Davids and Goliaths: Chalerosto-Galactyan first contact

The crew of the spark was lucky, only minutes before their shields got back online. They ware holding, but the enemy weapon was doing considerable strain on them, with some even passing through shielding






Eithron knew exactly what to do. It took a moment to analize but it had a idea.
A alert from it popped up on the Captain’s screen, and emediately realizing how bloody genius the idea is he pressed fire

A torpedo is launched from the tube, but only a kilometer from the vessel it detonates, creating a large cloud of debree. The computer’s calculations ware right. The particles couldn’t pass in one pice trough it. Short term fix, because they will brake trough probably in less than a minute, but a saving grace non the less.

“It bloody worked. Now let’s show them what we can do! Eithron code red! Fire a volley of torpedos at the thing and target specifically those cursed guns with the coilguns!”


4 torpedos are quickly launched, accelerating towards their target at more than 20g, and in the meantime the coilguns fire rapidly. It’s a great strain on the ship, but it is designed for this


The enemy ship was receiving heavy damage to its shielding, until suddenly, it shot a torpedo missile. Instead of going towards the Shuttle, it exploded at about 1 kilometer from it’s mother ship, creating a large and dense cloud of debris, temporarily blocking the nano-particle stream. After this, 4 torpedoes and shots from coil guns shoot towards the Shuttle, hitting it repeatedly. The fire from the coil guns is stopped by the antimatter shielding, but the last torpedo proves to be too much for the shielding, which is temporarily deactivated.

Meanwhile, in order to bypass the cloud of debris, the Shuttle fires a BlastWave Missile at it, dispelling it and allowing the stream from the NanoTurrets to hit the enemy.


“Vampire! Vampire!”

While the blastwave missile flies, pdcs fire relentlessly towards it, but the debree cloud works both ways unexpectedly, it detonates in the debree field, and it’s goal is quickly seen after that. It disperses the field, allowing the superluminal shower to spray on the spark again. But in the meantime, the barage of weapons fire on the shuttle works

“Captain, their shields are down!”

“Good, now get rid of those bloody guns before they get rid of us!”

The coil guns aim, and fire, sending 2 large tungsten rounds flying at 100 km/s straight towards the nano particle guns with nothing in their way


When the enemy’s tungsten bars hit the Shuttle’s NanoParticle Turrets, they rip them out of the ship and send them careening into the void of space. Luckily though, before any further damage can be done, the shields go back online, and now that the Nanoparticle Turrets cannot be used, all of the Shuttle’s energy can go on the shielding.


Now that the Shuttle’s Nanoturrets are completely unusable though, it has to resort to the Exploration Units to continue the attack.



“the guns are dead sir!”

“Perfect, now let’s blast that thing into…”

While he was saying that, the shuttle deploys it’s exploration units, and they start flying rapidly towards the spark

“What the hell did it just do?”

“It launched 15 of those androids we saw before, and they’re approaching rapidly!”

“Let’s see how good they are. Target them with the coilguns and point defense rockets! I want you to disable every single one of them!”

After he said that tho, a nother though came through his head. What is the shuttle equiped with except these? Could it have some sort of last resort weapon, maby a stronger version of the relativistic guns?

“Charge up the lance”


“Charge up the lance! Who knows what else they have on that ship! Maby a bigger version of those damn guns! We can’t risk that!”

“Aye, redirecting power to the lance”

The lights on the ship go dark as energy is diverted. The lance will take time to charge up, but while it does the ships other weapons anihilate the exploration units sent towards them, not even giving them a chance to attack


While the Explorations Units managed to deal some damage to the enemy, they were all deactivated in little time, falling one by one from the enemy’s turrets.

The Shuttle, now completely harmless, started to activate it’s still intact Warp Drive for a tactical retreat, but before it could reach full power, a beam of blue energy pierced through the ship and through it’s fusion reactor. After five seconds, the entire Shuttle exploded in a colorful blast of energy, knocking back the enemy ship.

Meanwhile, on Korelapolat’s Surveillance Complex…

“What. The. Fuck.”
""How the hell did that thing manage to pass through the antimatter shielding like that! It was at 75% capacity! Oh Comet, this is a big, big problem…

Governor Asdariek had no idea what to do. No Galactyan had been in this situation for almost 1800 years! How was she supposed to know what to do?! Their enemy was advanced, with powerful weapons and considerable defenses. She initially didn’t want to start a war for nothing, but the System’s Integrity and the Empire’s image were at risk. Therefore, there was no other solution. She had to resort to the Quasar Shooter.



