruling class is exclusively comprised of the Drakari species, tall dragon-like humanoids, the members of the many Protectorate Species all have citizenship status and the same rights as the Drakari. The Imperium is known both for lending a helping hand to other nations in need, and for intervening with force when other nations indulge in activities such as slavery. With a powerful economy and stable government, the Drakari Imperium is a very reliable ally.

  • Stoinian Star Kingdom

    The Stoinian Star Kingdom occupies an area of space in the south, right under the Ventuu Badlands. Their nation descends from a lost colony of humans that have faced multiple wars of extinction, forcing them to become rather martial and quite skeptical of other alien races. Not only are they a young and expanding nation, but they are ripe and willing to spread their influence. Although politically speaking, the Terran supremacy belief that permeates the Kingdom is slowly starting to fade and will have some large repercussions in the future. They are reliable and powerful allies, although they have been known to treat non humans with little respect. They are also known for their particular hate of cybernetic implants.

  • Treecuu Star Empire

    The Treecuu Star Empire occupies an area of space in the center-south of the Sector. The second youngest star nation in the Sector, they have conquered many primitive and more advances nations, and are quite oppressive rulers, as their subject species are barred from space travel and confined to their planets. They have particularly good relations with the Stoinians, and often work together to bring forth their idea of order through conquest and oppression. However, their subjects are still able to freely express their culture and values, with the Treecuu rarely interfering with such things.

  • Tarassian Union

    The Tarassian Union occupies an area of space in the center-north of the Sector, just above the Tiyanki Territories. They are relatively old, and maintain perhaps the strongest isolationist policy in the Sector: not many may know it whereabouts or even existence and the Union is eager to keep it that way. As it’s name suggests, this nation is a union of four different species that protect each other and act as one. In the Union, the line between citizen and military is blurred, as their entire culture revolves around discipline and the military career. Despite having the strongest military in the Sector, the Union is either unable or uninterested in expanding their territories.

  • Ryccian Empire

    The Ryccian Empire occupies a large area of space in the north-east. One of the oldest nations in the Sector, the rather decadent and previously oppressive empire faced a democratic revolution roughly 1.000 years ago and has since become a much more progressive and libertarian nation. However, they are currently facing political turmoil due to recent instability and a violent government coup. While the ruling class and most of the population are human, different species have citizenship in the Ryccian Empire. Their nation is one of the biggest political powers in the Sector, and is perhaps one of the richest. They have been shown to be trustworthy allies in many occasions, but their recent political instabilities might challenge that reputation.

  • Venterran Federation

    The Venterran Federation occupies a large area of the extreme east of the Sector. The Federation is quite old, and is successor of the nation of Venterra, who was founded around ten thousand years ago when the Venterrans migrated to Sector A1-0 from the Switch Galaxy, the biggest satellite galaxy of Lampshade, after a great cataclysm that rendered Switch uninhabitable. The Venterran Federation has one of the worst reputations in the Sector, caused by their hate of all humans, that stems from the role that some humans played in the Switch cataclysm. However, they are much more amicable to all non human life, often seeking to establish relations with other nations. Regardless of this, they still see any potential alliance with or protection of human species as a very negative thing, believing that the Terrans, as they called them, “tricked” them into said alliance or protection.

  • Zelvan Regime

    The Zelvan Regime occupies an area of space in the south-east, under the Lesser Western Badlands and the Galactyan Nebulae. It is one of the oldest nations in the Sector, and has the worst reputation in the Sector at large, because of their fanatic religious belief that they have the divine right to enslave lesser races. They are known for the the sheer cruelty they subject their slaves to, and although they have recently decided to open up to the rest of the Sector about their slaver religion and ideologies, most have either purposefully ignored them or have started plans to eliminate them. However, rumors speak of a new ideology that entails a better treatment and far less cruelty of the slaves, that may give the Zelvan Regime an actual chance in the Sector’s Interstellar stage.

  • Celestial Empire Of Galactya

    The Celestial Empire Of Galactya occupies the space between and within the Galactyan Nebulae, beside the Lesser Western Badlands. The Empire is the second oldest nation in the Sector, having existed for almost ten thousand years. The Empire is almost exclusively inhabited by the Galactyans, a race of aliens that have genetically modified themselves into 70 completely different species. Galactyans are almost totally incapable of cruelty thanks to the first genetic manipulation operations, with crime and discrimination being therefore almost absent. However, their child-like nature and incredible diversity often makes their culture very difficult to understand to other nations, who have stated to feel uneasy around them. Thanks to their net of strong alliances, they have strongly boosted their economy and military.

