Concerns Arise Over LGBTQ Dominance on South Pacific Discord: Straying from Game's Purpose

In the realm of online political gaming, the South Pacific Discord server has served as a hub for diverse discussions and strategic maneuvering. However, recent developments have sparked concerns over the increasing dominance of the LGBTQ community within the server, overshadowing its original purpose as an inclusive space for political discourse.

While the LGBTQ community’s presence on the South Pacific Discord was initially welcomed as part of the server’s commitment to inclusivity, some users have voiced worries that its focus has shifted away from the game’s primary objective. Instead of fostering a neutral ground for political engagement, the server is perceived by some as morphing into a predominantly LGBTQ safe space, marginalizing those who do not share similar views.

One of the most worrying trends is the perceived willingness of certain LGBTQ members to silence dissenting voices and enforce homogeneity of opinion. Reports have surfaced of individuals being threatened with expulsion from the server if they express opinions contrary to the prevailing LGBTQ narrative. Such actions undermine the foundational principles of free speech and open discourse that are essential to the spirit of online political gaming.

The essence of the South Pacific Discord as an online political game lies in its ability to facilitate diverse perspectives, strategic alliances, and spirited debate. However, the increasing emphasis on LGBTQ issues at the expense of other political discussions risks alienating individuals who seek a broader spectrum of engagement.

It is crucial to acknowledge and respect the importance of LGBTQ representation and safety within online communities. However, it is equally important to strike a balance that preserves the original purpose and inclusivity of the South Pacific Discord as a platform for political gaming and dialogue.

Moving forward, it is imperative for the moderation team and community leaders to reassess the server’s direction and ensure that it remains true to its intended purpose. Emphasizing inclusivity, encouraging diverse viewpoints, and fostering an environment of mutual respect and understanding will be essential in reclaiming the South Pacific Discord as a vibrant and inclusive space for political engagement, free from the overshadowing dominance of any single group or ideology.

AI-generated homophobic rant.


If rainbow flags make you uncomfortable, which is the extent of “LGBTQ dominance” in the Discord server, then TSP isn’t the region or community for you. If the presence of LGBTQ players makes you uncomfortable, then the you’re free to let me know and I can fix that for you.

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Ah yes, we must delicately balance the rights and freedoms of LGBTQ people and fascists.

Not gonna happen, ever. :rainbow_flag::transgender_flag:


Ooookay, just a couple of things (i know talking to you is meaningless and useless, but I just feel like doing it atm):

1- What does “LGBTQ Dominance” even mean? Like, are you not happy with the fact that there are more than two non-straight people here?

2- I am not gonna encourage views if said views are homophobia, transphobia, and other stuff of the sort.

3- Similarly to point 2, do these suppose “users who have voiced concern” want a neutral discussion ground for political views who support or even include the marginalisation of LGBTQ groups?

4- Also, absolutely love the cliche of thinking of LGBTQ people as a “political” group. Really going strong with the ignorance and prejudice there uh?

But do not fret darling for I have the PERFECT solution to all of your problems ^^

If you and other players feel uncomfortable due to the fact that there are more than two non-straight people here, you can simply

Go away.


Oh, and I almost forgot:



bruh, using AI because you are unable to make an homophobic rant that looks formal by yourself is another level of sad


Nice Argument Senator, why don’t you back it up with a source?

'Cause I got one


Holy shit I didn’t expect whoes to comment this fast😅

Motherfucker I don’t expect assholes like you to understand what the article says

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what’s wrong with the gays anyway? i don’t quite follow, for all i know they are just fellow humans, there’s nothing wrong with self-determined love, right? isn’t that what love is all about?

if you want to do it, or even if you’re not in an lgbtq+ relationship; or anything really, the only prerequisite is that it has to be genuine, that’s it


please don’t do this again

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lmao, get 1984’ed

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Ahh yes, the old resort to insults when losing strategy. But I guess loss is inevitable when your whole argument is is written by an AI holding your hand through life.


Ah, just in time for my discovery of not being straight ^^


Thank you for your concern but we already have a vibrant and inclusive space in all our platforms. If you do not feel comfortable with open displays of LGBT+ support and solidarity then I suggest you explore other regions because this one is clearly not for you.

In case I need to spell it out for you, here in the South Pacific we do not consider the rights and equal worth of people a topic of “political engagement”.


This guy is catching L’s like a champ :muscle:


Me being an asshole or not will not make you know how to write by yourself lmfao

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