[DRAFT] Indigenous Peoples Protection Act

[box]The World Assembly;

Respecting the cultures of indigenous peoples;

Distraught that since the repeal of [resolution=GA=328]GA #328 “Rights of Indigenous Peoples”[/resolution] there has been no World Assembly legislation protecting these peoples from discrimination and injustice from non-indigenous peoples;

Determined to protect the rights and cultures of indigenous peoples;


[list=1][]Defines “indigenous peoples” as culturally distinct peoples that have inhabited a landmass before the arrival and their knowledge of a now-dominant culture or cultures;
]Establishes the World Assembly Indigenous Rights Committee (WAIRC), tasked with enforcing the provisions of this proposal as well as handling discovery of and contact with uncontacted tribes;

[*]Forbids WA member states from:

[list=a][]Trying to forcibly impose their customs on indigenous peoples without the indigenous’ consent;
]Forcibly removing indigenous peoples from their native land without the indigenous’ consent;
[]Forcibly removing indigenous peoples’ and their ancestors’ artifacts without the indigenous’ consent;
]Trying to eradicate or reduce indigenous peoples’ cultures without the indigenous’ consent;[/list]

[*]Demands member states approach uncontacted tribes in a peaceful and unsophisticated manner;

[*]Declares that previous WA resolutions take precedent for things not explicitly said in this proposal.[/list][/box]

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