Two minutes after the orders were given, the Quasar Shooter warped away towards the invaders. It was going to take another 5 minutes for the ship the get there. Just like what happened with the Shuttle, energy signatures would start increasing again around the aliens, only that this time, they were going to be much much stronger. After they destroyed the shuttle, the aliens had little over 7 minutes to figure out a plan of action. And they were going to need a really, really good one. Otherwise, not even a molecule of their ship would be left.


The spark in darkness quickly dispatches of the drones, none of their attacks getting past it’s shield. The mirions in the accelerator soon are ready to fire. The spark aligns itself, it’s spinely mounted lance pointing towards the shuttle. Suddenly many tiny lasers and particle beams activate, probing the shield, determining it’s frequency and other info, swiftly calculated into the perfect fiering solution for the lance. The magnetic containment is opened.

A bright beam of tachyonic particles glowing a brilliant blue, traveling superluminaly is released, going straight trough the shuttle’s shield, and penetrating it’s reactor, causing a chain reaction and detonating it.

“The shuttle is splashed sir!”

“Good, but i doubt we’ll be celebrating for long, that couldn’t have been their only ship in the region”

And his prophetic words ware right, as with long range sensors going online they could finally see it, the Quasar shooter. A truely massive warship, larger even than the throneship, only comparable with the large defense stations around Ilanor.

All color fades from captain Ribedir’s face as he looks at what the sensors are showing him. He falls into his chair

“We’ve angered gods” he says with a soft, weak voice, with a expression of what can only be described as pure, utter terror. So strong was the feeling that even in the engineering hull they felt it, the feeling of a man reading his own death sentence, which he personally signed.

“Captain we won’t give up without a fight, will we?” Said the weapons officer

Ribedir comes to his senses, and color returns to his face. “No, we won’t” he says, with determination in his voice. He will not let his crew die that simply

“All hands battle stations! You’ll never fight again like you’ll fight today! Let’s show them that the Edhelrim are a brave people!” He pushes the navigator out of his chair, “I’ll personally take control” he says, and unfolds the wings of the craft

“Engineering if there’s any moment to get FTL back online, it’s now!”

“Limited FTL is back online sir! Just enough for a few tactical skips!”

“That’s all that i need. Coms make sure the transmition doesn’t brake, we need to give high command all the info we can, and let them know how bravely we stood at the face of death.”


“If everything goes south, i want you to know, all of you, you ware the best crew i could have asked for. I am proud of you. I am honored to have commanded you. May the gods have mercy on your souls in the afterlife”

He was ready and waiting, waiting for a battle stacked against him in every way, but he was determined

Headquarters of the armed forces of Calerost, Tartirion, space serounding Gil Miria

Half a hour before the engagement with the Quasar shooter

Since the start of the situation high command was in a meeting. This wasn’t just a matter of the navy, but of the state, and because of that prince Randirion was there as well.

Admiral Luthaleth was deep in thoughts, stress flowing through every vein of his body. She is the highest ranking military officer in the empire, holding the title of supreme commander of all of the armed forces. She has fought many battles, but this was different. Thanks to all the data sent by the spark in darkness the supercomputers of the station have decifered the language of the aliens

“We need to send in a starbraker,” she finally said, “it’s a one ship fleet, equiped with a translation matrix and the capability to bring our men home trough mirial space”

“But sir, that would be a major esc…”

“YES, YES IT WOULD” she bursts out in anger. "BUT WHAT OTHER CHOICE DO WE HAVE?! LET OUR MEN DIE? YOU’VE SEEN VERY WELL WHAT OUR TELESCOPES SAW IN THAT SYSTEM! A STARBRAKER IS THE ONLY THING THAT COULD POSSIBLY COUNTER IT! The aliens don’t care about escalating, officer, hell they don’t even know what that word of ours means (ooc: referring to them not knowing each other’s languages), this is war, not diplomacy.

“The damn xenos have shown that they are agressive, and we will treat them as such. Their ship might be massive, but i doubt it’s as densly armed as the Spirit of Death. It is made to anihilate planets, it and it’s escort can easily deal with one ship if it’s necessary, but i think that a show of force will make them recosider diplomacy very fast. It is well in range to make a jump in a reasonable time. About…”

“40 to 50 minutes, your highness”

“Correct. It is our best option. Admiral Luthaleth will have it her way, send in the Tararan.”

