Chancellor Müller's state visit to Past

November 2, 2022

The Chancellor opens up his binder, reviewing what he knows of the lands east of his nation. Interactions between Past and Weisserstein had, up to this point, been very limited, even after the former gained its independence following the Great War.
However, the Chancellor views this moment as a pristine time for the two neighbors to finally establish a much more formal diplomatic tie. Both are in the LoC, so Müller viewed this as an opportunity to ease relations with his nation’s newfound allies.

“Past… not a rich country in any way… government struggling to support its own citizens, exacerbated further by the War in Past…”

not exactly the most stable neighbor, I see. Perhaps economic aid in order to help the country pull itself back up economically would help smoothen diplomacy

He writes some last notes before closing his binder. The plane he is riding will soon reach the Pasten capital of Caston, not exactly far from the Weissersteiner border, but he has heard that it would’ve been better for him to fly in by plane. Reason for that is anyone’s guest. However, Müller assumed it had something to do with the recent conflict, or just poor infrastructure considering Past’s economic situation. But perhaps that’ll change with the aid he had already planned.