  • Star Empire Of Calerost

    The Star Empire Of Calerost occupies an area of space between the Galactyan Nebulae and the Tiyanki Expanses. It is a relatively old nation, and it’s spacefaring history, both past and current, is tightly connected to Mirial Space, a dimension existing in parallel with Real Space and with slightly different laws of physics, which they have used for their weapons and currently use as their method of FTL travel. The Empire is almost entirely inhabited by the Edhel, a species of humanoid elves with innate telepathic abilities, although some migration from allied nations is starting to happen. They aren’t xenophobic by any means, but due to a past ancient war they tend to be more diffident of other nations. Despite this, their sense of honor makes them very reliable allies.

  • Holy Imperium Of Trianar

    The Holy Imperium of Trianar occupies a vast area in the southwest corner of the sector, encapsulating a large portion of the Southern Red Nebula. A nation with a confusing history, the starting point of the Ikaranarean Colonies is accepted as it’s beginning, however making the Trianarö only relatively old. Following a harsh war and a more morally brutal civil war lost to history, its ideology rapidly developed into one characterized by the existence of 3 types of species: Higher Races, Lower Races, and Demon Races, with the Ikaranareans being the first confirmed Higher Race and the rulers of the nation. With a myriad of strange resources and and a very, very powerful military, it is unknown how Trianar will come into the sector.


Sapient Species

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Non-Sapient Species

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Major Inhabited Worlds

Drakari Celestial Imperium
  • Cadia
  • Graia
  • Haven
  • Kairos
  • Olympus
  • Pax Dracon (Capital)
  • Typhon

Celestial Empire Of Galactya
  • Galactya (Capital)
  • Korelapolat
  • Kairmios
  • Ulnuibes
  • Nethul
  • Lunalkirex
  • Gharribuik

Ryccian Empire

Stoinian Star Kingdom

Tarassian Union
  • Dissadia
  • Feesa
  • Finton
  • Firron
  • Korrim
  • Nagrim
  • Onkor
  • Rattia
  • Shimon
  • Tarassia

Treecuu Star Empire
  • Bicaan
  • Daaruu
  • Ecteen (Capital)
  • Elvoon
  • Laar
  • Otane
  • Tacvee
  • Thoov
  • Utac
  • Yim-Lootuu

Venterran Federation
  • Last Hope of Ceres (Seed Ship and Capital)

Zelvan Regime
  • Bonar
  • Fendar
  • Iriblar
  • Kethar
  • Rathar
  • Sarvis
  • Seldis
  • Pishar
  • Ultar
  • Zelvar (Capital)

Technocratic Federation Of Sereniani
  • Serniani Station (Capital)
  • Anchor Point Outpost
  • Sernias A

Star Empire Of Calerost
  • Ilanor (Capital)
  • Haerdil
  • Celebar
  • Naurost
  • Celianor
  • Sain Ilanor

  • Telas (Capital)
  • Tlesh
  • Mots
  • Wlung
  • Srow
  • Unga
  • Ar

Akropii Republic
  • Kourali
  • Plarlit
  • Akropali
  • Mourkoun

Holy Imperium Of Trianar
  • Narüs
  • Ikarn
  • Ranaras
  • Kûl-Vagrö
  • Tzar
  • Akranas
  • Vloran
  • Nakanö
  • Monistar
  • Statinbûlö
  • Hemûldus

Union Of Emerald
  • New Greenston (Capital)
  • New Ludville
  • New Emral
  • Edwardia
  • New Parker

Weissersteiner Empire
  • Weisserstein (Capital)
  • Luxenstein
  • Zan Corvin
  • Zaria

Dovian Star Confederation
  • Nova Dova (Capital)
  • Aklashion
  • Tanssvä
  • Lesser Vath
  • Sïk Varan

Imperium Of Astra & Pheonixia
  • Helena (Capital)
  • Pollux (Capital)
  • Clytemnestra
  • Vulcan
  • Leonis

Doge Landian Planetary Union
  • Phoenix (Capital)
  • Aenota
  • Acarvis
  • Tabichi

United Coalition
  • DAXH-1a (Capital)

