Chancellor Müller's state visit to Tepertopia

A plane flew above the Transcrabian Sea, passing the Gulf of Kringalia and the Karnetvorian Channel, and with it several independent states. The plane was moving South, towards the southern tip of Crabry.

Reichskanzler Müller sat in awe of the blue ocean, and of the bright sky, before returning to his notes. Tepertopia is a close ally to the Weissersteiner Empire for a latitude of reasons, and for that, Tepertopia’s independence and sovereignty had been guaranteed by the Kaiserreich for a long time. But, as new nations began to show interest in the region once more, and with the wave of conflicts hitting Pacifica, Chancellor Müller decided that maintaining close ties with Weisserstein’s already established allies is key for stability and security.

His plane eventually lands in the Tepertopian capital of Happelstein, and Müller decides to stand up, fix his suit, before exiting the plane.


The visit of the Weissersteiner Chancellor was of course at the top of the agenda in the morning conference of the Council of the Union, Tepertopia’s directorial government. While the United Protectorate was stable, the civil war in its northern neighbour had unsettled many citizens, with the importance of having close allies for support in times of need now being in the limelight of public awareness. The visits from Weisserstein as such an ally ‒ first Kaiser Wilhelm II and Kronprinz Wilhelm III, and now Reichskanzler Müller ‒ thus came at the perfect time, and the Council was very much interested in everything going smoothly.

After a few final details for the diplomatic meeting were accordingly confirmed with the other Councilors, Jane Aldwell, Councilor for Foreign Affairs, went on her way to meet the Chancellor at the airport. As there was still a little time left before the plane with Müller was expected to arrive and everything on-site looked duly prepared to her, she used the remaining minutes to just close her eyes and let the sunshine warm her face to calm down a bit. A good sign, that the weather is playing along as well, she thought to herself, before the sounds of an approaching plane had her open her eyes again to check whether the time had come.

Yep, that is the plane she’s waiting for. Once it has landed and parked in the designated position, Aldwell draws her outfit straight for a final time, then walks past the two military officers holding the flags of Weisserstein and Tepertopia respectively, towards the staircase being rolled to the plane’s door, ready to greet the Chancellor as he exits the plane.

“Welcome to Tepertopia, Chancellor Müller! I hope you had a nice journey here, how are you?”


The Chancellor steps out of the plane and greets the Tepertopian Councilor for Foreign Affairs Jane Aldwell, “I did, thank you, the weather was exceptionally good today.”

“I had a good day so far, and I hope you have a good day yourself, Councilor Aldwell.” he further added

Müller extends his hand and shakes the Councilor, around him two Tepertopian military officers holding the flags of Tepertopia and Weisserstein.

It’s quite the sight, he thought to himself.

“Well then, I believe we have places to be? I’ll let you lead the way, Councillor Aldwell.” Müller stated