Deliverers of divine justice [109 BBT] [RETCONED]

This topic focuses on the Calerostan assertion of influence in the Tiyanki territories. In the year 109 BBT Calerost, after securing clearance to send a starbraker trough the Owettan territories, entered the Tiyanki territories for the first time. They soon found themselves in conflict with a nother nation tho, slavers calling themselves the Ch’ratan Cartel…


Nar Shadoo,
Ch’Rattan Cartel,
Tiyanki Territories

 The heart of the empire of the Ch’Rattans which they forged through conquest. It first began by enslaving the Klendooinians. Their enslavement was so swift due to Ch’Rattan resilient physiology that they believed the Ch’Rattans to be gods. An exploit the sluggish species was more than happy to exploit. Centuries past and the Ch’Rattans conquered species with an ever growing lust.
 As the empire grew, so too increased the resources to the gaping mouths of the Ch’Rattans. Quadrillion of materials were utilised to encompass the moon of the Ch’Rattan homeworld, Nar Shadoo. The Pleasure Moon of the Tiyanki Territories where every grotesque lust of Ch’Rattan would be fulfilled.

Nal Ch’Ratta’s skyline with Mogull Otjik’s pleasure barge.

 On top of the skyline was the personal pleasure barge of the Grand Mogull, the Gaping Ecstasy. Otjik Jikkas was chief among the Moguls who each held corporate fiefs and together formed the Cartel. Each held their dominion as they wished as long as they paid their tribute to the elected Grand Mogull.
 Grand Mogul Otjik was no fool and had machinated his way to the top. He had been from an affluent Ch’Rattan family notorious for their brutality. Now he drenched himself joyfully in the decadent luxuries of his position. Hundreds of slaves and freelancers danced in front of him. From respected Yakhari or exclusive Tvo’Leki dancers in revealing attire to the rarest spices, his wealth was unsurmountable. To show off his affluence, he even wore a gilded dress made out of obsidian Owettan silk the size of his large sluggish body. It was a dress unlike any other in the Territories and had brought him much renown. Renown which had garnered the attention of the Calerosti.

Grand Mogul Otjik Jikkas.

 The Edhelrim, the species of the Empire of Calerost as they called themselves, were a proud people. Though the Ch’Rattans had heard of their zealotry, they still accepted an audience from the Calerosti. He would receive this Edhel in the prime of his affluence on his pleasure barge as hundreds of slave fueled his lust for debauchery. Dancers around poles pleasuring both him and his guards.
 Aside his throne stood the SK-51 assassination droids. Twelve of them. Even one of these droids made from Zurka Corporation in the Zuurqini Cooperative had costed a fortune and the Grand Mogull had a whole platoon in his arsenal. The prime droids across the entire Tiyanki Territories. These complimented a full regiment of Klantooinian guards who revered the Grand Mogul as a living god.

A SK-51 droid and a Klendooinian guardsman.

 Slowly the Calerosti delegation made its way to his throne. The music pounding the ear drums and the dancers eying them for they had never seen their species. Whispers of Arkanians arose due to confusion, but the glances of Edhelrim hair revealed otherwise.

A respected and free Yakhari dancer glancing at the Calerosti delegation.

 The room was filled with dim lights, spice pipes, poles, provocative holograms and silken cloth and carpentry which gave the room the typical Ch’Rattan aesthetic. Luxury was mandatory for each Ch’Rattan and a duty for a Grand Mogull.

 Through the musk of spices and sweat, they finally stood in front of the Grand Mogull. The Grand Mogull inspected them for a moment. He nodded towards one of his droids. It stepped forwards and began to translate the Grand Mogul who refused to speak any language but Ch’Ruttese. Due to the known Owettan partnership of the Calerosti, it was traduced in Eweno, a popular trade language in the region.
 - <Welcome to the pleasure barge of His Eminence, Grand Mogul Otjik Jikkas. His Eminence hopes your stay here will be most fruitful for a partnership. All who trade with the Ch’Rattan Cartel enjoy unprecedented wealth. What wares does the Empire of Calerost offer the Grand Mogul as a tribute for granting your presence around Him?> the SK-51 droid translated.


Calerost entered the territories for trade and influence, but it looks like conflict was the main thing waiting for them. They had some sliver of hope that things could be resolved diplomatically as they didn’t have access to the territories with their fleet, nor the facilities to build fully new ships in them. That’s why archinquisitor Suilion was sent. He knew his life could be in danger if things went south, but he was not afraid of death. Dying for the faith was the greatest honor he could get in his life.

archinquisitor Suilion

The Ch’ratan’s request shocked the Calerostans. Tribute?! Pay tribute to heretics they came to try correct away from high sacralige?! The inquisitor thought quick tho.

