Constitution II of the South Pacific

Article 289: Declares any articles that declare all articles null and void to be null and void.

Article 290: Declares the next article to be Article 420

Article 420: When interacting in a roleplay enviroment in the South Pacific forums that one has declared to regularly attendnd by writing and publishing a document deemed a map claim, one must fulfil that declaration by remaining inactive for times never ecceding one commow week, more frequently if aloowed by circumstances.

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Article 421: An article may not be repealed consecutively. A new repeal must be preceded by 10 new articles, that are not, following the last. Furthermore, a non-binding referendum shall be held on the question of banning repeals altogether.

Do you wish to ban future repeals? Poll closes on 30 September at midnight.
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Article 293/422: Hereby closes the poll included in Article 292/421 at a time no later than last night