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Astropolitical Developments

  • Non Aggression Pacts:
    • Stoinian Star Kingdom - Drakari Celestial Imperium
    • Stoinian Star Kingdom - Ryccian Empire
    • Stoinian Star Kingdom - Treecuu Star Empire
    • Treecuu Star Empire - Drakari Celestial Imperium
    • Celestial Empire Of Galactya - Holy Imperium Of Trianar
    • Celestial Empire Of Galactya - Akropi Republic

  • Migration Treaties:

    • Stoinian Star Kingdom - Drakari Celestial Imperium (Limited Visa system)
    • Stoinian Star Kingdom - Ryccian Empire (Visa system)
    • Stoinian Star Kingdom - Treecuu Star Empire (Limited Visa system)
    • Celestial Empire Of Galactya - Union Of Emerald

  • Trade Agreements:

    • Stoinian Star Kingdom - Drakari Celestial Imperium
    • Stoinian Star Kingdom - Ryccian Empire
    • Stoinian Star Kingdom - Treecuu Star Empire
    • Treecuu Star Empire - Drakari Celestial Imperium
    • Celestial Empire Of Galactya - Union Of Emerald

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FTL Travel Technology:

  • HyperSpace
    Hyperspace is an alternate dimension to our own realspace. To enter hyperspace, molecular displacement is required which happens when a vessel travels at or faster than the speed of light. However each point within hyperspace has a correspondent realspace point. Additionally objects with large gravitational fields (planets, stars, asteroids, … ) have “shadows” within hyperspace.

    To enable ships to enter and travel hyperspace, a hyperdrive is requires. The hyperdrive functions by sending hypermatter particles (which form when solar radiation meets a planet’s core) to toss a ship into hyperspace while preserving the vessel’s mass/energy ratio, and required a functional hyperdrive motivator to do so. The vessel then travels along a programmed course until it drops back into realspace at its destination.
    A hyperdrive only functions to keep a vessel in hyperspace. If a hyperdrive is forcibly deactivated or destroyed during transit, the ship will violently and instantly be pulled back into realspace. Technology that forcibly deactivates another ship’s hyperdrive is commonly referred to as interdiction technology.

    Known users:

    • Ryccian Empire

A Ryccian Star Destroyer travelling through Hyperspace.

  • Slipspace
    Slipspace, also called slipstream space, refers to the eleven non-visible infinitesimal dimensions which are used for FTL-travel. Simply put, Slipspace is a hyper-compressed multidimensional space separate from realspace with its own physical laws. To the human eye, Slipspace appears pitch black, because there is nothing in the visible spectrum to see.

    To enter Slipspace the ship needs a Slipspace drive. This Slipspace drive creates a rupture between realspace and Slipspace by using high power cyclic particle accelerators to generate microscopic blackholes. Because of their low mass, Hawking radiation give them a lifetime of nanoseconds before they evaporate into thermal energy. This thermal energy is then used by the Slipspace drive to form a coherent rupture between the two realms by the Slipspace capacitors which need to be charged before initiating a jump. After initiating a successful rupture, the engine then creates a quantum field around the ship that protects the ship from coming directly in contact with Slipspace. However enormous calculations are required to keep this protective quantum field working for each second.

    While in Slipspace, vessels are influenced by currents and other temporal variations. Some routes have different confluences that can affect travel time too. Traveling the same, heavily monitored route doesn’t guarantee the same travel time. It is still unclear whether or not this can be artificially be manipulated.
    To enter Slipspace a vessel’s Slipspace drive uses the quantum filaments of gravitational fields, like those generated by planets, to calculate an entry point into Slipspace. Then a portal is created and the more refined the Slipspace drive is, the safe the passage between to two dimensions.

    Because Slipspace has its own set of physical laws, protection is needed. Ships themselves go throw various amounts of stress and the larger a vessel, the larger the stress on the vessel. Radiation is also a worry as it comes from both Slipspace and the Slipspace engines. Protection from these radiations is also required for the crew’s safety. Slipspace also shifts the magnetic coils of the Slipspace Drive, meaning that the Slipspace drive requires near constant maintenance.

    Slipspace velocities are generally dependent on the ship’s momentum on transition, as the Slipspace drive itself doesn’t generate thrust. As a result, ships that are faster in normal space, such as corvettes, usually travel faster than others in the Slipspace as well, however this can be tweeked with the efficiency of the Slipspace drive.

    Known users:

    • Venterran Federation
    • Velutarian Technocracy (formerly)

A Velutarian cruiser leaving Slipspace.