"The mere presnece of a calerostan archinquisitor should signal to you respect greater than all tribute in this world, as we’re sent only very rarely on missions. Calerost only pays tribute in gold to the gods, and gives gifts to trusted friends, which you could become eventually.

The Mogul’s reaction to the statement was… Odd. Resembling a hidden chuckle, slightly like he’s impressed by the inquisitor’s arrogance. He continued:

“We’re sent here on a holy mission from the emperor and the holy calerostan inquisition. We ware informed that you practice the deeply sacrilegious act of slavary.”


 The Ch’Rattan let out a deep laughter that nearly resonated with the fabrics hanging from the roof. The Grand Mogul was impressed by the audacity. It was a long time ago since he’d faced it again. For ever since he rose to the position of Grand Mogul, none dared to challenge him. It took a few more seconds for his droid SK-51 to translate.
 - <Rare are those who deem their presence itself worthy of His Eminence. We shall oversee this break in protocol for once. You were informed correctly, the Ch’Rattans bring their holy light to lesser species and guide them. Give them purpose. To deny the Ch’Rattans this right would be the true sacrilege.>
 The Grand Mogul took another puff from his spice pipe. It’s fresh taste could nearly be tasted as He blew it towards the Archinquisitor. A gesture that he was in charge here and wouldn’t be swayed so easily. A few glances later, the Grand Mogul spoke again.
 - <Perhaps you’d like to acquire a Tvo’Leki dancer? A true luxury in these regions. His Eminence is willing grant you a special bargain.> the droid translated.
 As if on signal, several slave dancers approached the Calerosti delegation. They made sure their revealing attire would soften the guests’ stiffness. This was a place for pleasure after all. And guests were to be indulged…


The faces of the Calerostans filled with visible disgust. The mere image of slave dancers, and the thought that they ware offered to them to buy, was taken very badly by the Calerostans. The archinquisitor looked at them, read their feelings.
They are complacent, the poor beings have never known anything but slavary. He felt other things in them too, like arousal, but he didn’t care about it. At that moment he decided that he would free them.

“I am offended by the thought that you see yourself as guiding these poor creatures, while you’re taking away their basic dignity by enslaving them and forcing them to do your bidding. As i am merciful i will, in the name of the inquisition, negotiate for their freedom and guarantee them a better life, it’s my duty. Before i continue my prosecution, i will ask you for what you demand for their freedom.”


 Again the deep voice of the massive Ch’Rattan filled the room with resonating laughter. The Calerosti remarks seemed to entertain the Grand Mogul continuously.
 - <His Eminence doesn’t view his slaves as poor creatures. These are the most refined dancers in the entire Ch’Rattan Empire. They are well-fed and cared for with better care than any other nation in the Tiyanki regions. His Eminence has brought purpose and meaning to their lives with His divine presence.> the SK-51 droid retaliated as he translated the Grand Mogul.
 Grand Mogul Otjik took another puff from his spice pipe, spreading its cinnamon taste around him. An aura of odours manifested around him. To some slaves it was proof of His divine presence, but the Calerosti likely wouldn’t see it that way. Regardless, He was a businessperson first.
 - <If you care to bargain with the Grand Mogul, He shall accept no less for the respective slaves: 25,000 Peggats for each Lazuran, 75,000 Peggats for each Tvo’lek. The Yakhari freelance contract prevent them to be exchanged outside of Ch’Rattan territory. His Eminence will not accept lower prices, for these are the most refined of slaves after all.>


“A avian in a cage is well fed by it’s owner, but it will not know true happiness untill it is let to fly, even if it thinks it’s conditions are good.”

He pulls out a small device and clicks on it a few times.

“The inquisition has payed for the freedom of all of the slaves you presented to us, as you can clearly see by your balance. They will be emediately taken to one of our shuttles and taken to the inquisition transport ship and later INS Beacon of Nobility after I’ve boarded too. Now let’s get back to the main cause.”

The archinquisitor shows a few hand signs to his men. One of them brings him a large pipe looking object, and a nother a box. They fill the pipe with the dried herb from the box and lights it. The archinquisitor takes a large breath from it, filling his lungs with the smoke, and then blowing it out.

