Eflad State Visit To Emerald-Denver

December 7th, 2022
Edward’s Military Complex
PM Galen Hughes

Galen was nervous, normally the King would handle state visits, but he’s currently negotiating a peace treaty with Pelinai and as such, the Prime Minister would handle the state visit. Galen looked over a potential contract between Emerald-Denver and Eflad. Semiconductors for naval components, interesting to be sure. He stopped at the military entrance and showed his ID to the guards at the base. He drove up to the 2nd Royal Guards Brigade, with the flag officers holding the Efladian and Union flag. He got out of his civilian car, admiring the flags, Eflad had only changed its flag a couple months ago. Galen, a flag expert, thought that new flag looked a lot better compared to the Technocratic mess that the previous one was. Galen saw the plane approach, making sure everyone was far enough back.

Prime Minister Tirng was happy when she recieved the invitation to visit UKED. It would be her first state visit abroad. Until now, she was pretty restrained in visits. She only had one, President Blanc.
After her office confirmed the inivitation she got the agenda on her desk. The major point was negotiation of a contract on supplying the Emerald-Denverian industry with semiconductor chips. In return, the Efladian naval production would get components from UKED.
She boarded the metro line which brought her to the main station where she had to switch to one getting her to the airport. She wasn’t a fan of flying, not until lately. She didn’t feel safe in planes, her father and her brothers died in one. Then, a local company was asking politicians who would want to jump out of a plane. No one said yes, except her. She was terrified, but it relieved her of her fears. Now she was sitting in the government plane. It was a long flight and early in the flight she laid down to get rest. Just an hour after she woke up again, the plane was on its final approach, ready to land. She got to the stairs, as they were extending, ready to breath some of that Union air.

Galen looked up at the Efladian government plane as stairs began extending out.
“Hvad fanden laver de?”(What the hell are they doing?)
However, as he grabbed binoculars from a Royal Guard, he quickly figured out what they were doing, but they were still taxiing, why were the stairs deploying??? He, along with the 2nd Royal Guards began making their way to the side of the taxiway.
“This is PMG, clear Runway and taxiway for Elfadian Governmental plane.”

“Ma’am, we will need you to sit down, we are still taxiing to our position.” said the pilot.
“Oh, I thought the agenda said we are stopping on the runway.” Tirng says walking towards her seat.
Landing on the runway with a welcoming committee was written on her agenda.
“Ah, I see. There was probably some misunderstanding.” she says, “We’ll sort it out later.”
“This is EGP 001, requesting taxi to position Alpha.”

“We Read You PMG, clearing Runway 1 and Taxiway 2 EGP 001, EGP 001, you are clear to taxi to position Alpha.”
Galen still looking through the Binoculars, see’s the stairs retract back into the plane.
“Finally, looks like someone went back to their seat. Alright, 2nd Royal! Prepare landing site for Tirng’s arrival, Pronto!”

“EGP 0001 clear to taxi to Position Alpha.”
“Ah there’s the welcoming committee.”, the prime minister thought to herself, “Galen is looking. Let’s see if we’ll get along, the UKED could be a good partner.”
The plane rolled onto the taxiway, then turned towards is designated place holding when instructed and ready to deploy the stairs when the command was to be given.