  • Warp Space Drive
    Another method of FTL-travel through the realm commonly called Warp Space. Entering this realm is done by warp engines which use particle accelerations to generate portals similar to that of wormholes as entrances to Warp Space. However this doesn’t mean that those portals equal wormholes and aren’t as fast as wormholes are theorised to be. Once in Warp Space, a vessel travels by using the currents of the realm until their destination is reached. Estimated time travels vary differently and depend on the estimated distance.
    To exit the realm, precise calculations are used to be pulled out by a system’s center of gravity such as its star or the planetary body travellers wish to arrive at. Sometimes they can end up at the system’s edge if the calculations don’t prove accurate enough.

    Traversing this realm also comes with its risks. The radiation or energy or manifestations within Warp Space can have an effect on the minds of a vessel’s crew. Hence why shielding against Warp Space is needed to prevent madness manifesting within the crew. However looking for too long in the void of Warp Space may have the same effect.

    Known users:

    • Drakari Celestial Imperium

Warp Space

The chotic and colorful void of Warp Space.

  • Warp Field Drive
    The concept of warp drive is to create a displacement field, or a ‘bubble’, around the vessel, that contracts space in front of it and expands space behind it. Inside the bubble, space-time remains unaltered. By doing this, the vessel can reach its destination a lot faster, still not surpassing the speed of light relatively, but effectively, in the sense that a distance of one light year is travelled in less time than allowed by the speed of light.

    To generate this displacement field, enormous amounts of energy is required. One way of generating such amounts is to let normal matter collide with anti-matter. Anti-matter is extremely volatile and must be delicately contained; a breach of containment may have fatal consequences. However, a reactor that runs on anti-matter can generate energy to be used by other systems on board the vessel.

    To generate a stable and large enough displacement field many ships use warp nacelles, like the Treecu ship below. However some nations have different methods, such as the Stoinians who disperse their energy more evenly throughout the ship to generate these fields.

    Known users:

    • Treecuu Star Empire
    • Stoinian Star Kingdom


Cigar-shaped nacelles on the tips of the wings.

  • Ringular Gravity Warp Drive
    This special type of Warp Drive generates a ring-shaped singularity, mostly called a “Ringularity” around a ship to create an isolated region of space-time, and propel said region at average speeds of 1 light year per day, with the fastest ships being able to obtain triple the speed. Inside this region the flow of time remains unaffected, and will correspond to the time flow of regular space.

    To generate the ringularity, the ship uses a special Gravity Engine, different from the ones used to create artifical gravity. Due to the large amount of energy needed to sustain the singularity, each ship needs to have two separate generators: one generates energy for the Warp Drive, while the second one generates energy for the rest of the systems of the ship. These fusion generators can be downscaled to sizes smaller than a meter, and can therefore proper even small objects for varied amounts of time.

    This FTL method does come with it’s risks. In case of a miscalculation in either the energy distribution or the spatial convection programs of the central Gravity Engine, the ringularity could either start creasing and folding, either completely annihilating the ship due to the now released tidal forces, phasing the vessel out of existence in a constant state of recurring cyclical paradoxes, or just deactivate, stranding the ship.

    Known users:

    • Celestial Empire Of Galactya

A Galactyan Ship about to fully activate it’s Ringular Gravity Warp Drive.

  • Mirial Travel
    Mirial Space is a parallel dimension located on a different plane of existence then RealSpace, with different laws of physics and different forms of matter than the ones of the known universe. Mirial space is more energy dense than RealSpace and therefore allows incredibly higher acceleration, being able to reach VIV, Virtually Infinite Velocity.

    Most ships can only access Mirial Space through Gil Miria, the extradimensional wormhole that lead to the discovery of Mirial Space itself. However bigger and rare ships like Starbrakers can still enter Mirial Space thanks to an individual Mirial Drive, but because of their size and expensive nature there’s only a few of them in existence.

    Deceleration in Mirial Space is near impossible without external help. Braking out of Mirial Space is only possible in gravity wells thanks to the thinner dimensional border, and doing so at VIV would vaporize the ship before it could even start to exit. Because of this conventional Mirial travel is limited to a speed of 1 light year per minute. However, a work around was discovered, in the form of Beaconed Mirial Travel. Using a pair of specialized structures, one located in Realspace and one in Mirial space, called Beacons, it is possible to decelerate from VIV to a safe exit velocity. The beacons then expels the excess energy in the form of strong bursts of gamma radiation from it’s poles.

