Chancellor Müller's state visit to Vospia

March 27, 2023

It was a time of political turmoil for Pacifica. As global intervention in Ludville continues, the Myrian economy under threat of a possible second Myrian disease, and the hijacking of a civilian airplane in Jakub, the situation seems bleak.

Though, in these dire times, one should keep allies close. One of these close allies to Weisserstein is the Alman-speaking nation of Vospia. Ever since Weisserstein’s support to Velten von Vospi in his overthrow of the tyrannical Exporian regime, Weisserstein and Vospia had kept close ties with one another. This had been symbolized by growing diplomatic relations over the years.

Every Reichskanzler before him made a visit to this southern fraternal brethren of Weisserstein, and now it’s Müller’s turn to roll the dice. Vospia’s position, close to the Karnetvorian Channel and the Transcrabbian Sea would prove vital for Weissersteiner forces currently deployed in Jakub. But Jakub isn’t the only issue currently on the Chancellor’s mind. New threats seems to have sprung up from nowhere all throughout Pacifica, and maintain strong ties with Vospia might be key to safeguard any Weissersteiner interests in South Cordilia and Crabry.

A deep sigh. He gets himself ready. His plane is nearing the Vospian capital of Stahlstadt, his current destination. All he needs to do now is play his cards right. The plane lands, and the Chancellor steps out…


President of the Federal Republic of Vospia, Nikolaus Herrmann walks towards the parked airplane, “Welcome to Vospia, my friend” President Herrmann says, shaking the Chancellor’s hand and directing him to the Presidential convoy. Once they arrived at the Grand Vospian Office, also known as the Capital Building of Vospia, they sat down in the Presidential Chamber, where Mr Herrmann does most of his work.


Chancellor Müller takes a seat at the Vospian Presidential Chamber. Admiring the beauty of the room. However, realizing that he currently doesn’t have the luxury of time, he decides to get the ball rolling. Müller opens his notes and begins talking to President Herrmann.

"President Herrmann, with all due respects, I do hope you don’t mind me immediately going straight to the topic of today’s visit. As we both know, our two nations’ historic and present ties have been very strong, from bilateral treaties to being members of the Alman Group. As of right now, Weisserstein is embroiled in a conflict just off the coast of Vospia, a civil war in Jakub, a close associate of ours. While we’ve had treaties in the past, I would like to request permission for the Weissersteiner Reichswehr, particularly the Reichsmarine, to use Vospian ports for future operations in Jakub. We would also like to further strengthen our nations’ bonds, to continue to protect our shared interest in the region. As global tensions are rising, we found that having reliable allies, especially in a region of interest such as Vospia, might prove very beneficial for Weisserstein’s prospects. Not only that, but it’ll also prove beneficial for Vospia both in the short and long run.

We would also like to propose a possible joint military base between the Weissersteiner Reichswehr and the Vospian Bundeswehr in Vospia as a vanguard against any possible hostile force in South Cordilia and neighboring Crabry. We also hope to increase ties between the Reochswehr and Bundeswehr, and further coordinate in matters of security and defense in the future.

Of course, all of these are open for negotiations, so your voice in this matter is more than important, Mr. President." The Chancellor states as he finishes his proposals.

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