The rest of the command agreed with him, some reluctantly, but so it was done. The tararan set a course and entered mirial space. Hopefully by the time it arrives there still will be a spark in the darkness


Inside the Warp Tunnel, the Quasar Shooter’s crew is redirected to all of the StarPulsers and to the Attack Drones in the warship’s secondary hangar. The NanoTurrets’ Fuel Reserves are all connected and their A.I.s are activated. The Ship’s Genesis Torus Reactor is also activated, generating the Rainbow Shielding around the vessel and charging up the two Radial Genesis Cannons. An antimatter shied is also generated, to prevent any sort of damage.

While this may seem like an excessive waste of energy and resources compared to the target, there is a good reason behind it. During the battle, the Satellite S-34 was still in the area, and it picked up lots of signals going from the ship to somewhere behind the Hercules Borealis Nebula. When the Surveillance Complex and the Warship were informed of this, they assumed that the enemy vessel was calling for some sort of backup. They didn’t know what the aliens were truly capable of, so they decided to go all in with the Warship’s forces.

Not only was the System’s Integrity and perhaps Survival in their hands, but also was the Empire’s Image. After all, a Warship getting destroyed at the first attack of the enemy wouldn’t be seen as a good thing by the populace.

After five minutes the Quasar Shooter got out of the Warp Tunnel at 20 kilometers from the enemy ship. Hoping to not have to destroy them, it fired a warning shot from a StarPulser towards the invaders. The shot, a giant star-shaped ball of plasma, barely missed the aliens, and quickly disappeared into the void of space.


Space ripples as the massive ship exits warp, just 20km from the spark in darkness. It was waiting for it, with it’s warp wings open wide. As it jumps out it shoots out a projectile, that nearly misses the spark, and removes all doubts for the crew that it is here to destroy them. And so the battle begins, David against Goliath.

“Near miss sir!”

“Hold on tight, this will not be plesent!” Says Ribedir, and activates the ship’s warp drive

In a fraction of a fraction of a second, the ship travels 20 kilometers towards it’s enemy, and uses it’s warp bubble to protect itself from it’s shields as it nestles into the tight gap between the antimater shielding and the ship’s hull. This is the same move done by admiral Luthaleth in her youth at the legendary battle of Celebar prime, where she in a tiny ship jumped trough the shield of a enemy battleship. Ribedir was hoping that it would be the saving grace here too.

“Were in! Fire all weapons!”


The ship bombards it’s enemy with PDC and coilgun fire, right under it’s antimater shield


As the antimatter shield was penetrated, the enemy ship started firing at the Quasar Shooter, nestled in between the rest of the still intact antimatter shielding and the Shooter itself. But the Rainbow Shielding, which the aliens didn’t see at first, protected the Warship from all attacks. Before the enemy could Warp away again though, a StarPulser fired a shot towards it, hitting the mark. The enemy shields received heavy damage, but before the Quasar Shooter could fire again, the enemy warped away, leaving another hole in the antimatter shielding.


The guns of the spark pounded the enemy’s hull, but it was to no avail, as the ship didn’t detect the secondary layer of shielding hugging the hull. Suddenly the ship was hit by a heavy weapon, but it’s shields held. The spark quickly deploys 4 torpedos from it’s quick launch tubes, and warps away again, the torpedos exploding millisecond later. This jump tho was longer, as it jumped to a nearby small moon. Terrain is introduced into the battlefield, and the spark is going to use it as a shield


Before warping away, the enemy ship fired 4 torpedoes in rapid succession, bringing the Rainbow Shielding’s capacity down to a worrying 82%. The StarPulsers were ready for another shot, but before they could fire anything, the invaders activated their Warp Drive and, leaving another hole in the Antimatter Shielding, warped away towards Nuspi, the furthest planet of the Korelaimian System.

In a few seconds they reached the celestial body, and headed for Nussew, one of it’s moons. After a few seconds the Quasar Shooter also reached the moon, but unlike the enemy, they had to maintain a larger distance, rendering it useless for close quarters combat. Under orders of the captain, the Secondary Hanger opened, releasing the Warship’s Fighter Drones. It would take time to actually reach the aliens though, who kept travelling at high speeds over Nussew’s surface.


The spark goes to the other side of the moon, using it as cover from the enemy’s radar.

“How did it resist that attack damn it, 4 torpedos at point blank range!”

“They had a nother layer of shielding, sir”

“Damn aliens! Their technology is scarily advanced in certain areas, yet in others we are superior…”

“Captain our radar detects strike craft approaching!”

“How long untill we fall in their aproximate radar range?”.

