Consulate Applications and Embassy Policy

Region: The South Pacific
Discord URL: The South Pacific
Minster of Foreign Affair: Concrete Slab
Head of State: Ebonhand

Hi, this topic is an application for consulates of other regions, not our own. Feel free to reach out to myself or @ConcreteSlab if you’re interested in foreign affairs.

Region: Lazarus[/url]
Minister of Foreign Affairs Huqoplil
Head of Government (or equivalent): <New Rogernomics>
Discord URL: Lazarus
Forum URL: Lazarus

Already accepted, just open up a new topic in this category and add embassy as a tag!

Region: Carcassonne
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Reside
Head of State and/or Government: Ysengrim as head of state, myself as head of government
Discord URL: Carcassonne
Forum URL: Ugh, I wish we had one.

Apologies for the delay, your application for a Consulate is approved. Feel free to start a new topic in Embassies with the consulate tag, and be mindful of our minimum posting requirements.


Region: The Region That Has No Big Banks
Minister of Foreign Affairs (or equivalent): New United Common-lands
Head of Government (or equivalent): The Washington Federation
Discord URL: (if applicable) TRTHNBB Community

Request approved! Feel free to open up a topic in the Embassies category with the embassy tag.

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Region: Council of Asia
Minister of Foreign Affairs (or equivalent): The United Provinces of East Asia
Head of Government (or equivalent): West Nichibotsu
Discord URL: Council of Asia
Forum URL:

Request approved! Feel free to start a topic in the Embassies category with the consulate tag.

Region: Declansburg
Minister of Foreign Affairs: New Bradfordsburg (Evergreen Republic)
Prime Minister (Delegate): Vobron
Community Manager (Governor): Staidear
Discord URL: Declansburg’s Discord Community
Forum URL: Declansburg’s Offsite Forums