Discussion on Megastructure Limits

I mean, by that argument shouldn’t the less-advanced star nations also be more advanced now?

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I mean, it depends on the individual roleplayer, but generally speaking either they do become a bit more advanced (which would make sense given the ages most of us have), or they can remain like they are now

I’m looking at this from the Guns, Germs, and Steel argument btw, specifically that having access to more resources allows you to advance faster
So, theoretically, if we increase the amount of resources in each plot, everyone should also be advancing faster, which messes up some of the timelines

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Well no, not necessarily

That can be easily solved through cultural influences, or by adding other slowing forces (like swathes of space being devoid of certain tech-essential materials)

Totally. Away with the players who take up 500 LY and only RP 10 of it!

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Given such an increase, we could perhaps add more plots dedicated to smaller nations, similar to the TT

That way, the people who still want to only roleplay 10 ly can do so

A-10 and under?

Arguably the TT could possible need a total rework again. Since the upscaling drastically changes the reality of the TT as they are meant to be smaller scale. Potentially, the TT star nations could serve as middle powers compared to larger star nations.

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Seriously though, it could be a fun idea

And in the future we could maybe also add more smaller plots in between regular ones (in addition to the small-nation dedicated plots)

Given how many planets in A1-0 are habitable, it makes sense for many small civilizations to rise up along with bigger ones

The Luxembourgs of A1-0

Yeah, that would need to be done as well

@Legend @Maverick also, we need to keep in mind that we’re increasing the maximum amount of stars per plot, so a roleplayer might still decide to have only some of those spread farther apart for one reason or the other

So they can still keep their plot size and make it make sense with their number of stars

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If were going to base the number of megastructures (soft or hard cap) off size, we should probably wait then for the math to be mathed

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Maverick’s point was that, since the increase is going to be quite big either way, having a megastructure limit doesn’t make sense

there should be a limit because if there isn’t, I don’t think the self regulation will still occur, there should be atleast a soft cap or suggested limit, but I don’t believe we should abolish it altogether because that makes megastructures just structures, if there are a bunch of them.


Yeah, the point of a megastructure is that it’s not just a structure. They’re supposed to mean something. It’s supposed to be a big resource commitment to make them, and a massive loss to lose them.

Sorry, I meant a hard limit

But yeah, we can definitely do a soft cap or suggested limit if you guys deem it necessary

Which will still be bigger than now though, by how much is still to be decided

There should be three


Suggested - You should only have 25 megastructures

Soft - Okay, 30

Hard - fifty, you’re done, no more megastructures

These numbers can be tweaked, but there should be a Suggested (for new players) Soft (for players who have a decent enough reason, and the hard is you’re done, you don’t get more megastructures. This can be tweaked when the amount of stars is figured out

I am in firm belief that nobody goes above a hard limit due to balance in the sector


We’ll see when we figure everything out