Consulate Guidelines



Consulates are public threads intended for use by regions friendly with the South Pacific, but who do not meet the requirements for an embassy forum. Common uses of consulates are to provide monthly updates on what is happening in your region and to announce special events, but what you do with your consulate is really up to you!


There are a few qualifications a region must meet to be granted a consulate. First, your region must have some form of government, preferably “off-site” (e.g. a forum, like the one we have here). Second, your region must have a steady population of at least 20 World Assembly nations. This ensures that we aren’t constructing consulates for inactive regions. Third, your region must not have an egregious theme or purpose, e.g. Nazism, fascism, racism, or any other morally questionable or repugnant theme as determined by the Minister of Foreign Affairs. That’s it!

Continuing Requirements

We do require that consulates be posted in at least once per month. This is a general measure of activity. However, your region should strive to stay in line with the above qualifications. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will conduct period checks, and consulates not meeting the above qualifications are subject to review and dissolution.

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