    Known users:

    • Star Empire Of Calerost

Mirial Space

An Edhel Artist’s impression of travelling through Mirial Space



  • Standard Sectorial Calendar (Current Year: 0 BBT)
    Base Unit: Standard Second (1 s)
    60 seconds → 1 minute (1 m)
    60 minutes → 1 hour (1 h)
    24 hours → 1 day (1 d)
    30/31 days (exception for second month which has 28 and 29 on leap years) → 1 month (1 M)
    12 months → 1 year (1 y)

  • Candact rotation (Current Year: )
    Base Unit: Candact Rotation (1 CR)
    1 Candact Rotation → 1.6 s

  • Galactyan Imperial Calendar (Current Year: 6000 P.E.)
    Base Unit: Standard Second (1 s)
    60 seconds → 1 minute (1 m)
    60 minutes → 1 hour (1 h)
    24 hours → 1 day (1 d)
    59 days → 1 month (1 M)
    10 months → 1 year (1 y)

  • Calerostian Calendar (Current Year: 1866)

  • Drakari Imperial Calendar (Current year: 12.218 Imperial Age)

  • Ryccian Calendar (Current year: 1.001 ADR, After Democratic Revolution; BDR, Before Democratic Revolution)

  • Standard Terran Calendar (Current year: 20.021 SC)
    <[[The accuracy of this calendar has been put on discussion multiple times, after numerous discrepancies have been found while studying the history of multiple different nations.]]>

  • Stoinian Calendar (Current year: 1621 PD, Post Diaspora)

  • Doge Landian Standard Calendar
    Base Unit: Standard Second (1 s)
    60 seconds → 1 minute (1 m)
    60 minutes → 1 hour (1 h)
    24 hours → 1 day (1 d)
    110 days (111 days for Spring on leap years) → 1 Season (1 S) (Winter,Spring, Summer, Autumn)
    4 Seasons → 1 year (1 y)


Date notation: (day/month/year in Stoinian Calendar; Ryccian Calendar (Before/After Democratic Revolution); Drakari Calendar (Imperial age))

  • Formation of the Drakari Celestial Imperium (12.218 years ago; 11.217 BDR; 0 IA)

  • Kalkattan Wars (~9.000 years ago)

  • Trythonian Wars (~8.900 years ago)

  • Jo’Dai Order established on Trython (~8.880 years ago)

  • Formation of Ryccian Empire (6.231 years ago; 5.230 BDR; 5.987 IA)

  • Formation of Venterran Federation

  • Democratic Revolution: Revolution within the Ryccian Empire against the repressing Terran supremacist regime. (620 PD; 0 ADR; 11.217 IA)

  • Formation of the Kirillian Trade League (742 PD; 11.339 IA)

  • War at Home: Mardakii attack the Terran colony of Virtue resulting in a war for the planet. (19/06/1240 PD - 7/05/1244 PD)

  • Formation of the Stoinian Kingdom (9/05/1244 PD; 625 ADR; 11.842 IA)

  • Formation of the Treecuu Star Empire (1250 PD - 1400 PD)

  • Reformation into the Stoinian Star Kingdom (9/05/1335 PD)

  • Velutarian War: 16 year long war between the Velutarians and Stoinians. (3/02/1584 PD - 15/10/1600 PD)

  • First Mardakii Crusade: Stoinians go on a purging crusade against the Mardakii. (12/07/1603 PD - 23/10/1604 PD)

  • Cheunh Compromise: Incorporation of the Cheunh Ascendancy into the Stoinian Star Kingdom after the First Mardakii Crusade. (10/11/1604 PD)

  • Annexation of Yim-Lootuu III: Drakari and Treecuu open formal relations, Venterran Federation comes to terms with the annexation. (22/04/1618 PD)

  • Treecuu-BoA First Contact: Treecuu Star Empire initiates contact with pirate leaders to their northern border. (2/05/ 1618 PD)

  • Aryyt’t Probe Incident: Drakari Emperor investigates the results of the Annexation of Yim-Lootuu III (20/06/1618 PD)

  • Ryccian visit to Thoov: Ryccian Minister Lak Su and Governor Ict’t open diplomatic relations for the Ryccian Empire and Treecuu Star Empire. (4/07/1618 PD)

  • INN Interview of Emissary Teemas: Treecuu ambassador is interviewed by Drakari news network. (20/08/1618 PD)

