Circum Mare pact formation negotiations

With the grove accord being signed i think that now it’s the perfect time to form the circum mare pact. Now to start, what exactly do we want it to be? The original idea was a EU-like economic alliance, but we can edit, contract or expand that.( @Ryccia @Stutska )


An EU like contract would alright. So that we have economic and travel freedom. We could maybe make an joint military, something a bit like a thing between EU and NATO. It should be an alliance with economic ties but also with a joint military industrial complex, so that we can share military equipment. Also a joint defence pact wouldn’t be bad.


I’m in for all of that, what about you @Ryccia



  • Common market, open borders, maybe even common defense?
  • A joint foreign policy council (purely advisory) to interact with non-members as a bloc
  • Idk about merging our militaries into one joint force, but I’m down for inter-military cooperation like NATO lite or something
  • Agree on basic treaties on upholding human rights and establish a joint court/agency/etc to enforce them (mostly for PR with the world but still)
  • Establish a joint law enforcement organization to enforce collective treaties and rules
  • A joint advisory council that proposes standardized legislation for the bloc (like the EU parliament but non-binding, mostly to voluntarily coordinate and standardize regulations and such across the bloc to facilitate economic integration and trade. After all, it’s easier when all countries have similar or even identical regulations on, say, allowed chemicals on pork. Should be technocratic so we get expert legal advice rather than partisan hackery).
  • Agree on a mutual extradition treaty
  • Create a joint command to coordinate border patrol measures since we’ll be having an open borders policy with each other