A Incanu pipe

The strong smell of incanu filled the room, battling the smell of the mogul’s spice pipe. Incanu was a dried plant that when smoked had the effect of sharpening one’s mind. The effect hasn’t been seen on species besides the edhelrim though. The smoking was probably ment to act as a challenge to the mogul’s pipe.
The inquisitor’s pupils constrain and his voice takes on a lot colder tone.

“Your actions anger the gods, grand mogul. We have come here to try to fix that. Are you willing to collaborate?”


 Grand Mogul Otjik was amused. This Archinquisitor was misinformed about Ch’Rattan culture. The Empire was built on the belief that the Ch’Rattans were demigods and in some religions of the enslaved, factual gods. This was at the centre of their society and the justification of their decadence.
 - <His Eminence is grateful for your acquisition. Perhaps you have been misinformed about the Gods. In the Ch’Rattan Empire, the Ch’Rattans are Gods. Ask the Klentooinians who truly adhere to the divine teachings.> the SK-51 droid explained.>
 The Grand Mogul chuckled as the Calerostan as he tried to create his own aura of smell. It was cute in the eyes of the Ch’Rattan.
 - <You are in the presence of His Eminence, a God among feeble creatures. His actions are His divine right, any other Gods cannot deny Him His rights.>


“A god? You call yourself A GOD?!” he turns to other beings on the pleasure barge “Does this ugly, vile, sack of flesh look to you like a god?! Because all i see is a mortal sinner of flesh and bone. You are not a god, a physical manifestation of a demon you are!”

The room looks at the archinquisitor shocked. To many it looked like he was sealing his faith.

“I feel what you’re thinking, but i do not fear death, it fears me. Dying in the service of the gods is a honor above all others, which gives me the bravery to speak truth in the face of the mogull. Calerostan negotiators have no business being here anymore, the mogull has decided his fate.”

He turns to leave.


 The Klentooinians especially looked confused at the erratic Archinquisitor. It was both fact and law that the Ch’Rattans were gods. All they’ve known, the order & prosperity was brought by the Ch’Rattans. Even if they put themselves at the very top, it was the Ch’Rattans’ rights.
 The Grand Mogul looked unphased. Contemplating what to do with the Archinquisitor. While others would have had him executed on the spot, He decided he needed to prove Ch’Rattan superiority to the Calerostan. Afterall, his boldness shouldn’t go to waste.
 - <Who are you to decide who’s a God and who isn’t? That in itself is your own delusional of comprehending divinity. In the eyes of His Eminence, you are a sinner for denying His Godhood. Yet in His compassion, He will let you leave as you came, for your boldness shouldn’t go to waste like that.> replied the SK-51 droid through the words of its master.
 The Ch’Rattan looked in the eyes of the Calerostan. A fire was burning in them. A fire ill placed. After a few heartbeats, He said his final goodbye.
 - <If you have no more pleasure or business to conduct with the Grand Mogul, His Eminence commands you to leave His barge and realm at once. Begone.> commanded the SK-51 droid at last.
 Its word cutting through the barge as slaves looked with utter contempt as the Calerostans left. Even the recently freed slaves changed in mood. There was no more to be discussed with the Calerostans.


12 hours later

The emperor’s study, Imperial Throneship.

“So that settles it. Peace was never a option.”

“Indeed it never was, my emperor. They in their blood sin belive they’re gods. For the sake of the fate of this world they need to be delt with.”

“We can’t just go blindly crusading, Talambar, we aren’t even in the position to bring our fleet into the territories, not to mention the many, many anomalies.”

“I am aware, and for that reason I won’t declare a crusade. I will declare the territories a zone of religious crisis. That will give us the ability to use war like measures while not being at war. That ability would be enhanced if you created a inquisito…”

The arch inquisitor’s sentence got blocked by a splitting headache, falling to his knees gripping his head

“I will NOT create a inquisitorial province. The only thing what your kind does when given unlimited power over anything is reign in terror greater than the fucking Miraline! How many people ware executed the last time the inquisition was given free reign over anything?! You prosecute more of our own people than the enemy! I will declare a march, and appoint admiral Saelion as it’s marquis. He already commands the Beacon of Liberty and is by far the most knowledgeable person on the situation in the territories. He’ll rule, and your people will listen to him. Will it be that way, arch inquisitor?”

“Y… Yes.”

The headache suddenly stops

“Good, i thought so. Go and write the necessary declaration. And no funny business. Understood?”

“Yes, my emperor”