  • Imperial Ball: A ball every five years is organized in Ryccia and Treecuu officials are invited. (16/12/1618 PD)

  • Stoinian-Treecuu First Contact (22/04/1619 PD)

  • Treecuu visit to Stoinia: Non Aggression Pact signed between the two nations. (1/05/1619 PD)

  • Itomi Incident: Stoinian vessel HMS Segura enters Ryccian space to initiate diplomatic relations. Captain Umberto Berrocal is successful and Ryccian Congress votes 5.001 to 4.999 in favour to allow the King’s visit to happen. (17/07/1619 PD)

  • Rascal Incident: Ryccian military contingent destroys Stoinian vessel HMS Little Rascal within the Star Kingdom. (6/05/1619 PD)

  • Noreiga Incident: Drakari enter Stoinian space and first contact is initiated (21/07/1619 PD)

  • Stoinian visit to Constantinople: Stoinian King and Chancellor meet Ryccian Cabinet to establish formal diplomatic relations. Non Aggression Pact, commerce treaties and visa systems are signed. (2/09/1619 PD)

  • Drakari-Ryccian Contact Incident (10/10/1619 PD)

  • King Andrei III’s visit to Ecteen: Stoinian and Treecuu reaffirm cooperation through trade and foundation of the Joint Exploratory Fleet (25/11/1619 PD)

  • Joint Stoinian-Treecuu visit to Drakari Celestial Imperium: Stoinians assess Terran rights within the DCI and Treecuu join in for diplomatic talks. (14/02/1620 PD)

  • Legate Sinclair is invited into the Ryccian Senate. (31/03/1620 PD)

  • Stoinian annexation of Kontaurius: Empire of Kontaurus is incorporated into the Stoinian Star Kingdom as the King’s property. (5/04/1620 PD)

  • Kontauri Integration Act passes through Stoinian Congress and making the Kontauri Empire a full member of the Star Kingdom. (19/04/1620 PD)

  • Festival of Faiths on Paragon: A festival celebrating all faiths in the Drakari Celestial Imperium and Stoinian Star Kingdom. (28/04/1620 PD)

  • Joint press conference by the Joint Command of the Joint Exploratory Fleet. (8/05/1620 PD)

  • The Stoinian Foreign Legion is founded and Lieutenant General Keenan Koeremoer is posted as its commanding officer and begins the training of foreign trainees. (9/05/1620 PD)

  • Zeltrex Nomad Fleet initiate contact with the Treecuu Star Empire. (16/06/1620 PD)

  • Stoinian-Kihi First Contact: Stoinian exploration mission into the Tiyanki Territories results in first contact with primitives. (17/06/1620 PD)

  • High Legate Sinclair’s interview at the Caesar Flickerman’s Show. (21/06/1620 PD)

  • Treecu-Zelvan First Contact (22/06/1620 PD)

  • Congressman Ryan Adams becomes Chancellor-Elect of the Stoinian Star Kingdom following Chancellory elections. (23/06/1620 PD)

  • Stoinian-Venterran First Contact: A stable wormhole is discovered in the Cornucopia system and leads to rising tensions. (11/07/1620 PD)

  • The Stoinian Royal War Council assumes full control over the Stoinian Star Kingdom once war against the Venterrans has been declared (16/07/1620 PD)

  • Failed coup in the Ryccian Empire by the military State Security Council (28/07/1620 PD)

  • Tarassos Gor D’Kut announces the Tarassian Union new foreign policy. (4/08/1620 PD)

  • Zelvan Regime makes it entry in astropolitics, resulting in multiple states taking harsh stances against the slaver empire. (7/08/1620 PD)

  • Imperial Chancellor Baron Ferul Blesforn passes away, leaving the Empire in political chaos and mass arests of politicians. (17/08/1620 PD)

  • Ryccian Emperor Alexander is shot while attending a protest and assumes full control of the Ryccian government. (20/08/1620 PD)

  • Venterran Fleet Commander starts glassing the Stoinian planet Ignis. (17/09/1620 PD)

  • Ryccian snap elections result in massive political change in the Empire.(25/12/1620 PD)



Politically Relevant Species

  • Humans

Humans are a relatively short-lived race compared to others in the galaxy. Mankind has proven itself adaptable to the various star-nations it inhabits, often growing highly patriotic for their societies and showing near-infinite curiosity and ambition to find their place in the stars. They are also known for their frequent lack of foresight and consequences on long timescales, thought to be provoked by their short lifespans.