“Not too long”

“Alright. Position us into that ravine, that will protect us from their radar for a bit. Deploy a slavo of torpedos but don’t launch them. We’re setting a ambush”

And so the spark waited for the strike craft to get into range…

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The 10 Attack Drones released by the Qusar Shooter scanned Nussew’s surface in search of the aliens, but to no avail. After no results, they decided to scan the moon while remaining far more closer to the surface. After a while, one of them arrived next to a large ravine. It looked big enough for a ship to fit in there, so the drone activated it’s front lights and started descending in the caves.

After a few seconds though, barrage of torpedoes hit it, penetrating the shielding and sending the ship flying on one of the ravine’s walls, where it exploded.


The fighter had no chance, 2 torpedos locked onto it, with 2 remaining dormant

“Splash one!”

The captain quickly boosts the ship out of the revine, putting the flyers into sensor range

“Fire at will!”

The coilguns charge and aim, ready for engagement


One of the other drones that was flying close to the ravine noticed the explosion, and before it could warn the others, the alien vessel shot out of the caves and flew high above the surface. Immediately, the enemy started firing numerous shots at the drone, heavily damaging its shields. Luckily though, the drone managed to warn the others, before flying back into the Warship’s Secondary Hangar. The other 8 remaining drones instead flew towards the enemy’s vessel, it’s signature now locked in the radars.

They started pursuing the enemy vessel, shooting it with their NanoParticle Turrets. And while they did manage to damage it, another Attack Drone had to retreat before being destroyed. Now, only 8 remained.


“a nother one retreats!”


“Captain shields are taking heavy damage!”

“Redirect power to them!”

Riberdir suddenly turns off the drive of the ship, the difference in acceleration making him fall behind the fighters persuing him. He takes fire from their relativistic weapons, but not more than expected, as well as getting some shots off with his own PDCs. He fires torpedos at two, and directs the coilguns at them. They’ll turn soon to continue the persuit, but he has a chance to get off some good hits here. Meanwhile the number of torpedos is only getting lower, with 25 remaining. He blew almost half of his magazine, and there’s no sign the battle will be done any time soon.


The remaining 8 drones kept pursuing the enemy over Nussew’s surface, dodging the giant rock formations and ice geysers of the low-gravity, barren moon. As time went on, more and more drones had to retreat to the Quasar Shooter.

The situation was similar for the aliens too although much worse; their available torpedoes were dimishing constantly, and soon enough there wouldn’t be any left. The aliens needed to figure out a way to escape, or they wouldn’t survive this battle.

After 15 minutes, there were three drones left on the battlefield. Still, the Warship was ready to release more, while the other ones were being repaired. Things were really, for a lack of a more appropriate word, shitty.


The spark was in a state of ruin. The gravity was out. The constant fiering and regeneration of the shield put too great pressure on the reactor, so they needed to remove strain from it. For the same reason only emergency lighting was on. Even with the redirection, the shield is low, at around only 10% left. The crew has resorted to only have certain areas which ware targeted by the enemy (mostly in the back of the ship) active, to get the most of it. They ware low on PDC ammo, one of the coilguns had a mechanical failure because of stress, and only had 2 salvos of torpedos left. Their engine was slowly failing. That class of ship was never made to fight off many fighters at once, especially ones equiped with that foreign technology, alone, but it preformed impressively, scoring many kills. If the emergency exit didn’t damage it as it did, maby it wouldn’t have issues fighting them off even.

Riberdir was exhausted. He fought longer battles, for sure, but this was something else. All of the technology of the enemy was completely foreign, the fighters moved strangely, and the guns hit hard. Their numbers being constantly replenished by the ship also wasn’t helping, but now there ware only 3 there. Maby the ship run out. Wishful thinking.

Now he was in a rough spot, in a long ravine being chased, when suddenly the fighters focus fire, and…


The pressure was too much for the shield. Bullets start hitting the craft itself, damaging most notably it’s warp wings


The warp should have brought them to the other planet, they ware in range, but soon after they entered, the damaged wing broke, and they snapped out, right in the Quasar’s fireing range…


The alien vessel suddenly warped away from the drones, which were about to get rid of it permanently, and reappeared right beside the Quasar Shooter, in full firing range. It was a rather stupid move on their part, the Warship’s captain thought, but perhaps it was the result of an accident. Regardless, there was no time to think about that.

Two of the Quasar’s NanoTurrets shot off the enemy vessel’s engine and remaining coilgun, so that they had no chance of escaping or fighting back. Then, to finally dispose of the alien scum, one of the Warship’s main Starpulsers, in front of which was the enemy ship, started charging up, ready to melt the aliens into the void of space.