  • The Drakari

The Drakari are a race of highly advanced bipedal sentient reptilians blessed (or cursed, depending on who you ask) with long life, known for their fairly rigid sense of honor and duty, heavily regimented military, devotion to their gods and their state, and a benevolent (if somewhat paternalistic) view towards other species. They view it as their self-appointed duty to protect sapient life throughout their territory, even intervening to prevent harmful contact with pre-spaceflight cultures.

  • The Sosa

The Sosa are powerfully built, ape-like species who value valor and honor in battle, with their society set up in a confederation of various clans known as the Sosa Republics. Despite having access to advanced technology, many of their warriors and mercenaries prefer the explosive weapon known as boltguns and axes forged by the individual Sosa themselves. It is said that a Sosa warrior will only cut their beards or hair if they are vanquished in battle, a sign they must regain their honor.

  • The Carsicoid

The Carsicoids are insectoid creatures of unknown origin and number, these creatures value cooperation among their hives and their fellow sentients highly. Whether it is due to the telepathic connection an individual
Carsicoid shares with their hivemates and Queens, or an instinctual drive towards altruism remains unknown. Rumors persist that their spawning pools allow them a kind of immortality, though nothing of the sort has been proven thus far.

  • The Sinthari

The Sinthari are a proud species of aristocratic warriors and alleged sorcerers, the Sinthari can be described by some as arrogant cunning made manifest. Their three castes, though not as prohibitive as before, remain a cultural mainstay that has created an oddly harmonious society. Curiously enough, despite having little if any contact with the Jo’dai Order, the species has developed lightsabers of their own alongside their supposedly-alchemically forged power swords.

  • The Yapatha

The Yapatha are the most recent species to join the Drakri Imperium, and are known for their gentle and peaceful demeanors. The Yapatha are distinctive for their metallic-hued skin, four-fingered hands, and monocolored eyes. Much like the Carsicoid, they value cooperation highly, and try to pursue all alternatives to conflict until no other option is left to them.

  • The Kri’ghal

The Kri’ghal were once a society of cruel slavers, their former empire was thrown down through a combination of populist uprising by their oppressed middle and underclasses and outright invasion by the Drakari military during the Khar’shan Exalted March. Nowadays, the Kri’ghal are ardent opponents of slavers the sector over, and fiercely oppose any attempt in their society to restore the stratified social structure that consigned billions to suffering and poverty.

  • The Galactyan Biological Domain

Just… just go to this page, I refuse to do it on this one.

  • The Kaminoans

  • The Velpans

  • The Vurbentans

  • The Vonmisians

  • The Chiss


  • The Kontauri


  • The Tarassians


The Tarassians are the founding species of the Tarassian Union. Their martial prowess has forged their history and have since built a society according to their ways. Now they stand as the proudest members of the largest military force of Sector A1-0.

  • The Feesi


The Feesi are one of the three major species of the Tarassian Union. Known for their keen social circles which they form in their aquatic nests on their homeworld, Feesa, the Feesi have become a martial society following the Jen’Tarsai. Also renowned for their underwater fighting capabilities, the Feesi have become proud Citizens of the Union who will defend it at all cost.

  • The Onkori


The Onkori are one of the three major species of the Tarassian Union. This avian species is renowned for its fierce aerial combat capabilities.

  • The Turshieni

The Turshieni are the newest species of the Tarassian Union. They have faced the Tarassian Union during the Turshian Consolidation after which they were invited into the Union. Now they serve as the main species within ranged warfare of the Union.

  • The Limavuans

  • The True Venterrans
    True Venterrans are the descendants of the Terramin species. They share many external similarities to Humans, including height but their internal anatomy is vastly different with multiple hearts and a higher bone density in comparison to their terran counterparts. True Venterrans primarily thrive in an oxygen based atmosphere, but can survive with little oxygen provided there is Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere thanks to an organ that allows them to break down carbon dioxide through photosynthesis. In spite of this trait they still possess the digestive system of an omnivore suggesting that this trait may have been introduced artificially.

  • The Venterran A Subspecies
    The Venterran A subspecies are a wide range of humanoid species who are indigenous to A10 bearing similarities to their true Venterran counterparts. Their height varies between 50cm to 3m with their skin color ranging from a wide variety of colors. Furthermore, their internal anatomy may mimic a Venterran’s such as possessing multiple hearts or keeping an organ that could allow them to photosynthesize nutrients.

  • The Venterran B Subspecies
    Venterran B subspecies are an almost infinite group of aliens ranging from a 2.5 meter tall reptilian species with 4 mandibles to 20 meter tall giant rock organisms to intelligent hive mind worm colonies. Some notable species include the Mardakii, a mammalian species known for their aggression and feral nature, Vurk, religious zealots spreading a different interpretation of the way of Venterra, among others.

  • The Zelvans


The Zelvans are the founder species of the Zelvan Regime. This slave empire has lead the Zelvans to become extremely decadent as they believe themselves to be the rightful masters of the universe and all other species are beneath them. This religious belief has lead them to enslave multiple species and when exposed to new species, they will often see them as new opportunities to either make themselves or the Regime richer.

  • The Arvarrans

  • The Matari

  • The Messeans


The Messeans are the secondary slaver species of the Zelvan Regime. Like the Bessadons, the Messeans help maintain order. However, the Messeans have their own unique method. Messeans are a matriarchical society where females hold enormous power. More often than not, these female Messeans will enslave their own male kin to ensure a work force loyal to them that will manage the lower slaves.

  • The Sathaungs

The Sathaungs are the battle thralls of the Zelvan Regime. From their ancient homeworld, the Sathaung clans fought against one another until the Zelvans enslaved. This enslavement was an opportunity however, the Zelvans promised great liberty and glory for the Sathaung if they helped enslave other species. the Sathaung accepted and have ever since then become the main fighting force of the Zelvan military to fulfil their lust for battle.

  • The Tvo’leki

The Tvo’lek are deemed the most valuable slaves of the Zelvan Regime. The males are used for gladiatorial combat and menial jobs for the work force such as mining. Its females however, are much more prized. Seen as true jewels for their beauty, the Zelvans are very careful of their Tvo’lek slaves to ensure that they maintain their good-looking physique. Amongst the Sector, the Tvo’lek are perceived as one of the most beautiful species.

  • The Sereniani

The Sereniani are cybernetically enhanced humans with a purple skin complexion. When exposed to high levels of oxygen, their skin changes pigmentation due to the greater oxygenation of their blood, becoming Caucasian-like.

  • The Edhelerim

The Edhelerim originate from Ilanor, but their evolutionary past is not well known. They show a wide array of skin, hair and eye color. Their well developed senses of hearing and sight might suggest their ancestors ware nocturnal, though they are mostly active during the day in modern times. A notable trait they have is telepathic empathy, being able to sense other creatures emotions. The average lifespan of a Edhel is around 95 Standard Years, with the highest measured natural age being 142.

  • The Amicem
    The Amicem are a species born from the biological unification of multiple different species. Descendants of Venterran research specimen, the Amicem’s relationship with the Venterran Federation is complicated at best.

  • The Synthetics


The Synthetics are highly varied sentient artificial intelligences (commonly called ‘Synths’) which are more or less reflections of their makers in culture and attitude. While not as ubiquitous as simple Virtual Intelligences, Synths have thus far shown a strong desire to live as their mortal makers do, willingly allowing themselves to go through the process of having a body of their own crafted.

  • The Ikaranareans

The Ikaranareans are dark-skinned humans with red, gold, or orange eyes, which sometimes glow. They are the only confirmed race capable of surviving straight Mosarkran and Safarkran implants, which has lead them to develop a sort of god complex, believing most races to be inferior or outright demonic.

  • The Kanareö

The Kanareö are a species of aquatic humanoids, that often have to wear special suits to allow them to function out of the water. They have a big focus on beauty and elegance, and can sometimes come off as arrogant because of this.

  • The Sycriûn

The Sycriûn are a species of large lizard-like reptilians. With a natural predisposition to war and conflict, they used to have a culture centered around fighting and death, until the Ikaranareans conquered most of them.

  • The Mekanakûl

The Mekanakûl are a species of synthetic robots that host uploaded human consciousnesses.

  • The Dahxi


  • The Shuinau

The Shuinau are a race of pompous avians that highly resemble Terran flamingoes.

  • The Fengnau

The Fengnau are small, red nanobiomechanical avians, with large parts of their body composed of nanotechnology which was used to save their dying species, giving them sentience in the process. Thanks to their partially mechanic nature, they are able to access a vast collection of data, rendering them one of the smartest species in the Sector.